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    LOL! I saw the title- 3.14 and thought you must be a math geek like me. Congrats on resisting! I wasn't doing W30 on Pi Day... I'll leave it at that.
  2. YES!!! Been there! that mouse got a piece of apple. NO way am I using my good almond butter or ghee. NO WAY!!! LOL!
  3. Oh yes, the finger licking doesn't happen any more. I call my dogs over to lick the knife so I won't. Thankfully I prefer almond butter!
  4. It's so good to read this discussion as I, too, struggle with these ideas. I find that I go back and forth between needing to concentrate on moderation and abstaining depending on my energy levels and what else is going on. One way isn't working for me 100% of the time. Thank goodness for W30 getting me back to focusing on what's right for me. I'm hoping, praying, keeping my fingers crossed that my needs will be figured out soon and I will be able to sit down with that one spoonful of ice cream and be done. I think I'm almost there. I got Food Freedom at the library. I hope you can, too. Even if the ideas don't work for you 100%, the idea of reading and focusing on your relationship with food might help as it does me. I have/had a horrible relationship with food. I was working at a bake sale lately (thankfully during W30 R2) and saw kids bringing in some slightly unsightly lemon bars. I felt bad for the kids. I wanted to buy them to make the kids feel loved and appreciated. REALLY? Who does that? Then there were some marshmallow treats made with raisins and weird things that I would have loved and I was going to buy those too because they weren't selling quickly. For the first time in my not so healthy phase of life (that I'm struggling to break out of) I passed on both. It was difficult. REALLY difficult. In this situation I HAD to abstain or I would have given in to both and I don't waste food so they would have been consumed by me alone. But most of the time when I'm not tired and not frustrated, I can moderate what I'm eating. I think I need to adjust my moderation levels, though. So much to consider and I feel psychotic having to think about it all the time to stay in check. One day all this will pass????
  5. Day 21 of Round 3... Oh my gosh, I've never felt like this before! I woke up this morning and thought, you know, I'm not craving anything besides nutrients. I feel great. I read most of Food Freedom (ran out of time at the library and will get it again next week if it works out) and kept thinking SOMEDAY I'll be over my addiction (well, I mean not tied to my addiction, really). Today I woke up not thinking of food. It was weird. Is this what a smoker feels when they've kicked the habit? You might be wondering so I'll answer- with the food addiction and my lack of good habits, I was up to 50 pounds over my ideal weight for running long distances. (That's about 2 pounds per inch of height + 10 pounds for my body composition.) I'm now down to only 21 pounds over my ideal weight. While that's a whole lot of pressure on my knees and ankles, that's also very much attainable in the losing weight arena. I will get there now that I've conquered the BEAST. Food addictions are strange because, unlike smoking, we NEED food, just not all the stuff and the quantities that I've had over the past 20 years. I used to be super healthy. 20 years ago I could do 100 pushups without stopping and completed a 50k without training (actually, I did 2, a year apart). I was a coach and was nicknamed GI Jane, though at the time I thought it was horrible. Now, I wish I could go back to that body! Times have changed. Baby came, marriage, real work, life but that's been 14 years in which I didn't have to lose my edge. I took the wrong road and now I'm struggling to find it again. I'm so excited to have persevered enough to get myself back on the healthy food attitude road. Now for the fitness. That's on the way. Thank you to everyone who offers support all the time and especially to Melissa for sharing her knowledge.