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    simpleexannie reacted to knight_jontrann in Newbie starting April 10th   
    @SugarcubeOD Thank you very much! I'm glad to be corrected on that i know several people who will like to hear that.
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    AVocados are indeed a fat and can be eaten every day if one wants... 
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    @simpleexannie Thanks and Im glad my struggle is helping you with yours. I am very lucky that I have a very wide support group not just here on the forums but I also made a post to my friends and family on facebook telling them that I started a journey and that I had a hope for them not for them to join me on this journey but to stop and just say an encouraging word or just say hey Im thinking about you I hope you are doing well. If you havent reached out to your friends and other family i would recommend it. I havent talked to some of this people in years and they are coming out of the wood work to support a better me.
    Well I made the Buffalo Sweet Potato Chili, and the Sausage, Potato, and Kale soup today and they are both so good... I took samples with me to my gym and gave them to the two attendants there. One of them gave me a high compliment by asking if I ran a restaurant somewhere lol. I told her no I just cook at home for myself. Tomorrow I will make the Braised Beef short ribs and the Beef and Beet Borscht. I will let you all how that turns out.
    I will invite everyone again to look me up on my social networks again fb and Instagram I am constantly uploading pics and comments to those for the whole30. I cant figure out how to edit my earlier post with my social info on it so again its Jonathan Roadman on fb and jdroadman772 for instagram.
    ruth312 Welcome to the thread we are a friendly lot and try to encourage each other to our best ability.  I could be wrong but I have heard that you should not eat avocados everyday because of the high fat content. If you can pick up the cookbook for the whole30 (if you dont have it already) I think simpleexannie would agree me that it is worth it. If you are a prime member its 16 bucks worth every penny. I bought it at Barnes and Noble for 30 which is the going rate for it. All the recipes I mention will be from the cookbook.
    Alright everyone that is it for me and Day 7. Stay Strong, Live Well, Be happy
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    Good job John! you may not think it's a big deal but I'm very impressed! I think one of the harder things is to remember and be aware of what we're eating. and so I'm personally scared that I'm gonna forget and have to start over. but the fact that you forgot and then remembered shows that your mindset is changing which I think is so cool that it's happening so fast!
    my struggles are when my colleagues go out to eat without me or when they bring take out back to the office and I'm sitting there with my sad healthy chicken and they're having Thai and I wish I could have noodles right now...
    but today is going to be better cause last night I made a full meal for me and my friend and I have leftovers today and it's not sad looking! I made squash with ground meat and tomato sauce and, oh my, it was so filling! I ate a way smaller portion than I normally would if I had the same meal but with pasta, and I was super full and I didn't need to go back for seconds! also zuppa toscana sounds so good!
    also yesterday my Mom said that when I told her I was doing this she "knew it wouldn't work but oh well at least you're trying" which is also kind of a bummer
    I believe in all of us though! we can do it! I won't let anyone rain on my parade!
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    Hi guys!
    Good to hear everybody is still keeping up!
    I'm at day 6 today.
    The past days I went from exhausted to dynamite energy levels.
    Today I'm still very energetic but feeling like these 6 days have been taking forever already and I would really really really love some chocolate, cookies, pie, diet coke, ....
    I went out to dinner last night and had a steak with extra salad. But I did want that chocolate dessert sooooo much.
    But I'm staying strong and just trying not to get hungry, because I feel that if I get hungry my cravings for junkfood will just get worse and I'll be easier to seduce by that junk food and sugar dragon.
    Thinking about the great energy that I'm feeling and making myself aware that my mind is messing with me to go back to my old habits.
    Stay strong people!
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    Well Day 6 went with no hiccups until the very end of my work day. I was getting my paycheck from hr because we are closed today for Good Friday. As I am standing there talking to hr she always has a bowl of candies (this time it was peppermint candies) for people to take when they leave her office as I usually do I take two and go back out to the floor. Im looking at my paycheck and absentmindedly starting to open the candy wrapper. I freeze when I realize what I had in my hand, I WAS LIKE NO!!!! I came so close to screwing up though I will hedge its not a big screw up I mean seriously but still I can't afford even one slip up lol.
    I went grocery shopping today and spent 158 dollars on the food that i will need to day me from day 7 through day 14. now thats 21 meals i have to plan for and at a little over 7 dollars a meal or 21 dollars a day thats not bad at all. I will be trying this week Shakshuka, sauteed green beans and mushrooms with fried eggs for breakfast. I will be making Beef and Sweet Potato chili (swapping the beef with buffalo), Braised Beef Short Ribs with Porcini Mushroom Sauce, Beef And Beet Borscht, and finally Sausage, Potato, and Kale soup. The zuppa toscana is one of my favorite meals at olive garden now i know this isnt the same but I hope its just as good. I must say the recipes I have tried so far are delicious and keep me full for hours, and thats something that I have never known to happen. I could sit there and eat till im ready to throw up and maybe an hour later im hungry again. I start cooking these recipes I go hours without getting hungry.
    Im glad you are sharing your struggles for it makes me feel im not alone in mine and I hope mine is the same way for you as well. Stay Strong, Live Well, Be Happy.
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    Hi Group!
    That chicken would have about killed me!  I work at a school and each week somebody signs up to bring treats to the lounge...yeah that was what I got thrown into this morning! I made it though!! Threw my frittata in the micro and got out of there as fast as possible! haha...I added some guac to my eggs this morning to get some more fat with that meal. 
    I go to Orangetheory fitness regularly in the mornings.  This morning I really noticed my energy level quite lower than it has been.  I took it easy though, didn't want to push it too hard.  Hoping that starts to pick up here in the next few days. 
    Other than that, things have been going pretty well!!  I'm kind of anxious about this weekend.  I have two different Easter celebrations, one tomorrow for Good Friday and then one Sunday and I'm already trying to prep for them in my mind.  Good Friday we are going out to a brunch restaurant.  Sunday my mom is cooking..she already knows what I can/can't eat so I'm not as nervous about that one as going out tomorrow.  Any tips on brunch food?  I'm thinking an omelet with veggies (making sure they don't add anything but the eggs and veggies).  Wondering about any breakfast meats..thoughts?  I know bacon is probably a no go..
    I'm so glad I found this thread! It is so helpful knowing I'm not navigating this alone!
    Have a good one!
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    I started with you guys on the 10th  This is my 2nd attempt - the first one I did not realize that my antibiotics would give me the crazy nausea and terrible lack of appetite. Doc told me to stop and get bread to settle the followed her orders. That was last month! I definitely had fun - but ready to start again.
    Looking forward to feeling the Tiger Blood! Let's do this!
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    simpleexannie reacted to sofia in Newbie starting April 10th   
    Nice job knight_jontrann on keeping away from that fried chicken!
    I just finished day 4 and am heading into day 5 tomorrow. Feeling good, although way more tired than usual. Today I woke up after 8 hours of sleep and felt exhausted, so I managed to sleep in a little (work meeting got cancelled, luckily!). I'm trying to take it day by day, but I do remember last time that the hardest part for me were the first 10 days, so I feel good that I'm nearing the halfway of the first ten days! I think once I start getting my energy back, and start feeling more positive and confident about the choices I am making, I'll be able to focus less on what I'm missing out on (like the chik-fil-a right by my house).
    We'll push through this!
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    Kind of. The body needs tryptophan in order produce seratonin - a brain chemical associated with feelings of well being & relaxation. Sleep also plays a huge role in general well being.
    You *may* be okay in a day or two to drop the starches to the days that you train. If your owrk outs are intense you'll deplete muscle glycogen stores which don't normalise on a daily basis so you'll need to replenish them - that's where the starches will come into play.
    On the days you're more sedentary you might want to give the starches a miss. I'd wait until such times as your body is fat adapted though - once you're able to easily go 4-5hrs or so without feeling the need to snack, & when you have steady throughout the day...
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    @PARyan @Purejoy
    I've been feeling down too. Not sure if it's because I don't have enough fat intake or cause I saw my ex yesterday and he makes me emotional (probably both, lol!)
    A friend of mine who introduced me to this said that everyone is different and sometimes we'll feel a change later than the timeline said. I think we should just focus on following the rules.
    Part of the reason I'm doing this is cause there's a history of diabetes in my family. @jmbcn do you know which starchy vegetables would be good to eat in this case? I LOOOOOOVE potatoes but I've been told I eat too much of them lol so I haven't had any since I started, but maybe that's why I'm hungry?
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    I hear you about Easter - avoiding treats etc. will be tough (but doable!).  Can you bring a dish to share?  Then you can mainly eat that without being overly tempted?  Welcome to the thread and keep it up!
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    Hey everyone!  I started on the 10th as well!
    I haven't had too many cravings, but have been sooooo tired. I've had a "cheating" Dream every night.  And I get so full so fast. So then I'm hungry 2 hours later. 
    I think I need to increase my fat intake. 
    I also woke up this am feeling a little down. I'm ready to start feeling better! 
    Also, I'm scared of Easter dinner at my mother in laws. Any ideas?
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    Hey there @Reegs - Particularly in these early days, or if you are prone to anxiety/depression, ensure you are eating at least a fist sized serving of starchy veg each day - that should help
    Also guys, don't forget to salt your food - switching to whole foods can cause a drop in sodium intake of around 60-70%, and your body needs sodium for normal metabolic functions. Sodium will also help prevent cramping, headaches, dizziness etc.
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    Cool!  Keep it up.  I felt a little odd/emotional Day 2 so maybe that's part of the "turbulence" at the start?  I've had a few brushes with sugar as well where I've had to stop and remind myself, for example, that I can't have that hot chocolate (at least for 30 days...).  Let's keep this thread going and hopefully we can all support each other along the way.  
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    simpleexannie reacted to Reegs in Day 1 April 10th   
    Hi - 4/10 was our start date too (husband/wife team).  Thank you for starting this thread.  It has some great tips on adding fat to our diet (thank you moderator)!  It's been going well so far.  We started this journey to really detox our body and start fresh again.  Yesterday (day 2), I had to run to the grocery store.  What a crazy experience after only 1.5 days on the plan... sugar cravings skyrocketed as I walked through the bakery... and I'm not even a fan of cakes and pies!  Suffice it to say, that was the quickest grocery run I've ever done!  My husband experienced headaches yesterday (I told him he needed more fats).  No headaches for me thus far, but I'm starting to get very tired and unmotivated today, late afternoon (3:30ish).  I also woke a little depressed today, which I thought was odd.
    Glad to join the crew!  Thanks in advance for all your help seeing us through this
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    Hey simpleexannie,
    I'm feeling pretty decent today.  Food has definitely been on my mind a lot going to sleep but I haven't dreamt of going rogue...yet.  
    jmcbn - thank you for the comments, it's helping me gauge my own meals / consumption.  Good to hear from someone experienced.
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    Avocado is a fat - and a serving would be half of an average avocado. Eggs are a protein - a serving of eggs when are the only protein in your meal would be the number you can hold in one hand without breaking - most females can manage 3-4.
    How many eggs were in the portion of the frittata?
    You'll find most success if each of your meals is built to match the recommended meal template of 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein (that's the length width & depth of your palm), 1-3 cups of veg (with 3 being optimal, really we mean FILL your plate), and a generous serving of fat. If you're not lasting 4-5hrs between meals with oout being famished then you need to be eating more  - but this always take a few days to iron out so don't panic just yet!
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    I started Monday as well and agree, I'm feeling tired today!  Luckily the sun is finally shining here in Chicago so I'm hoping that pulls me out of a slump as it's been so rainy!  Just had my breakfast..a piece of egg frittata with veggies and chicken sausage in it.  Ready to take on the day!  Make it a good one!  
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    How IS everyone doing? Simpleexannie? Kimmarie? Cdanib85? Jamie Roman? Kim vdloo? texaslauren? sofia?  I am closing out day 5 and for most of the day it was just like the rest of the days easy and not much to it. I was standing in line tonight at my local grocery store waiting to purchase some items for tomorrows breakfast when a gentlemen sets down an 8 piece fried chicken dinner. Now I had been dieting since March 20th before I started the Whole30. I smelled that chicken and was like oh lord i need to hurry up outta here or i just might "land face first into a box of chicken." I am glad to say that i was able to control myself and made it out of there without tripping into it. I hope that yalls week is going just as smoothly as mine is and i hope to here from yall soon! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PEOPLE WE CAN DO THIS!
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    Hey - just saw this.  I finished Day 3 feeling pretty decent and feel pretty good starting Day 4.  Not sure if a hammer is getting ready to hit me or if it means I'm doing well following the plan.  Keep it up!
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    This morning I woke up earlier than I expected and tried to fall back to sleep but I couldn't. And now I'm slightly tired. How's your day 3 going besides the tiredness? I also had a dream that I ate something non-compliant... it wasn't quite a nightmare but there was definitely some panicking inside the dream lol
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    I'm new and starting tomorrow! Looking for support (: 
    Be healthier 
    Have more energy 
    Go to the gym 
    Learn to cook
    Stave off diabetes 
    Eliminate bad cravings
    I hope you join me! 
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    simpleexannie got a reaction from Reegs in Newbie starting April 10th   
    I'm new and starting tomorrow! Looking for support (: 
    Be healthier 
    Have more energy 
    Go to the gym 
    Learn to cook
    Stave off diabetes 
    Eliminate bad cravings
    I hope you join me! 
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    Yes, let's partner up "virtually!"  How are you feeling?  At the start of Day 3 I am tired.  I've been spending a lot of time meal planning and prepping - probably not far enough in advance - so my evenings have been a little short.  My wife is enjoying the dinners I make - now I have to get her to help make them too :-).  I hope you are doing well!