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    Starting March 1st

    Hello Everyone! The husband and myself are starting today we turned 25 in January and would like to make a change in the poor eating habits we've had up to this point. it's lifestyle change time, he has an APFT in April and my Pure Barre gym is doing a March Madness challenge of 20 classes in 31 days so we picked march to start our Whole 30. It also happens to be our 5 year wedding anniversary so we prepped together last night and have the Italian Slow Cooker roast going as we work. Coming home to a wonderful aroma and a good meal is just how we'd like to spend our anniversary. While also playing Fallout 4 of course. I am anticipating the Sugar Dragon to be my biggest enemy on this journey especially while I am at work. So I plan on packing a filling lunch so those 2 o'clock cravings wont overwhelm me. The no snacking thing confuses me a little and presents its own challenge for me. I have a hard time eating three meals a day I usually eat about four or five times a day in small meals/snacks. So I've got a Lara bar and some sunflower kernels to help with that. Some might say just tough it out and skip he snacks but for me that isn't an option. As a ED survivor I know that skipping one meal/snack tends to lead to me skipping more which leads to more destructive behavior. I love cooking though and plan to do some major prep this weekend I've been obsessed with roasted carrots lately. I hope the Whole 30 helps me get back in touch with the Chef I lost post Culinary school when life became more complicated and cooking became less fun. I am also hoping it helps with my Fibromyalgia and the inflammation in my joints. I am also hoping to find some new foods that I love because as a pretty picky eater I have a hard time trying new things. So here's to 30 days of change!