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  1. And then things like me spending all morning cooking a massive batch of soup that I could have for several meals, eating one meal out of it and spilling the rest getting it out of the fridge to eat for dinner. That was a good $8-10 down the drain.
  2. For breakfast - 3 free range eggs with a little coconut milk and some of this sweet potato breakfast casserole: I usually force myself to eat eggs and chicken sausages - I know they are good for me and a good source of protein. For lunch: Today I made some of this soup It was good the first time I made it and then awful the second time I made it. My meatballs kept falling apart and I had to use chicken stock instead of chicken broth so that may have had something to do with it. The other day I had .5 a pound of shrimp and some cooked sweet potato and kale for lunch. Dinner is usually steaks/red meat of some sort and a half a plate of green vegetable such a brussel sprouts, or a veggie stir fry. I can handle steak all right but then sometimes the thought of more meat seems revolting and I get nauseated by the thought of it which doesn't help when I am already nauseated because in the I am so hungry I am nauseated but nothing sounds appealing or cookable because I am nauseated loop of doom. I work kind of weird hours so sometimes a mini meal is a gala apple and almond butter. I also made this once but it wasn't very good.
  3. I'm on R1D16 and this is something I'm really struggling with and I created this account just to post this. Honestly, the not eating the sugar/gluten/dairy, etc isn't the hard part, it's that the meal planning is so overwhelming. I'm so overwhelmed with meal planning and constantly thinking about food and what I am going to eat next. I'm 28 but still live with my parents who aren't doing a Whole30 but are being supportive by eating compliant meals that I cook. I have anxiety about spending money, even though I know it is cheaper than eating out it is hard to buy expensive meats and then I sometimes end up not cooking them very well and I feel like I am wasting my money. I live in a tiny town that just has a Wal-Mart and I absolutely hate going there and get so overwhelmed (even with a list) half the time I can't find an ingredient that I am looking for so then it throws my whole meal plan and I end up buying random compliant ingredients and hoping something comes together. I can't afford online prices or a super expensive spice I am going to use just a few times. I'm a quite picky eater, although I am getting braver, I ate parsnips for the first time last week. The thought of some foods makes me nauseated, but I try to force myself to eat them anyway. I'm doing Whole30 to try and reduce inflammation in my knees because I have metal implants in my leg which cause chronic pain so weight loss isn't my goal but the diet doesn't seem to be having any effect on my pain levels. I actually had to weigh myself to make sure I still weighed enough to go donate blood and then when I got to the blood bank my iron levels were too low to donate even though I have been eating red meat, eggs, kale, etc. I've been eating a sweet potato nearly every day so it should be enough for it to be just the low carb effect. I've had several crying fits/borderline panic attacks on and off today because 2 more weeks of this seems overwhelming, of course it doesn't help that I wake up in the middle of the night most nights because I am so hungry that I can't sleep. I signed up for the W30 version of Real Plans today which just made it more overwhelming, to try and think of all that cooking every day. Please someone tell me it gets better? I thought the first 2 weeks were the hardest but today has been the hardest for me.