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  1. Nedster7

    Starting March 6 for Lent

    Yay! Day 31! Today was rough for me as I'm doing the slow roll reintro. I was unable to get myself a good breakfast and I worked my BUTT off for 2 hours last night training for wrestling and then played volleyball for another 2 hours afterward. I am taking a break for my body today and not exercising. I will be doing stretches though for sure. I still haven't decided what or how to introduce the next thing... Thank you ladies for great convo! Good luck with your continuing on for lent. You got it!
  2. Nedster7

    Starting March 6 for Lent

    Hi everyone! I started my second Whole30 March 4th. I joined a couple groups who started around the same time, but they've all tapered off with no activity, so I hope you don't mind me jumping on here! The forums really helped me my first go around. I love reading through your thoughts and struggles. It helps me feel normal and that we can all do this together. Things have been going good for me, I'm doing it with my SIL who is also my neighbor. It's been great having her as my partner in this, as I really don't have much support from my hubby. @ALM Grandma - I totally know the feeling of fits about eating healthy!! I also have 7 kids, so I'm feeding everyone else my pre-Whole 30 diet, with way less sugar! So that's a positive for my family. I don't want to bore everyone with my journey up to here, so I'll go ahead and share my recent experiences. This is my day 25 @MJ of Cayman, we're on the same schedule! I've been thinking a LOT about what I'm doing after my day 30. I've come to the conclusion that I will be keeping up with it and do the slow-roll reintroduction. And separate my fats and carbs. That's awesome, @pearlgirl2017, that you're going for 48 days! I will be wrestling at my boy's state tournament with a program called Mom's on the Mat, so I'm gearing up and training for that. This is the perfect way to reach my goals and continue with the fit and healthy lifestyle. Yesterday I had a really hard time with dinner. I was out of the house from 4-9 with no time or place to make dinner. Running errands with kids. When I got home my husband had the whole kitchen occupied making homemade sausage (moose & pork combination). I managed to make the kids dinner, but only made brussel sprouts for me... I ended up going to bed before I had time to make anything to go with my brussel sprouts! What's crazy is that I wasn't even really hungry. That's REALLY weird for me. But today for lunch I had some of the sausage finally (his first 2 batches contained sugar) with mashed sweet potato and carmelized onions. So yum! I wish I had more time for cooking these yummy dishes! I feel like my inner chef is coming out. Another NSV (besides feeling like a chef) is my diarrhea has FINALLY disappeared. I'd been having this experience during since before I started Whole30. It finally quit this week. My gut is regular again! Feels amazing. -Nettie
  3. Nedster7

    Starting March 1

    Hey group. We've gone down in activity. Hope everyone is so busy keeping up with Whole30 and doing great! @Kaitlyn C, thanks for checking up on me! My SIL and I are doing great and staying on plan. We're helping each other stay motivated and on track. It's only been rough for me yesterday, with staying strong. We were planning a trip to our closest city (Anchorage) and I realized how happy food makes me. We wouldn't be able to eat out at any of the restaurants without having to alter something. It was really getting me down how dependent on food making me happy and have a good time. I've really gotta change that mindset. Fast forward to today, weather is too bad for us to drive up there and I'm home today. ;-) I've been having dreams about eating off plan stuff! It's frustrating every time! lol. I was expecting this, because it happened to me last round, so in my dream I thought, this is really happening! Why? Last night again I dreamt I was eating a parfait and thought, oh there's on plan stuff in here, then I realized a parfait is all dairy!! And then there was ice cream in it too! Haha! So funny. Another thing, I made the Mango Mint tea (altered the fruit to strawberries) and my SIL and I both woke up with yucky burps. Not sure what the deal is? Before I would only ever gets yucky burps if I had too much sugar or carbs. Any ideas? Using a digestive tab to help me get through the yuck. How's everyone doing? Enjoying being your own chef? What's your favorite food so far? Anyone also exercising? How're you feeling? I've made a ton of notes in my books of the recipes I've made and how I like them. Enjoying the experimenting in cooking.
  4. Nedster7

    Starting March 1

    Day 1 for me went well! Besides that I had to squeeze in shopping and 6 dentists appts, 2 wrestling practices, and dance lessons in there. I had intentions of getting together with my SIL to do some meal prepping. We ended up doing different things separately, which still works. Had some yummy meals today! I love eating this way! It's so tasty. We barely scraped by, but we made it. I also decided to also incorporate intermittent fasting, which is sadly such a relief, as I'm also cooking separate meals for my children. So I don't worry about what to cook me for breakfast. Just 2 meals a day. It's great to hear from you guys and how it's going. It's also nice to know where I'm headed from your experiences.
  5. Nedster7

    Starting March 5!

    Hi all! I started today and feeling great today! @Ksprljan that is such a great idea to do it annually. This is the 2nd time for me, but had planned on doing it again a lot sooner than now, with the same concept in mind. I'd like to do it every 6 months. I've decided to also do intermittent fasting along with the Whole30 this round. Honestly to just make it easier for me! Cooking the Whole30 way is just time intensive and I really lack that at this time in my life. I have 7 children, whom I homeschool, and am cooking separately for them as buying produce in Alaska can get very expensive. Being here on the forum helped me a TON during my first round. I am excited for that support again! Let's keep in touch. What did you all have on your first day? I had the "breakfast Diner" for lunch (used bacon instead of sausage), and then the pan roasted veggies with leftover pan-seared Moose roast. So yummy! I love eating this way. It tastes so good. Like my own fancy restaurant at home. Mmm.
  6. Nedster7

    Starting March 1

    Hello group! I hope I can join the party, though starting later than the 1st. I will be starting my second Whole30 journey Monday the 4th with my SIL (hubby isn't too supportive). About 2 years ago I did the Whole30 and came out with fantastic results! I felt so good, had a great relationship with food, I was on top of the world. I'm ready for that again! I haven't been eating healthy at all the past year and a half. But finally ready to get control of my eating habits, it's been long enough. @Elizabeth33, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't even attempted eating healthy! You have been trying, and here you are now. Don't be hard on yourself! It's understandable. My SIL and I both have 7 children and homeschool, so we lack time. Mondays we will prep for the week by cooking meats and getting meals in order. We will also be making separate meals for our families, as feeding them whole30 meals is out of our budget. We live in Alaska where fresh produce is extra expensive. I'm so excited you have this wonderful group here. Having this forum really strengthened me last go around. Hope you're all doing great so far!!
  7. Nedster7

    Starting Sunday, March 3rd

    Woohoo! I'm starting tomorrow, Monday the 4th. This will be my second time doing the Whole30. I absolutely loved it the first round. The mentality I had coming out of it was awesome. Such a great relationship with food. It's been 2 years since then and I haven't been eating real great, at all. I'm ready to get back on the band wagon and give my body a reset. I've been having such a bad relationship with food, ready to fix this. My SIL and I will be doing it together, as I don't have a whole lot of support from my hubby. My SIL and I both have 7 children and don't have a lot of time, so we'll be getting together Mondays and cook up a lot of the food for the week to get things prepped. We will also be cooking separate meals for our family as we can't afford to cook Whole30 for them as well. We live in Alaska where fresh produce is NOT cheap. So it'll be a bit of a challenge for us, time-wise, but nothing we can't handle! I'm so excited you're starting today. How did it go? How do you feel so far?
  8. Nedster7

    Starting March 4th

    Hi! Good luck! I'm starting March 4th as well, and with my sister in law. This is my second time. It's been 2 years since the last time I did this. I have been eating pretty terribly for the last year and a half. Ready to get myself back on track and making healthier choices. This is a great jumpstart for me to get on the healthy wagon. LOVED it before. The results were amazing for me. Loved the mentality I came out with. My SIL and I sat down today to really get everything figured out for tomorrow. We'll be cooking together on Mondays to prep for the week. We both have 7 children and don't have a lot of free time. Plus we'll be cooking different meals for our families, as we can't afford feeding everyone what we'll be eating with Whole30. We live in Alaska where fresh produce is NOT cheap. But we still eat very healthily (for the most part, obviously I'm not happy with my current eating habits). Hope more people will join our start group!