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    Perfect   Also, I just re-read the ingredients and the banana powder is to make the item taste more banana-y I assume... that's a fun trick by food manufacturers to make food supernaturally tastey so then regular banana isn't going to taste as banana-y and consumers will continue to buy this product for that extra banana-y flavor.  I'd steer clear
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    The thread starts with someone asking if they can use it to make chicken, which was agreed to... it was someone suggesting they make french fries that we said no to... If you're using it as an alternate way of cooking that does not use more oil than pan frying or roasting and you're not using it to prop up a french fry affliction or similar then go ahead.
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    Actually yes. 
    Melissa's reply: Carrageenan is a specific processed additive from algae, whereas this stuff appears to be totally different. Plus even if it was similar, we're not making a specific ruling against all algae as that would rule out vegan omega-3 supplementation. So tell her it's fine.