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    Hi Heather,
    Respiratory issues are exactly how my nightshade intolerance is manifest. With some nightshades at 1 meal, I develop a little cough. With multiple meals the cough gets worse, eating a lot of nightshades develops into persistent bronchitis and could develop into walking pneumonia. Of course when I went to see a board certified pulmonologist and asked if the cough could be food related, he said no and delayed my awareness of this issue another year or so, Grrrr...
    Funny @praxisproject mentions goji berries; I found out this the REALLY hard way. I literally ate two pounds of Goji Berry squares from whole foods over the course of 2 weeks and was thinking I was eating soooo  healthy. But when I developed my (now typical) severe nightshade symptoms and googled; my sspiciaons were confirmed that goji berry is one to seriously avoid.  I owe my awareness of this troublesome issue to David from Idaho who I met at OHI in San Diego. I developed coughing after eating sun dried tomatoes on raw vegan, grain free "pizza" and he mentioned it when I said I had my first coughing spell in 5 days. Wherever you are, thanks David! Hope this info helps you Heather!
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    bajabum reacted to HeatherFTW in Nightshade Reaction Symptoms??   
    I know this thread is old, but I'm curious if anyone has ever had respiratory reactions to nightshades? I started Whole 30 to help heal a bout of chronic bronchitis, and was feeling noticeably better in a matter of days. But recently (I'm now on Day 18), after bell peppers consistently in a few meals, and a huge plate of white potatoes one night (PMS carb cravings), my lungs hurt and I've been coughing noticeably worse in one day than I have since the early days of the program. I've looked online and am not sure if respiratory symptoms are common with nightshades, but I've been suspecting for a while now that they may not be my friends.