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  1. @Hockey4Life I have had an amazing week! Super proud of myself for staying committed and reintroducing foods methodically. Last week starting with day 31, I reintroduced stevia and a few other low glycemic sweeteners. Then I introduced whey protein powder, then beans, then brown rice and cheese curds and butter. Today I reintroduced oatmeal. It was great! So far I've had no negative reactions to any of it. My little girl did have a really stinky poo after the beans, though! (I breastfeed) Don't really have a plan as to what's next to reintroduce. It will be a dairy, as that's pretty much the only other things I'm willing to reintroduce. So maybe cream in a couple days. I've also shed a couple more pounds since day 31! I'm loving this amazing feeling of food freedom! On days 24 to about 27, I was so ready to be done and eat up every sugary, unhealthy pastry I could find! Wondering why the heck I was doing this Whole30 "thing" since I was so craving all those addictive things. Then BAM! Day 29 and beyond, I've got tiger blood, no desire to eat ANYTHING unhealthy and feeling on top of the world! This was so worth it. I've never felt this way about food in my life. It's literally changed my life. I've always been addicted to chocolate and everything sweet. Now I look at it without the slightest desire to eat it, knowing how yucky that will inevitably make me feel, and questioning every reason to ever eat anything like it again! I'm just amazed at myself and my change of thought. It's really truly changed me. I hope you all have just as amazing an experience as me! This is the greatest feeling in finally in control of my eating, and not letting it control me.
  2. Great @Hockey4Life! How are you feeling today on the Whole30? Are you still waiting for the tiger blood to kick in? Wanting more results in the next 20 days? Also, as for your trip you're taking in May, it would be such a shame to throw away all that work in a few days after completing the Whole50 (or whatever it calculates out to be). Will you be trying to stay away from non compliant foods for that week? How will you be reintroducing the foods during that trip? Just curious and wanting to help you think through your strategy plan. My brother and his wife completed the Whole30 2 weeks before me and totally ate crap this last week. They hugely regret their choices, because it shot them right back to where they were before the Whole30 and they feel like all that work was for nothing. :-( Don't want that for anyone! I love the way I feel right now, and the control I have in my eating. Maybe you could plan to stay away from certain foods, but go ahead and eat the dressings that are available. Something simple, yet effective. We enjoyed my "Special Occasion Cake" sweetened with stevia, and now having it for breakfast (because it's that healthy! ;-) Enjoying every bite, rather than chowing down, like I would have before my Whole30 journey. Sat down and planned out all my meals for the this week, all Whole30 still! I'm going to add in whey protein tomorrow in a smoothie, since I'd really like to incorporate those foods back into my diet. I miss smoothies for breakfast!! I guess I'm doing more of the slow reintro rather than the rapid, especially since I DON'T want to add in white sugars or white flours for a LONG time!! If ever. That stuff is so bad!! Feeling on top of the world over here in Alaska! :-D
  3. Yay @Thulily!! All those NSVs sound great! I agree with those as well. I love feeling more confident in knowing how to include more veggies and healthy foods into my diet. NO CRAVINGS is amazing. And I don't eat just to eat. It's a very conscious decision and effort. Eating good foods takes preparation and time and I've created that habit for myself. I finally hopped on the scale this afternoon. I totally didn't even think about it this morning because I've been so happy with my NSVs. So I seriously lost 13 pounds!! Ahhh! I can't believe it. That is crazy! So much closer to goal weight. Very satisfied with my first round of Whole30. @Hockey4Life, that's great. I'll keep coming here to see how it's going for you. I'm also going straight to the THM eating plan and don't plan on introducing white sugar or white flour into my diet any time soon. I decided to actually introduce stevia today, as I am making a cake with all Whole30 approved ingredients except for stevia. So far I feel fine. I will be taking a break introducing anything new tomorrow and then doing something on Thursday... not sure what yet. Congrats everyone!! WOOHOO!!!
  4. Super excited where I'm at today!! I think I'm finally feeling the tiger blood TODAY, lol. I feel and look thinner, I'm never hangry, I'm experimenting with new foods, am full after less food, never over eat, not getting sick with my kids, clearer headed, more self confidence in myself for sticking to this for 30 days!! What are your NSV? So I am currently working on my reintroduction phase! Tomorrow I am planning on introducing beans, then next will be rice, and then I want to reintroduce stevia because I prefer that as a sweetener to sugar (or any other sweetener). Next week I want to start including whey proteins so I can make my morning smoothies. I am planning on switching immediately to another eating lifestyle that I've found success in. It's called Trim Healthy Mama, or THM for short. It's a way of eating that you don't mix carbs and fats in the same meal, waiting 3 hours in between meals, and having no sugar or unhealthy foods. I really like their philosophy. I have planned to do another Whole30 In September or October, about 6 months from now. Who's with me?? @Hockey4Life, how are you feeling today? Will you be extending your whole30 to whole37? or whatever. Let's get roll call! Who's about to complete their Whole30??!!! Tomorrow I'll be weighing in and sharing how much I've lost.
  5. @Hockey4Life, I do plan on doing the reintroduction. First day is BEANS! Woohoo. I don't drink wine, so skipping that day. Beyond day 1, I haven't looked further. So I will get on that this weekend. I am SOOO done! Haha! So sorry, @queenE! That is super rough! It does sound like portion sizes and need to be looked at. I hope @SugarcubeOD can help you out! I am headed out for a weekend business event and am worried about being tempted and giving in for convenience' sake. I am planning my food as much as I can, but I have little time before I must go. I think this week has been my hardest by far. My self control is waning, I long for sweets! :-( But I haven't budged! I need to get back to reading from the book for encouragment and my WHY. Can't believe there's only FOUR days left! Have a great weekend everyone!
  6. That is awesome!! :-D I feel thin, but don't think I look it much. I made the Cherry chicken from the cookbook on page 128, however I just crock-potted it and doubled the sauce so I could put it on top. Pretty good, but a little too spicy for my kids. I'm enjoying the flavors. More for me! :-) @Laurie_ & @maggiemay, about the bloating, I totally took a pregnancy test just in case, it was negative. PHEW! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I feel like it comes and goes, and thought maybe it was too many potatoes or fruit. But I can't bring myself to take those out just because I'm feeling bloated. :-/ Welcome @BridyKate! Not sure what I'm doing for Easter yet either. I won't be buying any sweets for my kids baskets this year, except maybe 1 chocolate per kid. We don't really have any special Easter food traditions except for "resurrection rolls" which aren't present at dinner time, so no worries there. I guess we can just keep saying to ourselves, "only 2 more days, only 2 more days! I can do this!" Even though that's not necessarily true for some, because we won't be eating Easter candy on day 31... but we can tell ourselves that. ;-) 1 more week! This has seriously been the longest week ever! Maybe because I started counting it as the last week, 3 days ago, lol. BTW, if you haven't tried it yet, the clarified butter is super easy to make and I highly recommend using it! Great stuff. Also I watched Forks Over Knives on Netflix. It's about the China study and how diseases are reversed when you eliminate all animal proteins, including milk, butter and eggs. I don't think I could ever live that way. Curious what your thoughts are on that?
  7. How is everyone doing? I had a real difficult time this weekend. My day 21 and around there. I was seriously craving and wanting sweets! :-( So frustrated with not being able to have any. I am also feeling bloated just about every morning and not sure why or if this is normal. My tummy really shows the bloating as well. Not sure if I'm just having delayed reactions with the Whole30. I'm doing better now. Still been having fun with making recipes! Made the simple roasted chicken thighs, except I grilled them, and they were DELICIOUS! Had them with sauteed beets sprinkled with orange juice and zest. Yum. Along with a salad made with a homemade asian dressing. Great dinner. Will be using that recipe again. I can't believe this is the home stretch! Considering continuing to a Whole40, because of my delayed results. I will see how this week goes and how I'm feeling.
  8. @queenE, I have been feeling very tired for about 5 days and put it as a concern on the troubleshooting forum here. I was told several things, but mostly to get enough fat in my meals and make sure I'm eating enough. Just a thought. Doing great! Down to 11 days for me! Haven't felt tiger blood yet. :-( But I think after I eat better today I will be there. I haven't been eating enough, getting enough fat, so I will be working on that today. I have been loving trying out the recipes in the Whole30 book and cookbook! I made butternut squash soup (pg 266) and loved it! I also made the butternut squash chili (pg 67 in cookbook)- YUM! Last night I put some ribs (pg 256) in to marinate in the fridge for dinner tonight and will be making greek salad (pg 278) as a side. Can't wait to try it out!
  9. Yes, I am breastfeeding. Doing it right now as a matter of fact. ;-) Best time to browse on here. :-D Ya, I figured I needed more of something. Just not feeling that hungry. Also not sure I can afford eating this much! Trying to ration things out with my kids as well. :-( I will do my best to eat more and include more fat. Eat just 2 servings of fruit/day, and more protein in the morning. Also eating 4 meals rather than 3. That one will be a struggle. Thank you for your help. I'm glad I got on here and asked while I'm only halfway through. This gives me something to work on, and improve! Excited to do better.
  10. So I have been extremely tired throughout the day since day 11. I'm now on day 16. I do have a 6 month old and 6 other children who sometimes wake me up at night, but it's never made me feel this fatigued before. Is this something that will go away? I've been waiting it out for 5 days now, thinking it would go away. I would totally take naps during the day being a SAHM and everything, but I just can't fit it in most of the time! :-( My usual day: BF- 2 eggs with chopped onion and peppers or squash + avocado and a fruit or yams AM Snack, fruit Lunch- leftovers from dinner (meat with veggies) PM Snack- Nuts & raisins Dinner- last night was butternut squash soup with chicken pieces. (YUM!) I had 2 bowls.
  11. So I totally had another dream about binging on cookies! I kept thinking in my mind, "why am I sabotaging my Whole30 journey with a COOKIE?? Not worth it!!" No it isn't. Good thing I woke up. ;-)
  12. Great ideas. Thank you! I need to go shopping!
  13. Hi awesome Whole30ers! I started on March 20th (Sunday, right?) Anyway I'm on day 15 today!! I was in a couple other groups that started at the same time as me, but they both fizzled out. Glad I found this too, @lucy2021. So I love reading the timeline section of the book and totally woke up from a nap today dreaming that I'd eaten tortilla! lol! I had already eaten 2 bites and didn't notice til I was on bite 3. I totally felt guilty! So disappointed. But then I woke up and was just laughing!! I was just seriously surprised that I was following along with the timeline! Can't wait for "tigerblood"! As for symptoms, I've been really tired still and needing naps. That could also be partly because I'm just not getting a lot of sleep at night with a 6month old. She's a cutie. I am the mother of 7, and we all started off Whole30 together, but had to modify their journey because of finances. We ate 10 dozen eggs in 6 days. So they lasted a week, lol. Now my kids are eating oatmeal for breakfast and rice & beans for lunch (while I eat Whole30 separately) and then we all have Whole30 approved dinners together. @Thulily, that sounds super tough! You are doing great keeping strong. I would definitely be struggling if my hubby wasn't on board and staying away from sweets along with me. :-( That's why we're here! So glad I found this group! So Saturday I was at an all day wrestling meet with my boys (ages 12, 11, and 8) and I stayed strong! I wasn't even really tempted by all the concession stands and their smells! I didn't allow myself to stay there mentally. I reallly could have prepared a little better, but for snacks we brought a container of tomatoes, oranges, leftover hamburger, and a cucumber we quartered between us. I also bought a container of fruit they had for sell. There was absolutely nothing else I could buy! I barely made it with hunger, but I didn't give in! :-D You guys are already inspiring me as I read your messages. So glad you're here! Look forward to checking back often! Yay for halfway!
  14. Nedster7

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    Oh my gosh! Made it to day 15 and I totally dreamed about eating a tortilla!! lol! I love reading through the Whole30 timeline. It's really encouraging and helpful for me. I am right on there with dreaming about off-plan food! lol. In my dream I had taken a couple bites already and didn't notice until the 3rd bite! :-( I totally felt guilty. But when I woke up, it was hilarious!! Hahaha! Went to an all day wrestling meet with my boys and I stayed so strong! I didn't really feel very tempted with all the concession stands around. I barely made it through, wish I had prepped a little better. For snacks we brought a container of tomatoes, a cucumber, burger from the night before, and oranges. I needed more, but didn't give in. Not while I'm halfway through this journey! So excited to be going strong. As for symptoms, I have been really tired still. Still needing naps. Today I didn't eat lunch at a reasonable time and got really irritable. I can't lapse in meal time. I get way to cranky! However, it was a little deceiving because I didn't really feel hungry. My body isn't telling me I'm starving all the time, which is great!
  15. Nedster7

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    I have been keeping on top, and doing Whole30 as far as I can tell. ;-) My kids, however, are not doing the Whole30 with me anymore. :-( I just can't afford the expense. 10 dozen eggs in 6 days is WAY too much for me to be buying...