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  1. iyfe

    Starting March 1st

    Congratulations everyone. I found this thread really helpful. Even if I didn't comment , it was encouraging to read what most people were going through. I felt like I didn't pay attention to my body as much as I should have but I noticed I have more energy most days, I think my thighs lost some of the cellulite and I lost 2.9kg. I was scared I wasn't going to lose any weight because I ate a lot of fruits and nuts and skipped some meals, so I am pleasantly surprised. I am starting with the legumes for the reintroduction. I am really glad I did the whole 30 and plan to keep a lot of the lessons learned - The biggest for me was paying attention to the ingredients of things I buy. It was a pleasure doing the whole30 with you all. Cheers
  2. iyfe

    Starting March 1st

    Hello everyone, I am also starting today. I have been pushing off starting but gradually making my pantry whole30 complaint for the last week. I used to eat at most two major meals a day previously and having to think about what I will eat is kind of stressing me out. I am afraid all my thoughts will be about food for the next few weeks. Aside that, I am excited. I decided that I will have 2 boiled eggs as my pre and post work meals. Does any one have some other non-process prework ideas. I swim once a week and I am usually really hungry afterward. I was drinking my hubby's protein shakes and that helped. I look forward to Whole March !