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    I have been slowly going through the rules. I haven't started yet. Planning for April 1, so trying to read up on as much as possible before then with very limited time. I'll check out the downloads too! Thanks!
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    Wow. You sound just like me! I have so many of the same issues. I have fibromyalgia, multiple deficiencies (especially iron and B12), eczema, psoriasis, bursitis, IBS, chronic pain (particularly in my hands and arms), and I'm obese. I'm also seeing an integrative doctor who is testing me for MTHFR mutation, hypothyroidism, food allergies. Additionally, I have PCOS, localized scleroderma, chronic sinus issues, headaches, and I've suffered from depression for most of my life. So a lot of overlap there. It was a little like reading something I wrote myself and forgot about.
    I just discovered this diet today, so I can't really give you any advice on whether you should stick with it or not. But my gut says your thought about continuing and eliminating the nightshades might be the way to go . My integrative doctor just suggested I change my diet to help with my issues. He suggested I go back on a Paleo diet since I said I felt pretty good when I was on it. He also gave me a chart with alkaline vs acidic foods and we talked about how more acidic foods can affect the body. I've been researching diets and that led me here. It seems the concept is the same as what my doctor was talking about but perhaps a little more extreme and using a different name.
    Anyway, I'm going to start on April 1st and plan to use the meal planner to help me stay on track. I'm feeling a bit discouraged by your post because you sound so similar to me and I'm really hoping this works. I'm interested to hear what you decide to do and how it works for you. I hope you get some relief!