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  1. Hi All, I am looking to restart the Whole 30. Last time I did the Whole 30 I thought I would never go back to unhealthy habits. I felt AMAZING! Now I just want that feeling back! My skin glowed, my energy levels were out of this world, I lost 24 pounds and was starting look as good as I felt! Not to mention I have a chronic illness that seemed to nearly disappear!!! Not sure how I fell so far from that feeling, but I want it back! One of the things that really helped motivate me was having a solid group of whole 30ers to go through the challenge with. Is anyone Starting soon and what are your plans to get going? I need some motivation to start this lifestyle back up! Dannelle
  2. Starting March 12

    Thank you for sharing this insight! I have not been enjoying my fruit correctly!
  3. Starting March 12

    Happy day.... 21? I have sort of lost count which is amazing!!!! This no longer feels like "How many more days to I have to keep this up?" and more like " I Never want to eat food that makes me feel like crap again!" I'm not going to lie I really wanted to cheat and have a beer last night. A gorgeous day of yard work, followed with a relaxing and much deserved bonfire. A beer would have gone hand in hand, but then my husband asked me how many days I have left and if it was really worth it. THAT WAS ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR! We have come so far! I hope everyone is feeling great and sticking with it! NSV: I no longer feel like someone who lives to eat, but someone who eats to LIVE! NSV: Rocking a pair of skinny jeans I haven't worn in almost 3 years! NSV: Other People are starting to notice the changes and complimenting me (feels pretty good!) NSV: BUT MOSTLY I FEEL GREAT! I think I am a life long advocate for the whole 30!!! I am a little nervous about what happens after day 30.
  4. Starting March 12

    Has anyone else noticed a big fluctuation in their cycle? I typically do not get a period at all because of the IUD, but I have had a heavy period for the last 4 days. Which is completely abnormal for me! Another one of my girlfriends recently finished her Whole 30 and said she has gotten her period 3 times in the last month and a half since starting her journey....... anyone experiencing similar symptoms or have any thoughts on this and why it is happening?
  5. Starting March 12

    Holy smokes everyone can you believe its nearly been 2 weeks since we started this journey together! I can't believe how spot on this timeline has been for me. The past couple days I have found myself driving past Taco Bell, Dairy Queen and Wendy's thinking how good it sounds..... It is so weird because it really doesn't sound good at all! I feel like I am craving it because I think I should be craving a burger or melty crunchwrap, but really as soon as the thought pops into my head my conscious kicks in and reminds me that I really do NOT want fast food, at all! It is greasy, unsatisfying and always leaves me feeling bloated and gassy! And I guess that is the only tool I need. I know how good I feel now and I don't want to ruin it with empty nutrients. With that said, I am completely out of fruit in my house and may need to make an emergency pit stop at the grocery store! The Chocolate Cravings haven't completely subsided and I truly have never been a big Chocolate eater unless..... it's that time of the month (sorry male readers, you may want to stop reading here!) Has anyone else noticed a big fluctuation in their cycle? I typically do not get a period at all because of the IUD, but I have had a heavy period for the last 4 days. Which is completely abnormal for me! Another one of my girlfriends recently finished her Whole 30 and said she has gotten her period 3 times in the last month and a half since starting her journey....... anyone experiencing similar symptoms or have any thoughts on this and why it is happening?
  6. Starting March 12

    Good Afternoon Day 9! I survived Yesterdays Mammoth Sized Chocolate needing meltdown, but I relied heavily on fruit to get me through so I am not quite sure if that counts as a victory or not... Thank you for the support everyone! @elaes I have been making separate meals forever!!! My Son has always been a picky eater and very underweight as a young child so the Doctor told me to pick and choose my battles and just get the kid to eat.... But Now, You are so right it is old! My only suggestion is make enough for everyone and if they don't want it they are on their own! (+ you'll have leftovers! ) I just started doing this in attempts to get everyone to start eating healthier with me. Some days it works and some days my kids have cereal for dinner.... Takes the stress off me and hopefully they come around fully! Have you tried Real Plans or Mealime? I Use Mealime as it is truly free with a more affordable upgrade option. I have been getting awesome recipes from the app. The other night I made a Cod Piccata with Roasted Asparagus and my husband said it was the best meal I Have ever made! So far all meals have taken very minimal prep time and cook within 30 minutes to an hour which is key as some nights the last thing I want to do is cook!
  7. Starting March 12

    Day 8 is not going so great!!!! I WANT CHOCOLATE and I want it BAD!!!!! I Won't give in, I won't Give in, I Won't Give in!!!!
  8. Starting March 12

    Happy day 7 fellow Whole 30ers! Can't believe we have already made it a week! It definitely hasn't been without challenges! After Day 2 I didn't think my family would live to see day 3 let alone 7 I may be grasping at straws, but I have began to notice minor changes and they feel great! Yesterday I put on a shirt that any other day would make me feel frumpy and "fatter than I chose to believe I was" But yesterday I feel I pulled it off well! My skin is beginning to look alive again! Not only is my 30 yr old acne disappearing but there seems to be a glow to my skin that I didn't even realize was gone. My appetite has decreased and every meal I make is delicious and keeps me more than satisfied until the next! I have to admit I need to stay away from Potato's of all kinds they are just too yummy! The Greatest change has been with my mood/attitude. I am loving my new workout routine and looking forward to the next.... WHO AM I??? I hope everyone is doing well, I can't wait to hear about challenges and celebrate success's with all of you! Oh and I almost forgot... Cigarettes haven't crossed my mind for more than a split second since day 3!!!
  9. Starting March 12

    Happy day 5 yall! I can't say I have seen many changes in the mirror and I completely overindulged on roasted potato's last night! In the past that would be enough to say the hell with it for me, BUT I have seen and heard the testimony's of Whole 30 and I am feeling rather optimistic that this is the change I have been needing to make in my life! While I don't see physical changes in the mirror I guess you could say I see the difference in my mood and attitude! @MtnGoat HUGE PROP's on your dining out experience! While it stinks being that awkward customer sending food back it is amazing that you did! I have been avoiding eating out in fear of food envy, but the fish, Kale and Broccoli was a great choice and sounds delicious!
  10. Starting March 12

    I am learning there is nothing wrong with going to bed at 8pm on those kind of days! Hang in there @asbren13 If you can do 30 days of this, just imagine what else you can accomplish!!! Here if you need extra encouragement or just to vent! Thank you @River30 for your words of encouragement! It is not the fist time I have quit but I am feeling very confident it will be the last!!! I am starting my Yoga/Piyo routine today! I have also found Meditation to be my best friend!!! It is a skill that must be practiced and I am not that good at it yet, but when my irritation levels are on 100 it is unbelievable what 5 minutes of mediation can do for you!
  11. Starting March 12

    Morning all! Hope everyone is still going strong! I set reminders in my phone just in case I was in a mood.... and I gotta say optimistic me is really annoying haha! Just Kidding so far I am feeling pretty darn good! I am starting my new work out routine today and still feeling super motivated! This mornings reminder should anyone need some extra encouragement! Keep Fighting and stay strong! Remember everything you have to gain from this experience, The outcome far outweighs today's challenges so take it day by day and keep your head up!
  12. Starting March 12

    So good to have support through this group! We got this!!! I got giddy this morning thinking about just how amazing day 30 is going to feel!!!
  13. Starting March 12

    Ugh you just made me jump into the Kill every thing stage Hahaha just kidding Good for you, hope tomorrow is equally awesome for you!
  14. Starting March 12

    Day 2 started pretty rough, but I am hanging in there ! Reading all of these posts has sincerely lifted my spirits! The Whole 30 is all about cutting out the toxins and irritants of food and alcohol, but I am also cutting out one of the grossest toxins of them all.... cigarettes!!! If anyone is dealing with or dealt with it in the past please share your success stories or tips for getting past the urges, I need Help!!!! I have been ready to quit for some time just like I have been ready to get healthier and lose weight so this whole 30 only makes sense, but there is a tiny voice in the back of my head freaking out telling me that I am NUTS to think I could cut out cigarettes and junk food all at the same time! There's those emotional responses to food we keep hearing about! I called a friend bright and early this morning because I barely slept since cravings were so strong. I told her I was struggling and her response was "don't you dare smoke a cigarette!" .... Well for anyone who has had to quit something they didn't want to, but knew they needed to the very first thing that popped into my head was .... Don't tell me what I can't do!!!! How insane is that!!!! She is trying to be supportive and I am now just more irritated and even closer to giving in! Sooooo what I need is for someone not to tell me don't do it, but encourage me and re-assure me that while I could chose to do it, I am stronger than that and deserve to not give in! (Even though I kinda, just told myself ) Thanks all!!!
  15. Starting March 12

    Welcome asbren! I suspect we are going to come across a lot of learning experiences, Please continue to share! Not sure if you have a microwave accessible at your work place, but something I do in the mornings if I am running late is grab 2 eggs (carefully place them in a Tupperware container so they don't break on your way or quick crack them into the Tupperware container and bring) Grab a tomato/avocado/zucchini or whatever the easiest vegetable to grab is. Once I am settled in to work I quick run to the break room cut up the veggie and throw it in with the eggs and microwave for 1 1/2 -2 minutes. I keep Sea Salt, Pepper, and of course Hot Sauce in my desk at all times. I never ever would have thought to make eggs in the microwave, but now that I know its a game changer!!! Way to go having a back up salad joint mapped out though! You got this!!!