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    WandererKris got a reaction from TrinaBPerry in Starting April 1!   
    April has 30 days, so it seemed like a perfect fit! Plus, starting on the weekend will allow me to prep and get used to everything before a dreaded Monday hits  
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    WandererKris reacted to huntsky05 in Starting April 1!   
    Hope everyone is having a great first day (without wine or cheese...doubtful)LOL
    I'm Heather from Texas and happy to find you guys! About to make turkey sausage for the first time - good luck everyone!
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    WandererKris reacted to LisaStep in Starting April 1!   
    Hey Everyone! I am starting today too!  I am looking forward to  having some people to share this with! I am Lisa.
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    WandererKris reacted to JW17 in Starting April 1!   
    Hi everyone, I'm starting today, April 1, as well. It will be nice to have others to share the experience with over the next 30 days. Good luck to you all!
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    WandererKris reacted to alaeh72 in Starting April 1!   
    Hello...I am new to Whole30...goodluck to both of you, me and my husband are going to start on Monday. I'm excited and worried because of the type of job I do, I work from 8PM-8AM my meal schedule always changing . I'll just keep on praying that I'll pass this challenge.
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    WandererKris reacted to Oakley710 in Starting April 1!   
    Mind if I join you? I plan on starting tomorrow too! I tried this back in Feb but too many life events and I couldn't keep on track.  I made it 7 days.