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  1. Whole30 Vegan meal ideas

    @lutje, Thank you for the vegetarian menu ideas. I'm just now reading the books and trying to come up with at least a one week menu plan. I'm willing to eat eggs and fish, but not at every meal. I've tried to make meals that follow the meal template suggestions and I already hate having so many eggs. I noticed that you included chickpeas and black beans. On the Whole30 site it says "You can also include non-fermented, organic soy (like extra-firm tofu) and various legumes in rotation." And on the shopping list for vegetarians and vegans it says "various beans (properly prepared)". So my question is, what various beans are best? Are black beans and chickpeas least likely to cause issues? And did you do the long preparation process? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. I'm anxious to get started, but I want to succeed!