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  1. Hi, I'm on reintro Day 3. Have reintroduced beans and soy 2 days ago, planning to reintro gluten free grains tomorrow. I haven't reintroduced sugars or sweeteners of any kind. If I am going to be out at a coffee shop, is it OK to have a coffee with almond milk at a coffee shop if the almond milk is sweetened ? Or should I continue to avoid altogether? Will appreciate any feedback !
  2. Chocolate - when to reintroduce?

    Hi @ShannonM816 I've been reading this post as I am also in the reintroduction phase. So far I've reintroduced beans and soy, and plan to reintroduce non gluten grains tomorrow: I plan to have GF oats and quinoa for breakfast and maybe rice at another meal. Prior to the W30 I would have typically put a drizzle of honey or 1 tbsp of maple syrup on my oatmeal. If I read the Whole30 book correctly you need to reintroduce categories of foods one at a time, and mixing GF oats with a sugar source may not be a good idea...if I have a reaction, how will I know if it is from the sugar or from the oats? so my tendency is to have the oats plain (with nuts and fruit probably). I've seen Melissa's video where she advises we can relax a bit the no sugar rule for things that may have a bit of sugar in them, like salad dressings. But I haven't seen much in terms of adding a sweetener to foods as you might have done prior to the W30. I know I may be splitting hairs here...any way, any further guidance will be welcome !
  3. Day 31 - weight loss ?

    @ladyshannythanks for the feedback. I know how the Whole 30 feels about scales...I didn't rush to weigh myself as I prioritized the Non-Scale Benefits Melissa talks about in the book...but I did want to know what if any - impact it had on my weight. I'm not planning to throw my Reintroduction out of the window or give us on the Whole 30 just because of that scale reading. By the way, I never intended to ask about hacking the Whole30 for weight loss. I don't know how many Whole 30s you have done but as a moderator you obviously have a lot of experience. This is my first experience with this plan, so yeah, I'm going to have some questions....
  4. Day 31 - weight loss ?

    So here's the thing. I did the Whole30 without cheating. I lost about 4 lbs (3.8 to be exact). One of my goals was indeed weight loss but it wasn't the only goal As prescribed by Melissa I went over the entire list of Non Scale Benefits in the Whole30 book and ticked almost every single one. So definitely. the program was beneficial for me. I feel good, I sleep well at night, my clothes fit better, my skin is clear, no more GI tract issues (though they may come back with reintroduction). My energy levels are great. Many other benefits to be counted. So why am I feeling so underwhelmed...to be honest I had hoped to lose at least 6 or 8 lbs with this program over the course of 30 days. Will the bit of weight that I lost come back with reintroduction ? ...How can I continue to lose by doing the Whole 30. ? All comments and suggestions welcome !
  5. Can't decide on Reintroduction method

    Thank you @ladyshanny and @crossiter ! this is quite helpful. I'm currently reading Food Freedom Forever...I think I'll try to do as much reintro as possible before I leave (May 11) as today is my Day 30.
  6. Hi everyone ! I'm on Day 29 of my first round of Whole 30 so the end is in sight (yay for me !) and I feel really good (must be that tiger blood working...) So this is my issue...I'm considering which method of reintroduction to choose and not really sure...I thought I would do the Fast method, and this will take me to the time when I leave on a 5 day vacation trip where I will be with other people and likely to be tempted to eat several non-compliant foods... On the other hand, there are some things I could still live without for the time being so would it be better to do the Slow method, whereby I re-introduce only those things I am really tempted to have on my trip. Factor in we will be eating out a lot more on our trip, and I'll have less control over what foods are available. I'm a bit fuzzy on the Slow concept ... Or, should I just continue eating Whole 30 BEYOND tomorrow and then taking a break for 5 days and going back to the program once I am back home. Any suggestions and comments are welcome !
  7. I agree with you, at the same time I am still a bit nervous as I have seen several people on the W30 Instagram feed, report their cholesterol numbers went up while on the Whole 30. I'm supposed to have another blood test at the end of May and we will see...
  8. Thanks for your comments ! and good luck on restoring good numbers in the next few months. I'm in the same fight ! My doc also suggested cutting back on animal fats. Problem is, how do you do this on a program which requires you eat a lot of meat ...I'm just taking a leap of faith that the Whole30 can work for me instead of the very low fat diet my doc wants me to follow....
  9. Day 17 and NO Results!!

    Hi everyone ! Here I am on Day 18. I can honestly say I feel a lot better since starting the Whole30...no more acid reflux, intestinal distress, I sleep better at night, am more even-tempered (so says my husband LOL); energy levels are pretty good (enough sleep is key, as I have found..) have been enjoying the heck out of cooking compliant meals using the W30 book and the recipes on the Instagram feeds ! last night made salmon cakes, they were great ! the other day I made walnut crusted pork tenderloin, loved it ! I don't know if I have lost weight (have avoided the scale, as prescribed) but I am pretty sure I lost a few pounds as my clothes fit better...So far so good. I've gotten into some kind of rythm that I never thought I could... so, what's the issue ? Well today, I am daydreaming...about chocolate...strawberry shortcake (it's spring!); pizza;... I knew this phase was coming as Melissa describes it in the book. I guess I just need to suck it up and keep going but will appreciate any and all suggestions from all you veteran Whole30ers out there ! Maybe I am getting bored with the restricted choices...I am determined to make it to Day 30 and beyond but I guess right now I need a little pep talk Thanks!
  10. Does anyone else feel nervous about fat?

    Hi all, I've struggled with this as well, especially in the first 2 weeks of the program (I am on Day 18). The recommendations of mainstream medicine (my GP wants me to do a low fat diet because of my cholesterol levels) and a lifetime of trying to avoid fats and cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs, because you've been told it is bad for you, are very powerful. At the beginning of my W30 I didn't eat nearly enough fat, and got hungry as a consequence. I'm doing much better now, but still will keep reading the suggestions from the W30 veterans on this forum.
  11. About the creamers and headaches on day Two

    Hello...I have Califia almond creamer and nowhere does it mention pure cane sugar (looking at label as I write). These are the ingredients: almond milk (water, almonds), coconut cream, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium citrate, locust bean gum, gellan gum.
  12. Frozen green plantain tostones?

    I made sauteed plantain slices (from fresh, very ripe plantains) as an addition to a dinner this week, they are so easy to make with a bit of coconut oil and a cast iron pan, you can get them as crispy as you like and they are so delicious ! probably better than store-bought plantain chips. Just a thought !
  13. Day 9: Snacks, or lack thereof

    Thank you. I've seen those guidelines but wasn't quite sure what a heaping handful was...looks like at least half a cup, which is a lot of olives ! But I get the idea :), will increase the fat intake. Thanks.
  14. Day 9: Snacks, or lack thereof

    Thanks, I've been adding avocado like a quarter of a normal size one, or a few olives...I don't know if this is enough, maybe I can up the quantity a little.
  15. Day 9: Snacks, or lack thereof

    Hi, yes I am female but beyond the age where cycle will have an impact. I believe I am having adequate breakfasts but you tell me !: - Monday: leftover chicken sausage and vegetables (potatoes, kale, red peppers) - Tuesday: leftover ground beef with sweet potatoes, kale, peppers, served on lettuce leaves with cilantro dressing Thanks for the suggestions ! will keep those in mind if I have to snack again.