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  1. The crazy things people say

    My mom (gastric bypass) was required to meet with a dietition, and would take me along because I could remember what she said. She also thought that meat was a carb... and she didn't understand that bread WASN'T a carb. Couldn't tell us what it was, but it most definitely wasn't a carb! After the doctor explained to her that she needed carbs to survive (she had told her that she was having no carbs, and was passing out often) is when we found out meat was a carb. Really, she was just eating carby sugary food with low fat labels, because she thought that due to milk and eggs they were protein and fat, which was sending her blood sugar through the roof. The dietician was dumbfounded.
  2. The crazy things people say

    So I went with my friend to go get her Rodeo Houston jacket for winning grand champion with TWO different lambs, one of which is a 3rd generation homegrown (meaning, she didn't buy it or it's parents... which is huge for a new breeder). So I'm sitting in line waiting to get the jacket, and I'm eavesdropping on the girl in front of me. She was telling her friend that she was only going to have a pickle and some tea (Rodeo Houston sweet tea is the BEST) because she was on a diet. She then said "I've lost like 15 pounds since January. I've been doing this thing where I mostly have blended salads and then some fruit and yogurt for dinner. It sucks but it works! Also had this with my mom today: Mom: I'm stopping by McDonald's, do you want a coffee? Me: No. Mom: Why, because they keep messing it up? (Insert like 1 minute of silence) ... or is it because you can't have it? Me: Both. Mom: Well I'm still going, just because you're dieting doesn't mean I have to. Me: I know. That's why I made breakfast. Later, on the way back from the store Mom: Slushes are half price now. Me: ... Mom: Do you want a slush from sonic? Me: If you want one, go ahead. Mom: (upon arrival at sonic) are you sure you don't want a slush? Corn dogs are only 50 cents.... Me: I'm good. Mom: I really want to lose 30 pounds before we go to South Padre! And then my brain just EXPLODED. Because she eats a bag of hostess donuts every day, a bag of Hershey kisses, a bag of cookies --- she gained 30lbs from her lowest weight that she had to have gastric bypass surgery to get to, from eating all this junk and then says it's because she's old and the surgery lowered her metabolism. No Ma'am that's not how this works. I don't know how I keep my cool around her when she says that. At least I'm honest with myself about why I'm fat. She even lies to her doctors about how she eats. If it isn't what you eat that's causing these problems, why lie!? At work: I was hiding and eating lunch. I don't like people to see me eat, or see what I'm eating. So I hide in the spare room to eat lunch. Coworker: OMG you scared me, what are you doing in here?!? Me: Lunch. Coworker: Oh. Hey, is that CUCUMBER? Are you eating... HEALTHY!?! Me: No, it just looks that way. Coworker: I didn't know you liked veggies! Me: Only cucumber. And oranges. Cucumber and oranges. Coworker: Oooooh. Yeah, you do like oranges! And thus, catastrophe was skillfully averted. Although, Coworker may have the impression that I think oranges are vegetables. But the shock in her voice when she saw the cucumbers. Dear God, it was like the world fell out from under her!
  3. Last night I forgot to eat dinner. I did a workout. I put a roast in the slow cooker for my mom. I took a shower and washed my hair. And I just never ate dinner. I had lunch around 11:30 and it was the normal salad w/fish, nothing out of the normal, and I'm usually feeling really hungry around 5-6! And when I realized I hadn't had dinner, it was almost midnight. I was in bed thinking about all the good food I ate when I couldn't remember what I had for dinner. I tried thinking back to what I used in the kitchen and I realized I only put the roast on and never made dinner. I still wasn't hungry, though. I've never forgotten to eat before. What could cause this!?
  4. Ground meat recipes?

    I have a pound of ground lamb but not sure how to eat it!
  5. So after I accidentally drank coke (I have a VERY bad habit of grabbing any cups around and just drinking it without thinking... previous items include sour milk and soapy water) I decided to reset. Made it through day one, was very proud of myself. Woke up last night around midnight with extreme nausea and a bad headache. Normally I would chalk it up to a migraine, but the headache just didn't feel right. It wasn't severe enough, didn't hurt in the "right way". Anyhow, I treated it like a migraine and tried to go back to bed, however I didn't take any medication due to the nausea. Fought the nausea for an hour or so, then decided to get in the tub and crunch on ice, which always helps get my mind off the pain and help my tummy. Went back to bed until 4, repeated the tub and ice, went back to sleep and then woke up for work at 6:30. Didn't feel too tired, thought I could make it. All night long I cycled between feeling like I was roasting alive to feeling like I was freezing to death. I tried to take some excedrin, as I can't function normally on sumatriptan. The pill came back up with, no joke, a good quart of puke. Ran to the bathroom to finish puking, but of course I'm like the world champion heavyweight puker... so it splashed everywhere, which sucked. Including all over my work clothes. Called in sick, went back to bed and just woke up feeling like a million bucks. No, seriously I feel great now. Only thing is, it feels like there is a brick in my stomach so I'm not hungry even though I haven't eaten all day. Is this what people call the Hangover? I've never drank, but if this is what happens I never will!
  6. First of all, my meal prep is failing because everything got eaten before it got cool, because the food is so good. So thanks for the deliciousness I never knew before whole30! Secondly, even with 4 pans of veggies roasting, it seems like I should get more yield - after the veggies cook down, they all fit in ONE pan! I put it all on the pan in a single layer with no space between, so what gives!?! Can I just put pile them up in the pans, and maybe let it cook for longer? The vegetables in question are green beans, carrots, and brussel sprouts.
  7. 6hrs in, extreme nausea

    Thanks for the link!! Not sure what caused the nausea (maybe a psychological thing?) but feel MUCH better after a nap and then dinner. Had salmon with roasted carrots and green beans. You know I never liked any of those, but cooking them myself has made me a believer. Makes me wonder what else I've been missing out on! Anyhow crisis averted!
  8. I think it's far to soon to be having any issues, but I slept great last night and felt great this morning, now I suddenly have a crazy headache and I feel like puking. The only thing I did different was instead of a green smoothie, I had an omelette. Could I be getting sick, or is this actually some sort of sugar withdrawal? I won't go off plan, because I know it won't help my headache (from past experience with attempts at ealthy eating) but it seriously sucks