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  1. Day 20- no visual results yet

    Robin, I've been running a couple of times per week and Crossfit a couple times per week. So I've slowed down on the workouts a bit. And I don't FEEL stressed. As for my cycle, I pretty much have looked the same all month long. So today is day 30 and I measured everything and compared it to Day 1 and somehow I've lost a couple of inches overall and lost 4 lbs., but my digital body fat scale (handheld kind) says I'm still where I started 21.6% BF. Maybe my expectations were unrealistic. I was hoping to get down to 115# and see some abs. Maybe over the next couple of months as I stay 90% compliant, I'll see these changes I'm hoping to see? I will say though that despite my disappointment with the lack of visual results, I'd still recommend the Whole 30 to most people and I feel wonderful practicing this lifestyle. My husband does too, and he was hard to convince in the beginning!
  2. Day 20- no visual results yet

    Jillian, I had the sleep issue too for about a week and then it got better. And I feel your pain, my husband weighed himself after two weeks and he was down 10 lbs. Men.
  3. Day 20- no visual results yet

    So today is day 29 and while I feel good, have been sleeping better this last week and have great athletic performance, I still don't SEE any changes. In fact, I think my midsection looks a little puffier than it did in week two. What gives? Now I'm scared that as I add back in some of the foods I'd taken out, I'm going to blow up!
  4. Day 20- no visual results yet

    Thanks Melelina. I'm just going to keep chugging along and see what day 31 looks like.
  5. Need to vent. Day 41, feeling crappy.

    Jessica, I noticed that you're in Florida. This is the perfect time of year to get in lots of outdoor walking. If you could replace 15 minutes of your nighttime blog reading or TV with an easy walk, at a relaxed pace, that would probably do wonders. My dogs are also "sniffers" so if I want to have a real walk, not stopping every two yards, I leave them inside and take my husband instead. Keep up the good work, you can do it!
  6. Day 20- no visual results yet

    Thank you Robin! What do you think about melatonin? We already have some of that in the house, though I've never tried it (never needed it). I've always been able to get a good 8 hours in, and don't consider myself to be overly stressed. I normally do Crossfit 2-3x/week and run 2-3x/week. This was consistent until I had a 4 week sinus infection, which I was getting over just as I started my whole30. So for the first two weeks I didn't get much exercise at all, but now I'm back at it. So I have high hopes for my remaining 10 days and beyond.
  7. I'm on Day 20 and I don't see any results yet. I'm a 5'4" female, 120#. I know I don't need to lose weight per se', but I was hoping to see some tightening up in the midsection by now but it looks the same. I'm also not sleeping as well as I usually do. Here's a sample days' meal: Breakfast: 2 pieces bacon, 2 eggs, 2 TB salsa, 1/3 avocado. Sometimes a coffee with a little coconut milk. Lunch: Salad: 2 cups salad greens, some diced red bell pepper, cucumber, strawberries, avocado, grilled chicken breast, homemade orange vinaigrette dressing. PWO: Banana w/ TB almond butter Dinner: 1-2 Cups "chocolate chili", 1-2 Cups Brussels sprouts sautéed with onion and bacon. Before bed: herbal tea, sometimes (only if i really feel hungry) a handful of grapes or olives or a Tb almond butter. What am I doing wrong. Or am I expecting too much? I ate fairly healthy 80% of the time before this but I've never eaten like this before so I was expecting some result!