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  1. Miranda E

    Whole30 Olive Garden Dressing

    This is my favourite salad dressing! It's better than the Olive Garden one I have in my fridge. Don't add the water until you have tried it without it. Ive found I like it better without the water. Has a nice tang. http://www.antihousewife.com/2012/01/the-og-ish-italian-salad-dressing/
  2. Miranda E


    I am totally eating all the things before starting tomorrow. But I plan on doing a Whole90 this go around. I did really well on the 30 last time, but relapsed a month later. And I know I need more days to help overcome some of the mental issues that lead to eating all the things. I did my first Whole30 in April and it went really well. I do still follow some of the guidelines. I've had whole30 breakfast and lunches for almost every day since then and we still enjoy a lot of the yummy recipes I use to make.
  3. Miranda E

    May 1 Start - Support

    I don't see a problem with splitting up the dairy. It just means your re intro will be a few days longer that's all. I know in my own case before this I couldn't have milk, so I won't be re introing it at all, but will try cheese and cream. I'd do them on different days because each are different and I'd want to know exactly which on is bothering me.
  4. Miranda E

    May 1 Start - Support

    Do you eat eggs everyday? I found at the beginning I wasn't having a problem with the egg, but I had just started enjoying them. But by week 2, if I had eggs for breakfast I was in the bathroom for a good portion of the day, especially if they weren't good all the way. (like very hard yolk)
  5. Hi Everyone. I have found that if I eat breads...I want to eat all the things. So...will definitely be cutting those back. Having some serious cravings for everything too...it's hard. But I think its more of a craving to be a rebel and break from compliancy because you know...technically I am not doing the program, so I need to eat all the things. I usually have a piece of cheese or a gulp of almond milk (I find he curbs some cravings).
  6. Miranda E

    May 1 Start - Support

    @gobebeth On the whole30recipe instagram account they have a recipe for salt & vinegar potatoes. They are SO good with steak and caesar salad. Cut up your potatoes. Add about 1c vinegar to the water with 1tbsp of salt. Bring to boil. Boil 10 minutes. Drain and let cool. Toss with salt, pepper & oil. Bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes (depends how crispy you like your potatoes). Toss with 2 tbsp of vinegar when they are done.
  7. @harpchick I had some rye. I didn't try it with anything else. Just some gingerale, which made it way too sweet. Juice is sweet too, so I might have to mix it with club soda and lime. We shall see. I didn't drink a whole lot before this, so it's not that big of a change for me. I didn't cave and eat chips and dip yesterday. Haven't quite figured out why I wanted them..but that was my dinner =\ They sure were good and I only felt a tiny twinge of guilt instead of the full blown guilt I would have felt before this. So, I am gonna take that as one step closer to food freedom. And I actually only ate a small bowl worth so that's a win, didn't finish the bag like I would have in the past. But will be cleaning up the diet the next few days because the overall feeling after the weekend wasn't great.
  8. Good morning all. Interesting weekend...The cupcake are delicious. I actually had a couple over the weekend and it was no problem. But I had a drink at my boyfriends birthday, took 2 small sips and I couldn't drink it, it was WAY too sweet. Had some cheese and breads. So good. But yesterday, it felt like I was hungover. It was not an great day. SO i'll be eating whole 30 80-90% of the time, and just have the occasional treat on weekends or special events. @Mevans I re-intro'd cheese and I didn't have any problems. I won't be re-introing milk though because even before it gave me problems. Start with good quality cheese.
  9. I made some vanilla cupcakes last night. Man they taste SO different now. And I was really surprised by the fact that I wasn't interested in eating cake batter at all. I am feeling a little off put. It's a good thing, but such a weird feeling. Tonight I am frosting them and tomorrow I'll see if I can even muster up the want to eat one. It's such a strange feeling, I only had about a tablespoon, but I could not fall asleep last night until 12:30 I think reintro will be more of a "do i want this" than "I should incorporate this back"
  10. I'm having those thoughts too! I haven't gone off whole 30 yet either. Mostly because I am afraid and I don't want anything.
  11. Miranda E

    March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Good morning all! Happy day 31. I lost 12 lbs. I am a little sad about that. But there are so many other non scale victories. No cravings!!! That's the best one. I am nervous about the reintroduction as well. I want to finish reading it starts with food before jumping in. I will be kinda just jumping in on the weekend since it's my boyfriends birthday and I'm throwing him a surprise party and making his favourite, Tiramisu. But I am going to go for the 80/20 method if I can. I know grains and sugar are not my friend, so I will limit those as much as possible.
  12. Miranda E

    March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Morning! Can't believe it's almost over. @Strictlyspeaking I find with eggs, I have to have them hard cooked. If they are even a little under done my gut hates me for the rest of the day. But I don't have any problems with the mayo. It's strange. The last few days I have been feeling frustrated and angry and I have no idea why. It's like 'kill all the things' has come back. It's horrible. I think it has a lot to do with no longer eating my feelings. Now I have to deal with them, and I haven't figured out how to yet, which is frustrating Definitely think reincorporating excretes will help. I haven't yet because if I do everything at once I fell overwhelmed and will quit. Baby steps. Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  13. Miranda E

    March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Good morning all! Kinda glad that weekend is over. By far the hardest day. Didn't help I was charged with dessert (which is my normal duty on holidays) It was so hard not to like the spatula on Saturday while making angel food. And the bits left in the pan are my favourite...so it was out of the pan and right into the sink of soapy water before I could lick the pan! It also sucked cause I just made marmalade for the first time, and served it with the cake and didn't get to taste it. But everyone said it was good. And dessert was the only non complaint part of dinner, so that helped. This not eating when you are emotional is hard. I was super annoyed last night at just about everything, BUT i wasn't craving food. So that's a big improvement. It just meant I was frustrated for a good long while. Can't believe there is only 8 days left!! Im actually kinda of afraid for the days afterwards. That I will revert back to my old ways. Might just go ahead and start another round or two, but after my boyfriends birthday.
  14. Miranda E

    March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    http://www.runningtothekitchen.com/dijon-almond-crusted-tilapia/ <---almond crusted recipe. I used chicken instead.
  15. Miranda E

    March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hello people! So I made a big blunder of dinner tonight! At least boyfriend will like it. Was making dijon almond crusted chicken and spraying it with oil and did not look at the can first. It's full of SOY Luckily I only sprayed half. So sad. But you should definitely mix ground almonds with smoked paprika...so yummy! Over the weekend we played with lots of fun recipes. Made pesto (walnuts, lemon nutritional yeast basil olive oil) (Sorry the comma died on the keyboard =\) Made Cesar dressing from successful batch of mayo (recipe is at the bottom of the page for the how to whole30 mayo recipe). It is SO good! Made taco salad. Used my faux cheese sauce as a dressing.....yum! (see a few posts back for recipe) Learned not to make ketchup with apple cider vinegar. Use white vinegar. I've noticed this week I have been hungrier earlier. And my lunches are actually bigger in size because they have been saladish. But I havent had my normal half avocado with lunch and I think that is what it is. I am having nuts for my fat cause the avocado just doesnt mash well with what i was having. Will have to switch back.