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  1. I was having muscle cramps in my legs too. My sister deals with these on a regular basis and she takes magnesium. It is one of the supplements they say is ok to take during Whole30. I started taking it 4 nights ago and it has definitely helped. They are so painful so I hope this helps you!
  2. I'm looking for a sauce I can purchase (yes, I know I can make one!) that doesn't contain garlic. I also have a sensitivity to egg whites, ginger, and cloves and I'm allergic to coconut, so it's been very difficult to find anything.
  3. I guess I'm surprised that Humm Kombucha is Whole30 approved when it has natural flavors in it especially when so many people go on the Whole30 to help with allergies. I just read this article: Yes, Humm states that their natural flavors are from plant based ingredients, but natural flavors means they can chemically change them.