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  1. berry straw

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Sounds hormonal. I got night sweats on my first Whole30 and I’m not menopausal. Take it as a sign that this is really making a change in your body!
  2. berry straw

    Day 27: To Reintro or go AIP?

    I’ve lived AIP for over a year. I was determined to feel better from my autoimmune thyroid issues. Come to find out (through trial and error), I was probably getting some version of arthritis too, because after pulling dairy, nuts and nighshades out, all of those mysterious aches and pains I had chalked up to aging, went away. They come back with a vengeance if I get sloppy with my diet (hence my new round after the holidays). Is the excema an autoimmune issue? If so, I def. recommend AIP. At a minimum, pull the big culprits: nuts, eggs & nightshades. Your constipation issues may be caused by nuts - they mess with my digestion something fierce!
  3. berry straw

    Who's starting 1/1?

    I’ll join! I’m Alison. I did my first Whole30 in March 2017 after being diagnosed with Hashimotos. I then moved on to a full-blown AIP diet which I have mostly followed since. I’ve let some foods that aren’t great for me slip back in in the last 6 months and am eager for a reset. I don’t need to plan much, because I generally eat this way, I just need to make a concerted effort to not grab nuts, sweets and “gluten-free” baked goods as easy go-tos. I’m married and homeschool my 3 kids. No one follows the Whole 30, though I coerced my husband and oldest son to do one a little over a year ago. My oldest son stays gluten, dairy and soy free at home, and my daughter is also gluten free. I often eat differently than my family though... I just make up big batches of food for me and then mix and match at each meal. My goals will be to follow the program, and up my walking mileage. I expect to lose a few pounds, not feel gross because of dietary indiscretions, and be ready for a clean slate to reintroduce some foods I need a clear answer on (namely eggs and rice). My Whole30 will be nightshade, egg (except a little homemade mayo), and nut free. I eat meat & fish, a little fruit, nightshade free veggies (limiting cruciferous to 2 svg per day), and my primary fats are avocado and olives. I do best when I have at least 2 svg of starchy carbs per day (usually breakfast and lunch) because of my thyroid. I’ve told my doctor, a few friends and my family that I will be doing this reset. I’m looking forward to the accountability and support of this group!
  4. berry straw

    Day 23 Increased General Soreness, All Over

    Nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes (not sweet potatoes), peppers, eggplant, etc.) can cause pain and inflammation like that. It's tough to pull those veggies out and also be low FODMAP, but possible. I experience that kind of inflammation from nightshades (particularly potatoes) and dairy.
  5. berry straw

    Thyroid disease

    What was the timeframe between blood tests? If my TSH jumped like that in 30 days I’d be freaking out. Have you had increasing hypo symptoms? Is it possible the lab messed up? Did they run any other thyroid numbers other than TSH?
  6. berry straw

    Hypothyroid thyroid cancer and more

    I had fatigue issues (I have Hashimotos) until I found an integrative doctor who would let me use some T3. Whole30 helps, but ultimately your meds need to be right. Many people have the most luck with natural dessicated thyroid like Armour or Naturethroid.
  7. berry straw

    Daycare Lunches

    I realized that my two dip suggestions would be out because of eggs/nuts. You should look into AIP recipes because those are all egg and nut free.
  8. berry straw

    Daycare Lunches

    Invest in a thermos. Then you can put any sorts of food in there - soups, chili, etc. You can pack veggies with dip or almond butter.
  9. I have Hashimotos and follow the autoimmune protocol. You may find that helpful (though more restrictive). Also, how are your thyroid lab numbers? If your meds aren’t being managed perfectly, it could explain the lack of weight loss. I couldn’t lose any weight until I got my meds adjusted. You can read a lot about optimal numbers and what to have tested at Stop the Thyroid Madness.