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  1. futurowoman

    Konjac as salad dressing ingredient

    Thank you!!!
  2. Hi! Is Konjac allowed as an ingredient in a pre-made salad dressing (in this case, Primal Kitchen's Italian). I know the fake noodles are not allowed, but this is the first time I've encounter Konjac as an ingredient in this matter. (And yes, I know I can make my own dressings, and I do.) Thank you in advance!
  3. futurowoman

    May 1 Start - Support

    I'm also starting May 1st - I'm really getting excited. I made this decision in late March and have read the books over the past few weeks, collected a lot of items for my pantry, and now I'm meal planning. I'm going to join Real Plans for some help, but I'm also using the books and some other sites (Nom Nom Paleo, for example) for recipes. I'm really hoping this will kick start me into a new phase with food and fitness in my life. Good Luck, everyone!
  4. futurowoman

    Starting my 1st time on May 1st!

    I'm bumping my own post (I hope that's allowed) because it's getting closer to my start date I'm really ready to start and am having fun planning.
  5. Hi! My name is Nancy, and I am preparing to start my first Whole30 on May 1st. I have been reading the books, planning meals, cleaning out the pantry, and getting my support system in order. I've even set up an instagram to track my journey and asked friends to follow me there (accountability!) (Ps. it's @futurowhole30 if you're interested.) I'm really excited! I decided to do Whole30 in late March, but chose my May 1st start date because of a lot of socializing and work trips during April. I knew that I needed the time to read and get mentally prepared to make myself successful. I've spoken with a lot of "real life" friends who have done the program, and everyone has had positive feedback for me. Of course, I have some things I'd like to get from this program, but my main focus right now is just not getting caught up in expectations, and just getting ready to rock it! : ) Nice to meet you!