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  1. Absolutely. Thank you so much for the advice. And regarding my first post, it really isn't uncommon for me to CRAVE something sweet (mostly dark chocolate) after a BIG meal...there's ALWAYS room for chocolate in my mind, but my belly often feels awful and way too full. So a big part of doing this Whole30 is the reprogramming aspect to NOT crave chocolate IMMEDIATELY after I eat. My friends joke that I like to chase my meals with chocolate :/ haha
  2. Mostly eggs, I eat fish when I go out to restaurants to make it easier on me (but I don't really enjoy it). No, I'm not eating legumes or other soy products because I want to do the whole30 as best I can. Not into the soy products as the risks outweigh the benefits BUT I do love beans and such so I suppose I could incorporate that? I'm eating lots and lots of eggs (I went through a 12 egg carton in 3 days) and lots and lots of veggies. I think the point is that I'm eating super clean and I will definitely start to do those post workout meals. Is 1 scrambled egg sufficient? Does it have to be just egg whites?
  3. Hi there, I am new to Whole30 (1 week in) and I am just now taking on to the pre & post workout meals. Sometimes though the meals end up serving as my lunch because I eat late sometimes and am not hungry. First question: What are some examples of good pre & post workout meals? Protein + fat for pre-workout and protein + carb for post-workout, right? I've done a scrambled egg + guacamole for pre and sweet potato + mushroom for post. Could ya'll give me some more suggestions, I'm lacking in creativity/don't know too much about nutrition? Second question; Just HOW important is it to incorporate these mini meals? (i.e. how bad is it that they ended up being my lunch yesterday...yes I was hungry after dinner and had an almond butter, almond milk, coconut shred, chia seed concoction that I'm not sure constitutes as cheating or not....) I'm 24 y/o female with no weight problems, just trying to lose the last 10. I workout 2-4 times a week at a hardcore Pilates-esque studio.