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    moosegirl got a reaction from Jenny85 in Starting March 1st   
    I weighed myself today! I didn't do it for weight loss, I actually ate more during my Whole30 than I usually do but my weight stayed exactly the same to the decimal point. I just thought that was interesting. 
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    moosegirl got a reaction from appalachiangiraffe in Starting March 1st   
    SO close! I can see the finish line! Already planning some re-intro meals. I haven't had the greatest amount of success but it will be interesting to see how I feel once I start adding things back into my diet. I know re-intro is going to be tricky so I hope I don't blow it. Anyone else have an mental/physical aversion to leftovers? I thinking seeing food cold in the fridge is so gross and then even after I re-heat it, it never tastes as good warmed over. I can gag just thinking about it. I've been trying to cook a little bit larger meat portions to have leftovers and then just making the vegetables fresh every meal but I know that isn't realistic for most people or for me long term.