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  1. berry straw

    Thyroid disease

    What was the timeframe between blood tests? If my TSH jumped like that in 30 days I’d be freaking out. Have you had increasing hypo symptoms? Is it possible the lab messed up? Did they run any other thyroid numbers other than TSH?
  2. berry straw

    Hypothyroid thyroid cancer and more

    I had fatigue issues (I have Hashimotos) until I found an integrative doctor who would let me use some T3. Whole30 helps, but ultimately your meds need to be right. Many people have the most luck with natural dessicated thyroid like Armour or Naturethroid.
  3. berry straw

    Whole30-Approved, Freeze-Dried Meal

    Was this it? I spent a fair bit of time researching gluten, dairy, soy free backpacking foods for my Boy Scout son last month. He ended up with a couple of Mountain house things but one had rice. These look like good options for future trips.
  4. berry straw

    Daycare Lunches

    I realized that my two dip suggestions would be out because of eggs/nuts. You should look into AIP recipes because those are all egg and nut free.
  5. berry straw

    Daycare Lunches

    Invest in a thermos. Then you can put any sorts of food in there - soups, chili, etc. You can pack veggies with dip or almond butter.
  6. berry straw

    developing eczema since starting

    I make turkey sausage patties and drink a mug of bone broth with collagen as my breakfast protein sources because I have an egg intolerance (found after starting Whole30).
  7. berry straw

    Too much starchy veg?

    I wouldn't worry too much. I have eaten Whole30 template style for over a year now and eat a portion of starchy veg at almost every meal. I have thyroid issues and get moody and anxious VERY easily. I decided early on that the way the extra starch made me feel (good) was worth the extra 5 pounds I might hang on to because of it My primary ones are sweet potatoes, carrots and plantains. I rotate in others as I get them: beets, parsnips, rutabaga, winter squash, etc. I always have non-starchy veg on my plate too. I try to limit my fruits (personal issue with sugar).
  8. berry straw

    Alternative to dates as sweetener???

    Raisins can work similarly to dates.
  9. berry straw

    Afternoon foggy head

    I’m guessing that if nothing else has changed, it was probably the banana. It probably gave you a blood sugar high and low that your body is no longer used to. They are pretty sugary. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have eaten it in the situation you were in, but now you know. Whole30 is great for figuring this stuff out. Hope you feel better today.
  10. berry straw

    HELP! Pre-made/packaged food at Costco, TJ's, Sprouts

    I buy the frozen Normandy Vegetables at Costco (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) and toss them (frozen) on a baking tray, drizzle with avocado oil and sprinkle with salt. Roast at 450 until they are getting some dark brown bits. I eat them almost everyday at lunchtime. You can do the same thing with their frozen stirfry blend (I don't because I can't eat nightshades).
  11. berry straw

    …”some” fruit

    Fancy (backpacking?) way of saying trail mix.
  12. berry straw

    3rd whole30, Hypothyroid & Hot flashes

    Yes, I had some crazy night sweats at the beginning of mine. I think it was my hormones settling, because it didn't persist. Just stay hydrated. If you start to have a racing heart or palpatations see your doc because it could indicate a swing to hyperthyroid (common with Hashis), but it's probably just hormones.
  13. berry straw

    Metamucil Dr Orders

    You could try Natural Calm (unflavored) magnesium supplement. It might be just as effective.
  14. Without eggs and nuts, your Whole30 will look like an autoimmune protocol (AIP). You’ll have good luck finding recipes if you search for AIP. You can always add nightshades in to your foods (they are also excluded on AIP). I’ve been following the AIP for almost a year now - it’s a challenge at first, but you’ll figure it out. Good luck!
  15. berry straw

    Here goes!

    Hi, regarding the alkaline/acidic question, I can share my experience. I went for a physical last year after doing a Whole30 and continuing to eat that way for 2 months. My urine test result was flagged, as my urine was above normal alkalinity (I think around 8.0 ph?). I asked my integrative doctor if I should be concerned and she said no, of course it was more alkaline - I had cleaned my diet up! So, I think you are on to something!