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    Congrats on getting week 1 down! I think you were totally fine counting calories for those 3 days in the way that you did it. Way to go!
    I'm on day 1 today, was hoping to find some people to go on this journey together with, but doesn't seem like there's much action right now. Hope you don't mind if I join you here! 
    This is my 4th round of Whole30, started last minute this time because of time constraints. But I'm so excited to have a healthier me in 30 days!! I usually check here everyday so we can keep each other motivated! 
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    @Nedster7 for breakfast and lunch I eat different food to the family, and I usually have the same sort of thing for both meals. For evening meal we usually have the same protein (eg tonight we are having chicken in a curry sauce) but they have rice or potato wedges and I have cauliflower rice and/or salad. I eat a LOT of salads. I like the recipes but they can be fiddly but I find the variety really helps me stay on track so I try to do a bit of both. 
    I simplify my meals a lot: tinned fish, chicken thighs etc plus salad. I cook two roasts on a Sunday and that does me 3 or 4 meals extra, and I cook extra carrots and potato which I keep in the fridge. I think you have to prep well in advance, and especially with families (I have 3 children and husband and my hands are full so I do not know how you manage with 7!!) 
    every Sunday I do a big ‘cook up’, chop loads of carrot sticks, boil some eggs, make my mayo, and sometimes in the week I do it again if I run out. I also do a super shopping list and check the dates on everything and use my freezer so I actually have enough to last the full week. I’m in the Uk so we have zero w30 approved products and I’ve stopped looking now, I just make my own. I will say though, I never thought I’d have the energy to do this at first but once the tiger blood kicks in suddenly you just have time and motivation and it doesn’t feel like such a burden! 
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    Welcome both! These forums are pretty quiet, it can be a bit of a ghost town.,
    I did my first W30 in July and then never really stopped, I reintroduced wine and then.... nothing. So I am still sugar, dairy , grain, soy etc free and going strong! 
    easter was tricky but I am so proud of myself to not succumbing to chocolate, especially as I could have legitimately ‘reintroduced’ some! 
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    Nedster7 reacted to SKUtah in First week down, 3 to go   
    I'm on day 7. The Whole30 Day by Day journal has been pretty spot on with the timeline. I've had a few ups and downs but I just keep repeating the best line in the book, "One meal at a time." It's not that bad when I think of it that way.
    Confession: I know tracking calories is a no-no but I've been tracking calories but not why most people would think. I know that a person needs a minimum number of calories and I could tell the first 2 days that I was no where near the minimum. I tracked, yes, but to make sure I could gauge what was enough. I stopped after 3 days and have a better handle on when to add a little more fat to keep me full. I completely understand why we shouldn't track, though, and feel better not doing it. 
    I'll check in next week!