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  1. Living Alone - Any Tips?

    In the short term don't "over purchase" unless you have a day by day plan as to what you'll eat. Might wanna start by planning out your meals and then stocking your supply to acomodate your weekly plan. Other tips: 1. Keep an eye out for sales on organic "cage-free" eggs. They are normally pretty expensive ($5.99/dozen) but on sale, they can be as little as $2.99 and if you find a lower price than that, jump on it now!!!! And get two to four dozen eggs at a time if you find a good price. 2, Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes: Keep them stored loosely in a dry area in a paper bag with holes poked in them and keep in a separate drawer from the onions, garlic, shallots which should also be stored the same way. 3. For cilantro, italian parsley, green onions and mint, keep in the fridge but wrap them up with a paper towel because they're usually wet when you purchase them and they'll go bad quickly if you don't do that. 4. Buy a single 8 oz container of almond butter. That should last you 30 days. If you buy bananas apples or pears (I recommend Bartlett Pears), Buy 5 at a time and one per day with almond butter makes a nice post dinner dessert. 5. You're gonna need to manage your time to succeed with this program so, often times, when you prepare your dinners which, if done right, will take between 45-65 minutes of preparation, try cooking 6-8 servings. After you eat your dinner serving. Pack away the others in individual servings for emergency breakfast, lunch or next day dinner meals. Having freshly cooked stuff the next day will give you time to relax from having to go out of your way cooking everyday. Sometimes, you'll want a day off from cooking so if you made a larger dinner with leftovers, you'll be very happy that you were prepared. 6, Also watch youtube videos on whole30 strategies. They are always helpful. 7. Lastly, be sure when you are planning in advance, to compare your meals to the whole30 template which provides guidelines on what your meals could be. 8. Lastly, lastly....for all meals, try to incorporate as much protein, healthy fat and vegetables as possible. Avoid a protein only or vegetable only meal neglecting others, But avoiding that pitfall, you'll be able to reduce moodswings or sudden bursts of being uber hungry. By incorporating all of those items, your leptin resistance (body's inability to signal to your brain that you're full) will be minimized.
  2. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    On my weigh day, I stepped on the scale (ahem...on an empty stomach after a 10 mile run) and saw I was at 218.1 lbs!!! On day one of the Whole30, I was at 229.5. That means I lost approximately 10-12 lbs. I switch between two weighing scales so on Tuesday, I'll step on the "Detecto" manual weighing scale which had me at 232lbs. 32 days ago. Day 1 of my reintroduction didn't fare well. First off, I'm learning that I don't like peanut butter anymore. It actually tastes pretty nasty to me compared to almond butter. I almost feel as if I'm cheating if I eat something that is not Whole30 compliant. So, for breakfast, I had my usual typical whole30-esque eggs, bacon, avocado and garlic and green onion stir fried mushrooms. For lunch, I had leftover whole30 kall and potato soup so I had that; and for my first step back into the "non-whole30 world" we went to kebab place and I had a chicken breast salad with falafels. I had a huge falafel craving and also had a small glass of red zinfindel wine. I have to report that the food prepared by this restaurant, which I always in the past felt was fairly healthy, suddenly tasted like greasy, oily, yucky junk!!! The falafel seemed way too greasy and although I ate 4 of them, I was grossed out by the time I was done. This is gonna sound funny, but I am HAPPY that today, I'll be back to the whole30 for two days. The other order by my girlfriend, a combo kebab with rice and salad looked gross to me too!!! The rice looked so unnecessarily greasy. I don't think I could ever eat rice again, except for sushi once or month or something minor like that. I didn't add any new sugar to my diet. I have all the sugar I need with the fruits I bought so I may stay with that for awhile. I will relax on my food standards when it comes to processed proteins, and will probably have pickled herrings today which I love. Just a quick reintro question, on the days 2 and 3 of the reintroduction phase, is sugar and alcohol allowed? Or are the days 2 and 3 strict Whole30 compliance days? I have to confess, I'm honestly considering going 100% back on the Whole30 program because I love making my own food over eating anything processed or made without me knowing what the ingredients were.
  3. Feb 27 Reintro Group!

    I'll be in this area in a couple of days. Hello reintroductios!!!! See you on Monday!!
  4. Day 4 and I cannot focus

    I have moderate ADHD and I can tell you that Days 1-4 had me a bit confused too. The whole30 is an excellent program in my opinion, especially for those with ADHD primarily because of the focus required by the program. You're forced to think more linearly by managing a three meal schedule. For the first week, it will definitely play tricks on your mind, body and soul, but a week later, you'll start to see the moodswings gradually mellow out. Stay with it and you will not regret it.
  5. Compliant lemon pepper?

    Technically you have to start over, but if you don't start over and there were a few hiccups like that, you'll ultimately still have great results and besides, you may wind up finding yourself more committed to reading your labels later on down the road. I made a few slips here and there but in my mind, I know I've treated my body well so I'm at day 27 as for as I'm concerned. In 27 days, I can count my slip ups off my fingers: 1. (2) instances of using vanilla extract which had trace amounts of alcohol in it. 2. (2) instances where I had a pickled herring craving; read the label after the fact and found out it had less than 0.5g of sugar per serving 3. (1) instance where I had bacon where there was a tiny trace of sugar in the ingredient (less than 0.5g/serving). So, if I'm labeled as a "fake whole30" person, that doesn't bother me when I see that after 30 days: 1. I've run a half marathon 2. I have no more knee pains (my left knee had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis) 3. I'm training for a marathon in July 4. Lost 15 lbs. and lost 4 inches off my waist. 5. I am committed permanently to the Whole30 for my breakfasts, snacks and lunches, AND 6. I read all ingredients very carefully prior to purchasing them.
  6. What did you have for supper last night?

    haha..I do like to squeeze lemons into my mineral a little lazy to grab that lemon and put it in.
  7. Trader Joes

    This one's alcohol free:
  8. What did you have for supper last night?

    Yup it's really easy and cooks fast (take about the as long to clean collards as it takes to cook it); be careful not to over salt it because the chicken stock is salty enough. Just a half a lemon too; don't want it to taste too sour ;-)
  9. What did you have for supper last night?

    8 oz NY Steak; Mashed Yellow Sweet Potato and pan fried collard greens with garlic and pepper (cooked in avocado oil); for my cocktail I had mineral water shots. And dessert, a small bowl of organic apple sauce and cinnamon.
  10. Trader Joes

    1. Trader Joe's Vanilla Extract; 2. Packaged Tuscany Salad; 3. Canned Coconut milk.
  11. Emergency food ideas

    a collard turkey wrap with avocado, a few slices of Persian Cucumber, heirloom tomato, and balsamic vinegar with pepper, sesame seed and chopped green onion mixture.
  12. Hi AartiM, Just clarifying for discussion. When you say "hemp protein" or "pea protein" do you mean hemp milk or peas in general or are you referring to protein supplements of some sort containing hemp or pea protein? *UPDATE* Just read the vegetarian shopping list and found out it that they are powders. Disregard question