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  1. Can I have Trader Joes Real Mayonnaise?

    OK. Thank you so much
  2. Can I have Trader Joes Real Mayonnaise?

    Is that a yes for compliant or a no? Just wondering the same
  3. Starting March 6

    I can't find the newsletter either. I'm on R1D5 and we'll just overwhelmed. Not hungry just overwhelmed
  4. Starting March 6

    I was concentrating so much on my chicken and my zoodles that I totally forgot to had fats Sure didn't sleep well at all I'm on day 4
  5. Starting March 6

    I'm attempting zoodle tonight with chicken (parm) of course no cheese and no breading.
  6. Starting March 6

    I know crazy. Good luck.
  7. Starting March 6

    Good luck. I'm way over my head. Prepping won't last in my house with an 18yr son and 20yr daughter they will just use my prep. So I have to make everything like I always do when it's time to eat. I've always been a label reader but limiting things not cutting out Some of my items are compliant in my pantry. Good luck
  8. Starting March 6

  9. Starting March 6

    Wow great. Thank you
  10. Can I have - Compliant Almond Milk?

    That's true and so crazy Thanks
  11. Starting March 6

    My issue is more what to have chicken besides sweet potatoes at night since quinoa, rice and pasta are out
  12. Can I have - Compliant Almond Milk?

    Funny I have that almond milk in my fridge but didn't think it was compliant. I am a real newbie. Thanks. Now I'll use it in my coffee.
  13. Starting March 6

    Today for lunch I made sweet potato toast and put tuna and celery over it
  14. Can I have - Compliant Almond Milk?

    Yes, I am on my phone thank you for the link
  15. Can I have - Compliant Almond Milk?

    Thank you. Thats what I need a list of additives. I don't see a link