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    I'm now on Whole30-Day 6. I plan to work the plan through Lent.  I will be 45 in May and realized that I just needed a good reset.  I have been feeling sluggish and sore and know that I need to get some weight off.  I feel so much better already...more energy and I have been sleeping much better.  
    Friday was a challenge as we have the Lenten Fish Fry at our parish...and I help with it each week. It was kinda rough watching everyone else chow down. I felt empowered as the night went on and it was a huge boost to know that I made it and didn't stray from my plan. I need to figure out more "away from home" options. I made guacamole and pico de gallo yesterday, so I brought a pseudo-taco salad to work for lunch today. Any other tasty, but easy to travel, ideas?
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    Day 3 --feeling a bit tired but committed!