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    alexd8 reacted to hawaiiandeb in I am starting 6/18/18 (after Father's Day commitments with family)   
    Day 5 is in the books.  Ever onward. 1/6 done!
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    Wow!!! Congrats on getting this far!!! A day in the books is a day of challenges YOU were able to conquer! 
    In terms of maybe not getting enough carbs in, my favorite thing to eat when I did my first Whole30 was sweet potatoes or regular potatoes!! I did a mix and match some days. It was the necessary fuel I needed for the day and gave me energy. Since you are running/exercising/being active maybe that will help get the carbs you need in!
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    Good job to everyone out their holding strong through the early days. This is the farthest I've made it on the Whole30 and I love it! I love the food we are able to eat and completely happy to drop out all the garbage I've been eating. I run a lot, so I eat a lot and my weight maintains pretty well. I know I've been fueling myself incorrectly though. Late night sugar binges every night. Burgers and fries and pizza and sauces whenever wherever all willy nilly.
    Day 4 and 5 I had some panic/anxiety issues. I had one while on my 10 mile run day 4 and one when I showed up to work day 5. I've had them in the past and haven't had them since I quit smoking and drinking 2 1/2 years ago! It's a mixed bag. It may be old emotions surfacing without my old sugar crutches to cover things up. I may be worrying I'm not getting enough carbs. I should be doing fine or it might just be a bit of everything all happening at once. I've been on vacation, with work starting up again after a remodel (wishing I had a different career and being hard on myself), dating someone new, Whole30, trying to fix some physical and psychological issues (more balance in life), death in the family, stressing about getting back into school. I guess I've been facing a lot of things (in a healthy way), but it can still be overwhelming.
    Anyways, thought I'd mention that if anyone has some words of wisdom out there. I hope I can just pass through this and conquer it and think I need to just calm down and take things one day at a time. I feel I've been eating better than ever and way more well balanced, but I'm gonna make sure I'm getting enough carbs via sweet/potatoes, berries, bananas (interested in plantains too!), root veggies, beets, fruit. I think I'll start using myfitnesspal app for a few days to balance.
    Sorry for the rant. It's been good and about as tough as I thought. Never thought it would be tough on me, but I think I have some really deep rooted issues with junk food since I quit the alcohol and nicotine. It's taken me a while to address things. NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME!
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    Day 2 for me today - I was going to start on Monday, then the sugar dragon at work got the best of me. And a co-worker had specifically bought and brought me cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes ... I couldn't pass them up, he was so excited to give them to me! He now knows I'm starting, end of story, no more treats for me! lol
    I work 12-13 hour night shifts, so I'm never sure what to do days after I work. Like today. Worked last night, then went to bed when I got home. Was sleeping/resting until about 7 pm. Made "dinner" and now it's almost time for me to go back to bed, so I really only ate 1 meal today. I also don't know what to say about my energy level today, because I'm tired anyway from working all night! It's going to be a challenge to balance the night shifts - but I'm determined, and even though I ate only one meal today, at least it was compliant!! 
    Chicken breast, sugar snap peas, sweet potato spaghetti, and dump ranch. And some freeze dried pineapples to top it off. 
    Tomorrow is my first full day without adding my night shifts in - so it will be interesting!! And I'm doing my grocery shopping and prep tomorrow for the weekend/beginning of next week. 
    Hope everyone has a great day 2/3/4  tomorrow!!
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    Happy Pie Day!
    Day 3 is going great.  Hubby made an awesome Whole 30 Quiche for work and it was gone before Lunch!   Everyone loved that it was gluten free and tasted so good.
    What's not to love?
    I'm concerned this is just too easy. I'm Day 9 Sugar-Free and feeling so much better.  Aside from the diet soda, there isn't anything I miss.  I doubt I'm going to see any weight loss with this program though.  I feel like all I'm doing is cooking and eating LOL!  I'm no longer hungry ALL the time and it's just 3 days. Maybe I'll get sick of all the rich food by the end of the week.
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    On to day 3.  Yesterday, I went to the gym, (also trying to do c25k) and that didn't go so well.  I wasn't able to complete the second 3 minute run interval.  Oh well, I still walked and ran.  The strength part went better than last time, at least.
    It was also "attack of the squirrels".  Focus level is REALLY LOW.  Still, I made it!
    One of the hardest things is to remember not to lick my fingers when I'm packing lunch for the kids, who aren't doing the whole30, like when I wipe a little bit of yogourt.
    Last night was deconstructed sweet potato bun burgers. Once everything was ready, I just didn't see the point of building the burger, and just used a fork.
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    I started on the 12th, as well!  So far, so good  
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    alexd8 reacted to EatingSun in Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!   
    I am on day #6 now. Feeling pretty good other than really bloated which is weird but maybe detox. i am feeling pretty good overall. Eating is fine - my husband made Indian curry cod last night and it was delicious. We ate it over cauli rice vs regular rice and if I would not have undercooked it :-) it would have just as good as rice. I was kind of in weird "why bother" mood and almost had a piece of chocolate thinking Paleo is good enough... which is true - but not yet. I am glad I held out.
    So far pros: sleeping like a log, energy is pretty good, eating is fairly easy (my weekend prep is still sustaining me)
    Challenges: was dizzy/vertigo a bit on Monday which was a bummer, still getting hungry between meals but know that will pass, not noticing any changes in how my clothes fit. 
    Need to drink more water for sure, I am terrible about this in general.
    @AriSaysShesTired  saw you are giving up caffeine - wow you are brave. Might I suggest dandelion tea? The roasted root variety  has a really nice flavor similar to coffee. I drink it all the time including making a chai tea that I drink with home made almond milk. It's tasty! Also, do you have a Trader Joe's by you? They have a jalapeno hot sauce that is compliant. I have been known to shake a few drops on a half of an avocado in a pinch. That plus small baggies of almonds and sliced apples. I also always have shredded mixed veggies (zucc, onion, sweet pot, carrot, whatever I have) in my fridge for a quick hash.
    @Alexd8 - our photos are similar :-) I am a repeater too... I only lost 5.8lbs last time so was super disappointed, went to Amsterdam and ate dutch pancakes the day after I finished. As you can imagine things unraveled fast. This time I hope to shift to paleo when done. I don't expect to lose much until after the Whole 30 as that is what happened for me after Whole 30#1. Anyway, here we go!
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    alexd8 got a reaction from EatingSun in Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!   
    Hi everyone! I wish I saw this post over the weekend, so I could have joined your journey yesterday, but that's ok! Tomorrow, March 13, will be my start date. I am super exciting to join everyone on their Whole30 journey. I successfully completed my FIRST Whole30 a year ago on March 12, so it feels really great to start my second journey exactly a year apart! A little background on how it went last year...I lost 9 pounds, had great non-scale victories such as clearer skin, less bloating, stronger nails, and overall boost in confidence. The hardest part was the reintroduction phase, so that is something I will be working harder on this time around. I can't wait to hear about your daily victories and join this awesome community again!!
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    Day 2! I dodged donuts at work, my husbands snacks at lunch and more of his non compliant foods at supper (phew!). Felt pretty sluggish this afternoon but am better now after supper. Glad I have all of you to help support me through this... it’s awesome knowing there are so many of us going through this together!! 
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    alexd8 reacted to agate in Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!   
    Hello! I just started today too—might I join you?
    I have Hashimotos, an autoimmune thyroid disease, and I’ve heard that Whole30 can really help identify food sources that cause flare-ups. It might even help me lose a few lbs!
    The challenges for me:  I’m a pescatarian, which makes things a wee bit harder, but doable.
    My husband and son are not doing this.
    The hardest thing to give up is my glass or two of wine at night! 
    Today went well I think: two poached eggs with sautéed kale and zucchini and avocado for breakfast; leftover roasted potatoes and broccoli tossed in lemon tahini dressing over greens for lunch (with an apple, a date, a dried apricot, and about 10 hazelnuts); bass with roasted cauliflower and a baked sweet potato (and more tahini) for dinner. And I went to the gym at the time I normally sit down for that (first) glass of wine. 
    Oh, and lots of LaCroix! 
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    Day 2:
    I woke up feeling energized, but those levels plummeted the second I got in my car to drive to work. My habits have been so bad for so long, ie picking up McDonalds on my way to or from work (sometimes both) 4 days a week. I feel exhausted and unfocused.
    I struggle with an inflammatory bladder disease, which requires other limitations outside Whole30. I also smoke(d) cigarettes, and am cutting those out too. Perhaps I am making things harder than they ought to be.
    So far I have decided to eliminate coffee/caffeine, tomatoes, citrus, acidic foods and anything effervescent.
    SO please... what can I eat?!?! :'-(
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    alexd8 reacted to AdamzW30 in Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!   
    @ccolburn come join our group here on this feed. We have a good amount of people in and out here that all started around the same time. I started on the 11th and will be checking in at least a couple times a day! Cheers and may the force be with you!
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    alexd8 reacted to Elizabeth M in Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!   
    Hi everyone! Today is actually my first day of the Whole30 but close enough! For most of the past 12 years, I have had a very healthy diet but that has changed for me drastically in the past year due to stress of work, grad school, volunteering, and of course: social situations with drinks and greasy foods. I really want to cut those things out and get back to the delicious foods that make me feel energized. 
    Day 1 so far so good: 2 scrambled eggs with green onions and avocado with a pear on the side. black coffee. Lunch will be a tuna lettuce wrap and Asian slaw.
    I'm looking forward to this journey with everyone:) 
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    Ok starting to prep my veggies ,roasted veggies are roasting away in the oven , clarified butter ready to go !!