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    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Hi Everyone! I actually started on the 26th and am on day 8 of the program. I have not posted anything yet because life is just so busy that it is tough to stay up to date on forums and such. Life is probably extra busy these days because of all the meal prep and cooking I have been doing! I was not expecting all the extra time in the kitchen. So far I have not had many of the symptoms that we are told to prepare for. I did have some fogginess in the beginning, and have been crazy hungry even with all the protein we have been eating. Oh, and I do not typically remember my dreams, but I have had a few vague dreams about food . I do feel that my energy has started to increase in the past few days, but from everything I have read it seems early for that. Maybe this is because I was pretty sugar conscious before starting the program??? A few days this past week I have substituted my usual afternoon black coffee for green tea, although I miss the coffee flavor, the tea was enough to keep me energetic until bedtime when I crash. I purchased the Real Plans food prep and find their meals to be fairly overwhelming to cook. Additionally, we are salad people and used to eating a TON of veggies, little meat, and bread. This week am going to have to add veggies to the Real Plans meals that I have. Hopefully that will help the meat to go further so I am not cooking as much! We have 2 small kiddos, so anything to save time. I will say that the meals we are eating has definitely taught me new cooking skills. We have cooked a lot with coconut butter and ghee. This week I will use duck fat and bacon grease - something I never imagined I would actually want to eat! Good luck to everyone!