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  1. How did the soy reintroduction go? I've read that soybeans have become receptacles for pesticides and so are more loaded with them than other legumes, unless they're organic of course. So if they bother you, maybe that's why? I couldn't find the original article that I read about it but here's a link on the subject:
  2. Newbie - May 11 Start Date

    I'm vegetarian as well and used seafood and eggs as my protein...I never in my life thought I'd get tired of eating seafood every day (one reason I love living in Maine!) but it really did get old. Then I realized how fortunate I am to be able to get it practically right off the docks and adjusted my attitude. After all, it's not forever! I love filling up in the morning with scrambled eggs and a pile of veggies, and often had a salad with hard boiled eggs for lunch or dinner, so then the seafood was more of a treat. The first ten days were hard, between feeling really hungry between meals and most of all feeling exhausted. But once that passed, I felt great! In fact I'm not wanting to eat too differently now because I love how I feel, except I'm not eating as much protein or am sometimes using a closed handful of compliant nuts as my meal protein. I haven't dared eaten legumes yet, which have always been a staple. So you'll just have to see how your body responds to Whole30 eating and go from there! Good luck, keep us posted!
  3. I added Greek yogurt and didn't have any negative reaction, but one dinner I added grated Parmesan cheese to ratatouille (which was dinner) and had horrible cramps and nausea that woke me up all night. That was a total shocker! So tonight I added a lot less to see what happens. The first time I had it, I wanted to eat too much of it because it had been off limits and I do love cheese. I haven't reintroduced anything else yet...because I'm realizing that I need to keep eating mostly the same as the Whole30 food plan to stay in control for now. Hopefully that will cement good habits.
  4. How do I find it?
  5. OK folks, here's our new thread for continuing and/or reintroduction. Let's keep rockin'!
  6. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I'm reintroducing Greek yogurt for breakfast tomorrow morning, and possibly milk with dinner. I've really missed those! As primarily a vegetarian who eats seafood, I've missed beans and hummus, so I'll add those back in once in a while down the road, but for the most part I'm going to stick with the Whole30 meal templates and foods for the next month. This has been a great experience and really made me face my grazing habits. I'd been lulled into thinking that it was OK to graze because it was healthy food! But now I will stick to eating only at meals, unless the snack is a veggie. Kudos to you all for being part of this and being such a supportive group!
  7. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    That is AWESOME! I am so impressed that you've had the courage to wean yourself off that stuff! (I've had to do it with two different highly addictive meds so I totally get how scary it is.) Whole30 has def helped me with my issues too. Funny how what we put in our bodies affects us! As for the scale issue, I'm the one who broke that rule on Day 20 and it motivated me to continue rather than give up, so it was the right decision for me. Obviously a moderator may say differently, but I say it's your call. You've abided by the 30 day no scale rule, so no one can shame you there. Maybe think about what your purpose for getting on would be, and how you imagine it will affect you. It's great that you know your body has changed, from how clothes fit to losing your nighttime anxiety...the latter being the most important one. Let us know what you decide!
  8. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I've been seesawing about whether to continue, or to continue and only add Greek yogurt with fruit once/day for breakfast because I miss it so much! On Day 20 I broke a rule and weighed myself; I felt like I'd lost some weight, but needed to know if being on this plan was "worth it" because I was ready to throw in the towel. Just feeling down and discouraged, in no small part because my young dog is dying of bone cancer. She and I have an uncommonly close bond, and she's saved my sanity while dealing with my diminished physical capacity after barely surviving severe sepsis. It was the right decision for me, because it renewed my commitment and inspired me to continue. The results weren't spectacular or anything, but I'm in that infamous phase of trying to lose the last 15 pounds and now I truly believe I will get there thanks to Whole30. Not that the change on the scale is the only or most important aspect of what I was hoping to experience, by a long shot. Increased energy and clarity were and are number 1! I've learned a lot, I enjoy the new concoctions I create for meals, and I do appreciate everyone who's chimed in on this forum. You've all been a great support! And I've been impresssed with the input of the moderators as well.
  9. Day 22 started April 1st

    Wow, I am beyond impressed! I could never get myself organized enough to do this with little kids, and here you are nursing and with fibromyalgia on top of it. I have it too, along with chronic fatigue and some other stuff, and I'm wondering if you've noticed a difference in your pain level. With recent stress in my life (elderly parent a long distance away failing and having to travel there, and caring for my terminally ill, best ever young dog) is perhaps skewing the potential pain relief from is yours? There's an April 1st start date forum that you might consider reading and posting in. Great group. You are really rocking this!
  10. Please don't call your self a single mom if you have a husband. That's a total oxymoron and a real insult to those of us who actually are or were single moms. You have 100% more support than any single mom working this Whole30 program. I empathize with your struggles with your kids, it sounds like you need parenting support as well as support for doing this food plan.
  11. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I've been inspired by your commitment and I feel so badly for you and your experience. For what it's worth, I was eating much the same as you (minus the tofu), a pescatarian for 37 years, getting an organic year round veggie share, not eating processed crap or fast food at all, walking 20-30 miles/week, and I am disappointed to not feel physically better (fibro, chronic fatigue for decades) or to feel like I've lost weight, though the bloat is gone. I'm still glad that I'm doing this though, because it's helped me rein in my grazing and try new recipes and combinations of food. Perhaps we're learning that, for some of us with long term health issues, we're still going to have to live with some of their effects. But I very much agree with Alaska Woman and others to keep going, maybe beyond 30 days, to see if anything shifts. Are you exercising? My walking has saved my sanity throughout the years of dealing with all this chronic stuff, even though it was really hard at first. I had to decide at a very young age that I wasn't going to let chronic pain define who I am. I have limitations of course but walking is something that renews me every day. That may not be what works for you, but I hope you find something that does, if you haven't already. And I hope you take up the moderator on her offer to review what you've been eating. This is such a healthy food plan that it's worth adopting long term, whether weight loss accompanies it or not. As a side note, non-organic soybeans have been found to be more pesticide dense now, which is why I've quit eating tofu. Somehow they attract and hold onto pesticides much more than other legumes. We are all here rooting for you!
  12. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    So what is the purpose of that rule? The food ones make sense, but I'd like to understand the rationale behind staying off the scale as part of the commitment. Thanks in advance!
  13. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I had to make an emergency trip on Day 11 until today and I was determined to stay on the Whole 30 plan. I booked a hotel with a fridge and microwave that included breakfast, and found a grocery store as soon as I could. There were always eggs at breakfast and I noshed on veggies right afterwards in my room. I spent a lot of time at a hospital but my hotel was close enough that I could run back for lunch (and take a little break). There was a lot of unpleasant and dirty work involved dealing with my mother's home and car and I REALLY wanted to go out for a nice (Whole30 compliant) meal, but I was so exhausted I doubted my ability to withstand the temptations, so back to my room I went! I doubt that all of my meals precisely followed the template as far as portions, but I did my best and feel so good about managing myself! No longer feeling bloated and having more energy is a huge incentive to stick with it. Can't wait to get home later today!
  14. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Lots of us had/have the same issues with feeling bad. Read through the April 1 forum and you won't feel alone! Starting on Day 7 was when the badness stopped and I got a taste of feeling awesome. So hang in there, you'll get there too!