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  1. bbt

    Have you had your thyroid checked? Low bbt (yours is too low) can be a sign of hypothyroid. I know because mine is low too. It has gotten slightly better with this style of eating and better thyroid meds and supplements the past 6 months. I have also read that (lots of) coconut oil helps.
  2. I am also intolerant to eggs and I have been on the autoimmune protocol for over 6 months now. My standard breakfast is a homemade turkey sausage patty, sautéed greens, small sweet potato and 1/2 avocado. I make things in bulk and just eat off them all week because I also have to make breakfast for my hubby and kids. You could search for AIP breakfasts to get egg-free ideas. Really, just start thinking Meal 1 and eat anything you would eat for 2 or 3.
  3. I take Rainbow Light prenatals. I get them from Amazon:
  4. I've been on the autoimmune protocol for 6 months now (started with Whole 30). I don't see myself ever getting off of meds. My antibodies are currently rock bottom and I feel a lot better, but the damage from years of undiagnosed Hashis is done. I hope that this lifestyle change helps prevent future damage. I also hate taking meds!!!
  5. Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Oh, and I could barely get out of bed with "normal" numbers, AND had to take a nap everyday. Hypothyroidism is a disaster for weight and energy.
  6. Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!

    Did your doctor check your thyroid? If so, what tests? I could not lose ANY weight earlier this year. My thyroid numbers were "normal", but I felt like garbage and could not budge the pudge. I went to an endocrinologist, got diagnosed with Hashimotos, had her adjust my meds until my TSH was at the LOW end of the range (where she said most women feel best). I now follow the autoimmune protocol. Once my meds were correct and I was eating Whole30 style, the weight melted off (and I eat a TON!)
  7. I vote for the magnesium causing the stomach distress. It would with me. I would back off your dosage a bit and see if that helps.
  8. Off more foods than anyone I know and still...

    You are eating bok choy, kale or cauliflower at each meal. Those are all cruciferous, and could cause the baby gas. I know they would give me tons of gas and bloating. No, not anaphylaxis, thank goodness! Egg yolk (ate mayo with egg yolk only for one day, so less than 1 egg yolk total) caused horrific bloating and clear-the-room gas. It was followed by constipation for days. The following day I was angry at the world and generally depressed (caused by the food). My knee also started aching for no reason. It also seemed to cause a general autoimmune flare that has lasted for 2 weeks. I'm also scared to try anything else! With you, I'd try getting some fodmap veggies back in so you can have more variety to not have to lean so heavily on cruciferous. Maybe try only polyols or only fructans first.
  9. Off more foods than anyone I know and still...

    I think having a complete blood panel done wouldn't hurt. Checking things like iron levels, thyroid, etc. A functional practitioner should be able to advise about things like candida, SIBO, etc. When was the last time you had the bloodwork for a physical? As far as why it's bad now, based on my own experience, I think that either 1) we weren't paying attention to the symptoms, or 2) our body was coping with the constant inflammation and irritation in other ways. I have recently tried to add back egg yolks (I have backyard chickens, so I ate a LOT of eggs before) and some seed based spices - to devastating results. I ate those things all the time before. There is also the possibility that you cut something out that was helping keep the specific symptoms of burping and constipation at bay. Have you considered doing a very slow reintroduction to see what happens? I know it's not ideal to start reintros before you feel optimal, but with my situation, I'm not sure I'll ever feel "optimal" again (autoimmune disease), so I just need to move forward. That said, my body made it VERY clear that the things I tried to reintroduce, my body was not yet prepared to handle. Are you nursing? If so, pay attention to your baby's reactions when you reintroduce also.
  10. Off more foods than anyone I know and still...

    Hi Rochelle, My meals are very boring too. It tends to bother me more around my period than any other time (hormones, I guess), and when I was nursing a small baby (I still nurse my toddler) it would have been very difficult emotionally. I eat very few raw veggies too, and have to be really careful with fruit. It's tough. I just saw on another thread Mel Joulwan's eggless mayo recipe. That's a way to change things up if you can have flax. I'm definitely going to try it. Can you eat olives? It's hard to find affordable green ones without pits (such a pain!) or nightshades, but I eat black olives and kalamatas regularly for fat. A can of black olives would be a good nursing snack. Regarding magnesium, I think between all of my supplements I'm probably getting about 400mg per day. You should try increasing yours slightly every day until you are not constipated any more. You may be very deficient. Try sources other than pills - either the natural calm or an oil or lotion that you rub on your skin. Your body may not be absorbing all of it from a pill. Definitely try the digestive enzymes too. Those are VERY helpful, and might help your burping. I order most supplements from Amazon so you can get them quickly.
  11. Off more foods than anyone I know and still...

    I am on a very strict AIP program too, so I feel your pain. Are you taking a magnesium supplement? I take magnesium citrate faithfully every night (unflavored natural calm) and it has done wonders for my sleep and constipation. Don't take too much though, or you'll have the opposite problem. Also, I take 2 NOW Foods digestive enzymes with every meal. But I think the magnesium is the trick. Most of us are woefully deficient in magnesium. Good luck.
  12. Supplement Ingredient Questions

    I use the NOW foods D3, and the Rainbow Light Prenatal, and NOW foods probiotic. Check labels, but they should be safe. I order most supplements from Amazon.
  13. Miss my wine

    I worried about dropping wine and sugar the most. That first weekend of hard yard work without a glass of wine to unwind after was tough. I drank a lot of seltzer that day. Since then it's been easy. I don't even miss it on yardwork days now. Just push through, your body will appreciate it!
  14. Constipated AF! Yep, I'm going there.

    It could be FODMAPS, but I actually found around Day 12 that I cannot have hardboiled eggs at all. They cause horrific bloating and gas for me. I've eaten them for years, but the Whole 30 helped me figure it out quickly. I also struggle with eating the cruciferous veggies for the same reason, particularly brussel sprouts and cabbage. I ration broccoli and cauliflower.