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    Ideas for more fats?!

    I keep the fat from my US Wellness Meats bacon and love using that for cooking veggies. And a drizzle of melted ghee makes everything taste better!
  2. GLC1968

    The crazy things people say

    I have to post this. It's not really something stupid that was said - rather the opposite. Nothing said and nothing stupid...for once. I've been paleo since Aug of 2011. I've been to see my parents (they live in FL, I live in Oregon) about 5 or 6 times since my switch because I travel to their area for work twice a year. I've been to see them three times now while on a Whole30 (I even put copies of ISWF in some stockings at the holidays this year!). Every time, it's a food battle with my mom and mostly because she likes to question me and my motives (not because she disagrees that my food is healthy). Every visit, I try to be as non-confrontational as I can and I often buy and prepare my own meals or dishes on the side. This past visit, I arrived and she immediately pulled out all the stuff she'd bought for me: a big container of baby greens, organic apples and blueberries, compliant chicken apple sausages, a new bottle of olive oil and avocados!! My parents don't eat ANY of these things (except olive oil). I didn't ask her to prep anything either. She just got it all right, without having to ask. All these visits and what do you know...she was paying attention! For dinner that night we had grass fed lamb chops, roasted veggies (in olive oil) and a greens loaded salad (my dad skipped the greens - he can't eat them for medical reasons...don't ask). No sugar. No bad oils. No grains/legumes/starches. I didn't even have to ask. AWESOME. Truly. (plus, they loved the dinner and are eating more like that even when I'm not around!)
  3. GLC1968

    Weight Loss?

    I was a crazy counter as well. Not only every little morsel that went into my mouth, but every single activity I did (GoWearFit user here!) and every little measurement I could possibly take (ie, measuring tape and body fat with calipers every week, weight every day). I did this for years and without the results I wanted. I lived the 800/800 life for two whole months (800 calories per day, 800 minutes of vigorous exercise a week) out of desperation. I thought I was healthy and that I felt great, but I had NO idea how far off I really was... Aug of 2011, I went paleo and learned to stomach fat again. And slowly but surely, I learned to let go of the measurments. By the time I found Whole30, I was fairly comfortable without counting but not without weighing. I struggled a lot the first two weeks but somewhere in week three it was like someone opened all the shades in a darkened room. All of a sudden I wasn't hungry all the time, I realized I was bringing home all the snacks I'd packed, and I had zero desire to step on the scale. And when a friend asked me to count my calories/ratios for a day because she was curious, I did and it actually pissed me off. I didn't want to. I was freed!! That was last June. I haven't counted a calorie (or even had the desire to) since! Trust the process. Let go. Whole30 will get you there if you let it.
  4. GLC1968


    Chipotle is my savior. I travel a lot and even in places where there are no Whole Foods or other 'health' markets within 50 miles, they have Chipotle. Honestly, once I had a carnitas salad for lunch and dinner...two days in a row! Eek! I like the idea of extra lettuce on top because when you get it to go, some of that precious quac always sticks to the lid and we can't have that!
  5. GLC1968

    The crazy things people say

    Yeah, when I was paleo before I'd heard of the Whole30 (for those that don't know, the paleo diet has been around for more than 10 years - it's only been mainstream since the crossfit world got a hold of it!) I used to get really annoyed when people would make the assumption that just because I was paleo, I was into the caveman thing and that I ate paleo pancakes every morning. The true paleo diet, the way it was meant to be, is almost identical to Whole30. Of course, Melissa and Dallas have a MUCH better way of presenting and explaining it. I never gave anyone a copy of Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet or Ray Audette's Neaderthin, but I did give away two copies of ISWF over the holidays this year. But, just because you can google a paleo dessert doesn't mean that's indicative of the actual diet. To really understand any particular way of eating, you have to go to the source and unlike Whole30, there is no clear source for paleo. It's a mess, for sure. M&D own 'Whole30' so they can define it and control it. No one owns the word 'paleo' so it's a free-for-all. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I'd wished there was a clear cut definition of what I thought paleo should be that I could just point to when people asked me. Of course, now there is with Whole30. If anyone asks what the paleo diet is, I just tell them to come here. All other definitions pale in my mind. So that's a long-winded answer to why I thought my friend's comment was so odd!
  6. GLC1968

    The crazy things people say

    I suppose I can see the turn off to 'paleo' and that lifestyle, but the comment makes little sense since Whole30 is like the strictest form of Paleo. It would be like saying "I'm going to go follow Atkins, but I'm NOT interested in a low carb diet".
  7. GLC1968

    The crazy things people say

    I have a friend who told me last month that she was following Whole30 as closely as possible. I said that was great and got all excited to share recipes and hints and stuff... Then she felt the need to clarify: "But I'm not doing paleo, I'm just following the Whole 30". Huh? (I was so stunned I didn't respond but I really wished I'd pointed out that while paleo is not Whole30, Whole30 is most definitely paleo!)
  8. GLC1968

    The crazy things people say

    Yesterday I was filling out the paperwork for a new doctor (I'm seeing an oral surgeon next week). One of the questions was "are you on a diet?". Am I on a diet? What kind of question is that?...and from a doctor's office, no less! I mean, had they asked 'do you have any dietary restrictions?' I would understand it. Way to perpetuate the 'diet' mentality... I answered 'no' by the way because I am making the assumption they mean "are you eating in a certain way, temporarily" and I'm not, but really, anyone eating food is on a 'diet'. I can't wait to point it out to them when I go into the office next week. Yes, I'm going to be 'that' person.