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    HI Everyone I am Dannelle, I would love to join this group and share in the journey with you all! In my experience, this doesn't work without a support system! I completed the whole 30 challenge back in February 2017 AND IT FELT AMAZING!!!! (emphasis on amazing, because seriously you will not believe how good you feel the last week of your journey!) Not to say it didn't come with challenges and late night cravings because it definitely did. I was fortunate to have a good group of Whole 30 supporters who got me through it! I hope we can all be that to each other this time around! Since 2017 I have fallen back into terrible habits, Comfort eating, stress eating, failing to prepare and grabbing the easiest and likely the unhealthiest snack around. I know, it makes NO sense to talk about how Amazing the whole 30 made me feel and then to revert back to bad habits that made me feel frumpy and sluggish. It's like going to the gym or exercising in general. I know I am going to feel better afterward, I know the results are worth it, but I just don't want to LOL but hey, at least I'm being honest with myself. This is going to be my 2nd "SUCCESFUL" whole 30 journey. I have made many attempts to start back up, but for reasons that I cannot logically understand I have not been able to bring myself back to it. Today is Day 3! It was a rash and impulsive start and pretty poor timing on my end if I am being honest ( Which I always am... a little too much :) I too suffer from chronic illness which forced me out of work early 2017. That has come with its own set of challenges and sacrifices. We have had to be inventive with our finances which we have succeeded in doing, but at the moment finances are tight and eating healthy is not cheap. HOWEVER No more excuses for this girl!!! Me leaving work and being chronically ill with Lyme's Disease and Fibromyalgia is also what lead me to Whole 30 in the first place. When Medications were barely medicating and physical therapy didn't bring enough relief my doctor suggested going Gluten Free. I started doing some research and found Whole 30, which seemed extreme to my doctor at first, but when he saw results he got on board! By cutting out all irritants out my diet, my pain was significantly better! By slowly introducing things back into my diet I learned that dairy, wheat and gluten are all big No No's for me! Unfortunately just because I learned it, doesn't mean I stuck with it …. I look forward to taking this journey with everyone and making healthy choices STICK! Dannelle