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  1. I had loads of people analyzing my eating & drinking habits over the past month (I finished round 1, took about 10 days off and I'm starting again today). I had some serious NSVs to share from the very first day and found so many people had great questions. I loved chatting up W30. I started it because I was having problems with migraines and had just previously identified and solved blood sugar problems (not diabetes, thank goodness!). I think some people stopped asking why I wasn't drinking because my answer could be 30 minutes long. LOL!!!
  2. Laurie, I just "asked to join" your FB page. I'm on day 13 (I think) but still feel very new and I'm excited to have others "around". Good luck to you!
  3. Dana Point, CA?

    Good luck! I'm interested too since I live not far from Dana Point. I'd love to know what others say. I'm still new in this and have been sort of lame in ordering food the 2 times I've had to go out. I ordered plain burgers, protein style, with mustard. Both were great, but I'd like to explore other options. Oh, that's not the truth, I found a fish grill place that was willing to do my order with no oils, marinades, etc. That was delicious. Sorry to say the fish grill place was an hour north of where you'll be and not in a desirable neighborhood. If I find anything closer, I'll let you know. Just thought of this... it's "fast food" but you might like Wahoo's Fish Tacos. They have a Paleo salad and might be able to do what you want for Whole 30. There are a couple shops near Dana Point, but none in DP.
  4. Holly, Thank you so much! I look forward to trying these out. My husband, the only one of the folks in my house who doesn't have special food needs, has decided to do Whole 30 with me. He's even stopped scarfing down cheese. I can't believe it! Anyway, he'll have a great time with these suggestions, too. Thanks!! Anne
  5. Happy Birthday, Rebirthday, and congratulations! As I'm reading through success stories, I see so many differences and similarities. I can't wait for mine. I'm on day 9 and loving it so far. I read these for inspiration to keep going. It seems easy right now (6 am) but about 3 pm almost every day I start to wonder for a moment. It's getting easier every day, though. I like how you separated all the points I'm following on my own. I haven't written them like that in my log, but I should. Do you have a log of what you ate already up on this site? I'm curious about your recipes. I'm getting a bit challenged by the cooking with so many mouths in my house asking for different things (A. a vegetarian, B. someone afraid to eat any nuts, corn, beans, or anything little -it's only a phobia, not an allergy, C. an underweight cancer fighter, and D. me on whole 30. Then there's my husband who will eat anything. Thank goodness for him!) I'm always looking for new ideas and thankfully I love to cook. Thanks for the inspiration!!!