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  1. JaeP

    Extreme Fogginess

    Would the Chomps work as well? I'm mostly thinking of things I can eat while I'm away from the house (lunches, quick "omg I feel like I'm going to die" snacks). So fruit is a bad thing? The template was a little vague on this, actually. Or maybe my brain isn't comprehending anything right now. :\ Mostly I stick to apples or the Bolthouse drinks. Which is how I've always gotten my fruits and vegetables. I'm working on being better (trying, though I get the feeling I'm not succeeding?).
  2. JaeP

    Extreme Fogginess

    Hunh! I hadn't even thought salt and sodium was a major thing. I've been cutting it out of my diet so long I never thought that I'd have to add it back in. I've been sticking to tea and water but, I admit, I'm lousy when it comes to remembering to hydrate properly. I'll probably never come close to the half an ounce per pound but I'll start keeping a better eye to my hydration. Largely it's been apples, nuts, eggs (scrambled and hard boiled), salads with Brionna's french vinaigrette (yay no sugar!!), there was a chicken with olives and spinach dinner thrown in. We did the sweet potato bisque last night with a large salad. This morning we did the mushroom and sausage frittata from the cookbook and I've had some apple slices and tea. I'm about to (figuratively) attack my lunch. More salad and some shredded chicken with mayo, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and carrot sticks with some of the ranch dressing and a handful of almonds. My fat has been primarily from the nuts, I think, or the eggs. Which I can never be certain are more protein or fat. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. I just started the Whole30 on Saturday, March 18, and I have been nothing but exhausted and foggy since then. I work in a place that I need to be on point pretty much all the time and this fogginess is really worrying. As is the need to sleep ALL THE TIME. Did anyone else have this reaction or can tell me how long this might last? The Timeline I found under resources and in the book doesn't really seem to be applying to me at this point. :\ Thanks!