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  1. Cooking with Animal Fat

    I just made my first batch of bone broth and am anxious to try it. I scooped out all the fat but now don't know what to do with it. Do you cook with it? or just toss it?
  2. Thank you- I think my red wine vinegar has it added- "potassium metabisulfite" just doesn't sound natural to me But I think the Balsamic will work.
  3. Just started Whole30 and a whole cold!

    Thanks Becca- I will check that out. So when you call the manufacturer, the "natural flavor" included soy lecithin?
  4. Can a Mod please clarify this issue. Every balasamic vinegar we have found states on the label- "contains sulfites" and red wine vinegar includes "potassium metabisulfite". So are these ok- because they are vinegar? Or are these not ok- because of the sulfites?
  5. Kale & Spicy Sausage Soup!

    Hi Rachael- the link to the recipe is not working. Do you have it in another format?
  6. Just started Whole30 and a whole cold!

    Getting ready to start on 01/02/13 and am trying to do lots of research ahead of time. I found Organic Chicken Stock at Costco that among other things includes Natural Flavor. Is this a no-no? Everything else looks good based on what I have been reading. I appreciate the help.