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  1. helsbells

    Day 22 and feeling defeated...

    BridyKate: keep going! You can do it! I think my expectations were way too high, which is why I felt angry and deflated. I've come to the conclusion that mentally I must have been pretty good before the Whole30 and I expected to feel even more amazing...and just didn't. I never did get tiger but I do feel cleaner and have actually mainly stuck to a paleo diet since I finished Whole 30. Even though I didn't feel more energy I have seen the reduction of fat around my middle, even though I eat a lot! It's worth it to finish...even just for the fantastic feeling of accomplishment and the reintroduction process. I've had friends comment how much 'brighter' I look, which is always nice to hear. I'd love to hear how you feel at the 30 day mark. Oh, and vent away...better to do that and get it out of your system....
  2. helsbells

    Day 22 and feeling defeated...

    I was afraid someone would say that I love my potatoes! I going to give them up for a couple of days and see how I go. Thank you for your advice, I never knew that about brazil nuts...I have much to learn.
  3. helsbells

    Day 22 and feeling defeated...

    Oh wow, you are all so fantastic! Thanks for the heads-up, Eccentrica, regarding the better kind of tuna - you made me laugh. If you eat that much canned fish and you're fine then I feel a bit better about it. Georgina2, I'm actually wondering if white potato may be a bit of an issue for me...and also the kombucha - both very sad if true but I'm experimenting at the moment. SugercubeOD - I've been thinking about what you said about water and I'm wondering if that could be the culprit as I've measured out 2 litres and I don't think I'm drinking that much. Also, it has been so hot here so I've been sweating bullets - sorry, prob too much information. My sleep is usually pretty good apart from the occasional trip to the bathroom/letting dog out to go to the bathroom/kiddie having a bad night - that's all been happening before the WHOLE30 though. No medical issues...everything pretty good, I think. Does anyone know of a compliant electrolyte drink recipe? The ones I've looked at all contain sugar in some form. I feel like I have something to work with now so feeling much more positive - THANKS!
  4. helsbells

    Day 22 and feeling defeated...

    Nope, not breastfeeding. I think I drink a lot of water but I've just done the math - took a while - and I've found out I need to drink just over 2 litres so I'll make sure I'll do that today and see how I feel tomorrow. It's really odd as I'm sure I tick all the Whole30 boxes but I must be missing something. I do try and make sure I eat about a thumb in fat, each meal, over the course of the day but I do find it hard to be exact with the measurements. This may sounds very neurotic but I eat loads of tuna, more than I ever have done...could it be something to do with the mercury? I'm just not sure what else it could be. I'll start with drinking more water and taking better notes re fat intake and see what happens. Thanks so much for your help.
  5. helsbells

    Day 22 and feeling defeated...

    Good morning! Breakie consists of 3 eggs, spinach, zucchini and capsicum Lunch - a medium sized white potato or 2 small sweet potatoes with a big lump (enough to cover the two halves of the potato) of tuna with a big dollop of homemade mayo. the rest of the plate is lettuce, beetroot and olives. Supper - The meat and veg cover the whole of the plate. I try and keep to a palm size piece of protein. The great thing is I don't feel hungry between meals so I can see some positives and at the end of each meal I feel really full. It's just my irritability and tiredness is starting to get me down - as well as not looking like a glowing replica of Claudia Schiffer yet - well, I'd just be very happy with glowing... I feel especially sorry for my 3 year old! Could it be I'm not eating enough fat as it feels like a massive amount? Thanks.
  6. Hello, This is the first time I've posted. Didn't want to but I really want this to work and I'm befuddled as to what is happening. I'm hoping someone may be able to give me some guidance or suggestions. I'm on day 22 and my head is still foggy, I'm tired, my skin is feeling itchy and dry and having the closest to a breakout in months and the bags under my eyes and dropped to new depths. I'm still feeling weaker than I did before I started the program. Yesterday I was about to rip a new one for anyone who dared look at me the wrong way. I thought this phase would be well and truly over. My friend, who said she felt amazing after a couple of weeks, is a bit confused too. A sample of a typical day's menu: Breakfast- coffee with cashew milk, ghee and coconut oil frittata with veggies, avocado and smoked salmon if I have them to hand Lunch- Baked potato - either sweet or white - tuna mayonnaise, lettuce, beetroot Supper- Whatever the family wants but a bit changed so I can eat it e.g. bolognese with zucchini spaghetti and veg. Chicken and roast potatoes etc... Before bed I have what we lovingly describe in our house as my disgusting drink - maca, cacao and spirulina mixed with water. I just drink kombucha, water and coffee (one or two cups daily). I stopped drinking kombucha a couple of days ago as my friend thought it could be the sugar that is causing issues. I use a lot of ghee and I'm wondering if maybe I'm making it wrong but I sieve it well using 2 pieces of kitchen paper and the ghee is completely clear once drained. If anyone thinks they know what I'm doing wrong or have any suggestions or tips I really would love to hear from you. Thanks so much, Helen