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    Quick google search.  Maybe don't eat the corned beef @KJ Jackson:
    Sodium erythorbate is produced from sugars derived from different sources, such as beets, sugar cane, and corn.[6][7][8]  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_erythorbate)
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    Day 19. Sleep. I slept 10 hours last night. I think this is an under valued thing!  I was feeling tired and flat all day yesterday and i thought i wasn't eating enough but it turns out i needed to sleep!
    Just thought i would mention that. 
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    To those of you speaking about sugar addiction, I am right there with you. My sugar dragon is more like a sugar Godzilla. My "therapy" most days when things get hard was to bake something after work and usually eat most, if not all, of what I baked. I would buy entire tubs of pre-made cookie dough and just go to town when I was feeling depressed. I was incapable of passing up any sweet treat at work that someone brought in, and would occasionally buy chocolate or cookies at the store and eat it all in one sitting without batting an eye. The past couple of weeks when I've been stressed, the FIRST thing on my mind is "how can I find something sugary" because it always makes me "feel better", but only temporarily of course. Then I feel disgusting and tired and worse than I did before.
    My boyfriend has often (lovingly) told me that if I don't check this problem now when I'm younger, I may be looking at diabetes and a host of other issues later on. And he's totally right. So this is my way of trying to do that, and so far so good. I hope we all stay strong and come out of this much healthier people overall!
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    I so admire your admission and sharing your struggles. You are brave! I believe sugar is a mind altering substance just like alcohol and heroin. It is for me, I could eat piles of skittles and Jelly Bellys and even as a kid I would tuck into a huge bag of M&Ms and eat until I was sick. I quit sugar for a couple of years, but drank a lot wine - just another form of sugar. When I gave up alcohol altogether 8 years ago, man oh man did I go after sugar! There are bakeries in Mexico, where I live part time and vacation often, that are a wonder. It's all self serve, you get a tray and tongs and wander through the racks of Mexican pastry & cookies. My ritual when we did our first vacation shop was to fill that tray with as many cookies, pastries and cakes as I wanted. You take it to the counter and they bag and price the haul, I always had at least 2 bags. I justified it because Mexican baked goods aren't overly sweeet, but the bags would soon be drenched in grease and full of crumbly sugar crumbs. I would always tuck into one of the bags before we go to the house, a good hour drive. The rest of vacation was a binge. "On vacation" meant baked goods all day. I would return from vacation just as bloated and puffy as I would have been binging on alcohol. 
    Ill never go back to that addiction. I'm grateful I was able to break the binge cycle with Whole30. I had literal withdrawals on about day 3. Sweats, headache, nausea and chills. I'm clean of sugar now and it feels pretty damn good. Never again. 
    Thank you for sharing TeacherFitJourney - you inspire me to be as scared of sugar as I need to be.
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    So I don't know if I have ever talked on here about my serious candy/sugar thing that was going on for like, I don't know, most of my life I guess.  I am at my night job and it is quiet and I spent a lot of time reading through the forums on reintroduction of sugar and started to think about my candy situation and am hoping it's okay with you all if I share here because I just need to get this out!! I LOVE candy.  It's like a thing with me.  My friends and I used to (like years ago, early/mid 20s) base a lot of our jokes around my obsession with SPKs (sour patch kids...).  I struggled to go to CVS and not walk down the candy aisle and buy something.  If we were on vacation, i would go straight to the inevitable candy store and buy myself some bulk candy because "I'm on vacation."  And really, I did this just days before starting the Whole 30 when my boyfriend and I went to Mohegan Sun in CT for a few nights.  I have always hated this sugar dragon so to say because it really felt like an addiction.   It has made me feel embarrassed and fear stores that don't have self checkout!!!!  I would buy candy for kids at school or my staff over the summer as a total JOKE-- it was all so I would have candy for myself.  I have done some seriously obscene things when it comes to packs of starbursts that I'd rather not mention!!! Ugh.  Every year at Lent I would give up candy and chocolate and feel amazing, but on Easter I was always down to grab that Easter basket and not look back, as if it was some sort of reward. Why why why why why!?
    Anyway, I am writing this because I seriously was a candy addict before the Whole 30 and I literally feel like I have been changed!!!  I cannot say that I will never chomp down on another sour straw in my life, but I DO NOT WANT TO EVER EVER EVER AGAIN.  What was I doing to myself!? Like not only was I consuming something so completely disgusting for me, I was totally feeding this addiction.  I know we are on day 18 with 12 days + a lifetime to go, but seriously, thank you Whole 30 because I do not ever want to go back there. 
    And now that I have gotten that out there... I wish you all a wonderful day 19 and beyond! Thanks for reading if you got this far!
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    Hi Everyone!  I actually started on the 26th and am on day 8 of the program.  I have not posted anything yet because life is just so busy that it is tough to stay up to date on forums and such.  Life is probably extra busy these days because of all the meal prep and cooking I have been doing!  I was not expecting all the extra time in the kitchen.  So far I have not had many of the symptoms that we are told to prepare for.  I did have some fogginess in the beginning, and have been crazy hungry even with all the protein we have been eating.  Oh, and I do not typically remember my dreams, but I have had a few vague dreams about food .  I do feel that my energy has started to increase in the past few days, but from everything I have read it seems early for that.  Maybe this is because I was pretty sugar conscious before starting the program???  A few days this past week I have substituted my usual afternoon black coffee for green tea, although I miss the coffee flavor, the tea was enough to keep me energetic until bedtime when I crash.
    I purchased the Real Plans food prep and find their meals to be fairly overwhelming to cook.  Additionally, we are salad people and used to eating a TON of veggies, little meat, and bread.  This week am going to have to add veggies to the Real Plans meals that I have.  Hopefully that will help the meat to go further so I am not cooking as much!  We have 2 small kiddos, so anything to save time.  I will say that the meals we are eating has definitely taught me new cooking skills.  We have cooked a lot with coconut butter and ghee.  This week I will use duck fat and bacon grease - something I never imagined I would actually want to eat!
    Good luck to everyone!
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    Tonight was my first big restaurant test.  My boyfriend and I took his parents out to dinner and being a Friday during Lent we chose a seafood restaurant.  I had looked at the recipe ahead of time and I knew what I was going to order going in which was great!  The hardest part was when the bread was placed on the table, but I had a good meal consisting of a steamed lobster, baked potato, and spinach and a couple of oysters.  I am proud of myself.  That was hard but I did it and I am still feeling like I can do this.  
    Next up is a busy weekend so I will actually have to do some food prep tomorrow morning and then for the rest of the week on Monday afternoon.  Good luck to everyone this weekend!!  We are doing it! just keep swimming....
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    Hello everyone! It is wonderful to see that we are doing our best to stay on track. I have been doing well so far. I feel so much better overall. My energy levels are way better. Prior to starting, I was exhausted all the time. Today, I went to a restaurant with my hubby and youngest son. I did not even look at the off-plan stuff (cocktails, bread, dessert, etc.) I did not want it at all. Instead, I had some steamed crawfish and vegetables, water to drink.
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    Hi, newbie here!
    I started on the 27th but didn't sniff out the forum until last night. I've already learned:
    That I need to eat more than I think I do to avoid getting shaky and crashing
    Remember to meal prep the night before (Tuesday felt like I was chopping and cooking all day long)
    Going off my carefully prepared/studied meal plan to eat leftovers is a must!