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  1. Starting March 1st

    Hate to admit this: My round ended this weekend. 1. I ate a couple bites of ramen noodles (so gross!) and five pieces of tofu. Two hours later a large zit showed up. I don't know what triggered #don'tskipyourreintro 2. Also, I ate frozen yogurt. It didn't really appeal to me. I tasted it and it wasn't that good. Still ate the whole thing. Re-read a chapter in FFF about slips and regrets, and have learned from the experience. Guess what happened? That clearer (not completely clear, but clearer) skin is breaking out and inflamed. What I learned: My skin and I like eating whole, unprocessed foods. Keep up the great work March1st-ers!
  2. Starting March 1st

    Just in case anyone else on this thread is where I am, I read this post from a moderator in another thread: " . . . giving in to the cravings never diminishes the stress. . . " Thought I'd share since we're in the last week and cravings can get strong. . . . . And I'm over here, stressing about work, thinking about going back to my comfort drug (chocolate).
  3. Any tips for less smelly protein??

    @TryingOverHahaha @SugarcubeOD Hmm, even cold or room temp, it still smells. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe I need to cook the things for a longer time period? I'll have to experiment.
  4. Need Motivation Day 20...

    @Colorado Girl It does get easier. At least for me, the thoughts of chocolate on Day 22 are a LOT less compared to the strong cravings on Day 7. If you can, I would tell you to stick with it. I know big picture this process is beneficial. It does feel tough in the moment though.
  5. Day 22 and Still Experiencing Cravings

    Found this thread because I am on Day 22 and would like to eat chocolate. Not a strong craving but I am beginning to wonder if my cravings will go away. If I know that they will not be gone in 8 days, can I just eat the chocolate now? (I mean I know I'm an adult and I can if I choose.) What are the benefits of sticking it out? I keep re-reading ISWF and FFF to get my head back in the game. One hour it works, the next my brain is telling me to just eat the chocolate. Also read about extinction burst. Recognizing that it really may just be my brain throwing a tantrum I purchased La Croix sparkling water (first time La Croix buyer) to get me through the "burst." Am I feeding the tantrum with sparkling water?
  6. And although I should not be eating at my desk, I do. I've been using beans, lentils, and split peas for my protein sources. The trouble is these things can smell not so nice (vegetables don't always smell nice either). Does anyone have any tips to reduce the smell? I can eat lunch away from my desk but breakfast is always at my desk. How can I avoid offending my coworkers with the smell?
  7. Starting March 1st

    @alcazn If you end up eating your lunch from home, just express how excited you are for your meal and leave it at that. No one needs to no you are doing a reset I've found I do best by following Whole30 advice to not advertise this to family and friends and let your results speak for themselves. @moosegirl Interesting. I'm not sleeping well either. Getting 6 to 7 hours and then I'm just awake. @Leekeetria Ah, good to know I'm not alone. Can't wait to celebrate with you (from afar)! Happy Day 22!
  8. Need Motivation Day 20...

    Hi! I'm on Day 20 and on the forums for motivation. Glad to know I'm not the only one at Day 20 wondering if the desire for sweets still. I'm totally full. The forums have been great to remind me to eat enough protein and fat. And it's not the Day 21 I'm-over-the-food feeling. I just still think about chocolate after meals and in between meals. Does this ever go away? The forums seem to point to feeling better on Days 27, 28, 29. So, I'm trying to convince myself to go one more week to feel it. @jgray15 Did it ever go away for you?
  9. Starting March 1st

    Good job not consuming the potentially unhealthy food! I, too, have realized how much I eat when not hungry. Yet, for some reason, I still want to. I had to do tea after breakfast and lunch today to avoid the chocolate. I'm so excited it's Day 20! Maybe I shouldn't be counting? It feels waaay more likely that I can complete the 30 days since there are only 10 days left. It's just 10 days, only one weekend. NSV that I don't really want to admit: My husband complemented my complexion this morning! My Whole30 goal is clear, radiant skin and I guess it's working. I don't want to admit it though because I was counting down the days until I would choose to eat chocolate again. Sigh. I may have to rethink that choice and give up chocolate . . .
  10. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Quick google search. Maybe don't eat the corned beef @KJ Jackson: Sodium erythorbate is produced from sugars derived from different sources, such as beets, sugar cane, and corn.[6][7][8] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_erythorbate)
  11. Starting March 1st

    I second @AmyS and suggest more fat. Mix it up, it doesn't have to be three servings of one oil: try 1 serving of olive oil, plus a serving of macadamia nuts (if they agree with you), plus avocado. Also, a serving or two of potatoes or sweet potatoes could help.
  12. February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Hi. Found your post after searching "quit" on the forum. I'm only on Day 16 but totally there with you on the "any and all excuses". I've read that some people don't see the change they want until the last five days or two days. Trying to keep my goal NSV in mind to make it through 30 days. #itsnothardbutitshard Keep up the healthy choices! I made this the first week and loved it (I should actually make it again since I've been unsuccessful with mayo): http://karalydon.com/recipes/vegan-green-goddess-dressing/
  13. Starting March 1st

    Yes, it could just be your body adjusting. Hang in there.
  14. Starting March 1st

    It would be great if the temptation wasn't there but I feel like you get a double NSV with the temptation around. It's almost easy or cheating if the temptation wasn't there. The fact that you chose not to end your reset is HUGE! You are doing great! With your Thank you for the encouragement! I may want to give up and eat chocolate. But, you are right, the thought of making it 30 days helps me chose not to eat the sugar.
  15. First time Whole30er-Day 3- HELP!

    Fellow sugar addict here. On Day 16. @scma Not eating while I am working was/is my hardest thing, too. I'm so used to grazing on chocolate and candy while I'm at my desk. The strongest urges have subsided a bit but . . . @Hvalizan days 6 and 7 for me? Oh boy. I wanted to quit and eat chocolate so, so bad. I wanted to cry and actually shed a tear (so dramatic so just not eating chocolate, I know, just being honest). Again, the urges to eat sugar are not as strong but I still think about quitting everyday just so that I can eat chocolate and candy. @alakal is right, it's not hard (it feels hard but gets easier) and @TallGirlBabyFace is right, too, it's only 30 days (40, really). I keep reminding myself that the sugar will still be there at the end, if I still want it.