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    I'm now on Whole30-Day 6. I plan to work the plan through Lent.  I will be 45 in May and realized that I just needed a good reset.  I have been feeling sluggish and sore and know that I need to get some weight off.  I feel so much better already...more energy and I have been sleeping much better.  
    Friday was a challenge as we have the Lenten Fish Fry at our parish...and I help with it each week. It was kinda rough watching everyone else chow down. I felt empowered as the night went on and it was a huge boost to know that I made it and didn't stray from my plan. I need to figure out more "away from home" options. I made guacamole and pico de gallo yesterday, so I brought a pseudo-taco salad to work for lunch today. Any other tasty, but easy to travel, ideas?
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    If you continue eating Whole30 style, making your meals match the meal template, you will continue to improve your health, and you will almost certainly also lose weight as you get healthier, although it may not be as fast as you would like. However, losing weight slowly while eating in a way that is sustainable means you won't yo-yo, losing and gaining and losing over and over again.
    Losing a pound a week is not bad. Keep doing that and in a year, you'll have lost 50 lbs. Focus on the other improvements you've seen. List them somewhere -- actually write them down -- and when you feel discouraged, refer back to your list. Add to the list over time, if you experience new improvements. If you have trouble getting started, here's a handy checklist you can print off and mark the ones you've experienced.
    Remember that the more time you've spent dieting, gaining and losing weight, restricting your calories, the longer it is going to take to really heal from that. I know that it's frustrating, and I know that you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, but think about your experiences with other diets. You've lost weight on them, sure, but it sounds like you weren't able to maintain that weight loss -- therefore they didn't really work. A successful diet not only helps you lose the weight initially, it helps you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Try something new. Ditch the scale, focus on non-scale victories and on eating healthy foods that will nourish your body and make you healthier.
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    Today is Day 20 for my husband and I.  He feels great and so do I!  One of his many non-scale victories is he can button some of his smaller shirts and his clothes are fitting better overall. The biggest non-scale victory for me is my blood pressure went down over 20 points!! 
    Love Whole30!
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    Hello. I am on day 9 of my first round ever. I am loving it but also wondering if I am doing something wrong as I feel good. I am eating a lot and learning as much as I can as I go but haven't hit any of the timeline predictions. What's up with that?
    thanks for all the great links!