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  1. Without eggs and nuts, your Whole30 will look like an autoimmune protocol (AIP). You’ll have good luck finding recipes if you search for AIP. You can always add nightshades in to your foods (they are also excluded on AIP). I’ve been following the AIP for almost a year now - it’s a challenge at first, but you’ll figure it out. Good luck!
  2. Here goes!

    Hi, regarding the alkaline/acidic question, I can share my experience. I went for a physical last year after doing a Whole30 and continuing to eat that way for 2 months. My urine test result was flagged, as my urine was above normal alkalinity (I think around 8.0 ph?). I asked my integrative doctor if I should be concerned and she said no, of course it was more alkaline - I had cleaned my diet up! So, I think you are on to something!
  3. Popcorn

    Out of curiosity, I just measured out 10g of kosher salt. It was about 3 2/3 tsp (a little over a Tablespoon). A lot, yes, but I can almost assure you that I eat that much a day by heavily salting my Whole30 food (I have low-ish blood pressure). I liberally salt my food as I cook it, and then I salt it again when I eat it. I don't eat 1 Tablespoon in one sitting, but spread over 3 large meals, I don't think you'll have a problem. Avocados, eggs, potatoes, wilted greens, meat, roasted veggies all benefit from generous sprinkles of salt. You could measure out your 10g each morning, and then make sure you add it to your food throughout the day. I think you'd find that you don't need as many salt pills as you expect. - Oops, just reread and realize you need the 10g in sodium only. Salt is about 2/5 sodium, so that is significantly more salt required. However, have you ever looked at the sodium content of Whole30 compliant foods? There is probably lots of sodium in canned fish, some vegetables, seaweed, etc. to supplement.
  4. Dizzy/Lightheaded

    It could be your blood pressure. I have low(er) blood pressure and when I started the Whole30 I had days where I had a ton of dizziness. Here in the States you can check your blood pressure at a pharmacy - do you have anything like that available? FWIW, my doctor said drink tons of water and salt very liberally. Honestly, the salt I use on my food seems obnoxious at times, but I don’t get the dizzy spells much anymore. Also, did you stop coffee for your Whole30? That causes (temporary) blood pressure issues too!
  5. I have Hashimotos and follow the autoimmune protocol. You may find that helpful (though more restrictive). Also, how are your thyroid lab numbers? If your meds aren’t being managed perfectly, it could explain the lack of weight loss. I couldn’t lose any weight until I got my meds adjusted. You can read a lot about optimal numbers and what to have tested at Stop the Thyroid Madness.
  6. Can I have more food? Should I have less food?

    I eat the same breakfast almost every weekday: A homemade turkey sausage patty (I can't eat eggs), spinach, kale or chard (about 1 cup cooked - which is a TON raw), about a cup of sweet potato (either left over fries, or plain baked), 1/2 large avocado and a cup of homemade bone broth with collagen peptides. Before I added the bone broth (doctor's orders), I ate 2 of the sausage patties. I can't eat potatoes, but my 13 year old loves those with his breakfast (usually just leftovers). I also like roasted butternut squash, leftover green beans, and roasted normandy vegetables from Costco (broccoli, cauliflower and carrot blend). I've been eating this way almost a year, and I am amazed at how much food I can eat and maintain my weight loss!
  7. Day 31!

    Are you adding fat to lunch and dinner? If not, try that - add fat to your plate, regardless of the fat your food was cooked in. I think it helps with regularity. You could also try Natural Calm (a magnesium supplement) before bed. Just go slow with dosage because it can have the opposite effect.
  8. School Lunch Ideas/Recipes

    My 12 year old did a Whole30 recently. He only packs a lunch one day per week because we homeschool, but I often sent a cold chicken leg with sides. Invest in a thermos and you can send favorite warm leftovers that way. Today that son took a thermos with leftover roasted carrots topped with a leftover pork chop and a large dish of applesauce. As far as him packing it himself, you may have to pre-portion things. You could get baggies of raw veggies ready and then add one of those guacamole packets from Costco (pricey, but worth it) or a tiny dish of approved ranch or nut butter. Fresh fruit is easy to grab and go. Compliant hot dogs and lunchmeat can be eaten cold. Good luck!
  9. Rotisserie Chicken

    Yes, they do carry a "naked" chicken which is just a rotisserie chicken, no salt, pepper, anything! It's good, and saved my butt on a 3 week trip this summer (I follow the AIP). They also carry other ones that are seasoned, so check labels.
  10. Day 3- Not Hungry but Dizzy

    Did you give up coffee? I have very low blood pressure, and when I gave up coffee it was horrible. I also experienced this when I started my first Whole 30. I think it was a combo of low blood pressure and not enough to eat. Really try and eat more. My doctor advised tons of water and liberal salt for my blood pressure and everything has regulated well now.
  11. bbt

    Have you had your thyroid checked? Low bbt (yours is too low) can be a sign of hypothyroid. I know because mine is low too. It has gotten slightly better with this style of eating and better thyroid meds and supplements the past 6 months. I have also read that (lots of) coconut oil helps.
  12. I am also intolerant to eggs and I have been on the autoimmune protocol for over 6 months now. My standard breakfast is a homemade turkey sausage patty, sautéed greens, small sweet potato and 1/2 avocado. I make things in bulk and just eat off them all week because I also have to make breakfast for my hubby and kids. You could search for AIP breakfasts to get egg-free ideas. Really, just start thinking Meal 1 and eat anything you would eat for 2 or 3.
  13. I take Rainbow Light prenatals. I get them from Amazon:
  14. I've been on the autoimmune protocol for 6 months now (started with Whole 30). I don't see myself ever getting off of meds. My antibodies are currently rock bottom and I feel a lot better, but the damage from years of undiagnosed Hashis is done. I hope that this lifestyle change helps prevent future damage. I also hate taking meds!!!
  15. Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Oh, and I could barely get out of bed with "normal" numbers, AND had to take a nap everyday. Hypothyroidism is a disaster for weight and energy.