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  1. AlainaNYC

    Night time binging?

    Very interesting! Unfortunately a late dinner is often my only choice - evening classes. But I plan on a snack before class and a light late dinner.
  2. AlainaNYC

    Night time binging?

    Thanks for all of the advice - I have been told again and again do not eat when you are not hungry. I usually do not feel hungry until late afternoon - well this is what I thought. However, I think that I just do not think about eating and am so busy thinking about other things that I do not listen to what my body is saying - probably that it is time for a meal. I am always scared that if I eat in the early afternoon I will still eat too much at night and will just gain weight. So far on the whole30 I am learning that this is wrong. I have been having meals at 11am 3pm and 7pm and distributing my food more evenly has helped me eat less at night. I am still not super hungry around 11 - but I have some veggies protein and fat so when 8pm arrives I am not still hangry after dinner.
  3. AlainaNYC

    Night time binging?

    Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try to spread my meals out a bit more (this will be easier next year when I am working and not a struggling student!)
  4. AlainaNYC

    Night time binging?

    Anyone have trouble with overeating at night? I have been doing IF for quite some time now and it works well for me. I am a law student and very busy during the day - I have very little time in between classes and taking barre exercise classes. I usually have fruit and raw veggies during the day and a large veggie centric dinner at night... then usually have a post dinner snack, or two. This habit is one of the main reasons that I am doing the April Whole30, and it is going very well so far! I am still doing IF but I am having three meals a day usually around 12pm, 3pm and 7pm. My main change has been adding more protein and fats during my earlier meals and making my dinner more satiating so that I can be more full after my dinner meal. However, despite these changes, I do feel like I am more hungry at night and crave something sweet after dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much!! My bf has been super supportive - he finished his PB before I started so I wouldn't be tempted. It is only day 2 for me but it is going really well so far!
  6. AlainaNYC

    April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Hi everyone! I am also staring the April 2017! It is going to be hard to not give into those bread and chocolate cravings but I know it will be worth it. I did the Whole30 a few months ago - and stuck to it on a vacation cruise! I lost a few pounds and felt so so much better (I have PCOS so loosing even a few pounds is rough). I am hoping to loose about 5 pounds, but my main goal is to get rid of that stupid emotional eating and night time binging. So happy to have a community to get through this together!
  7. Hi everyone! I am starting the Whole30 Challenge tomorrow and am so excited. I eat pretty clean in general however I live with by bf who has a super quick metabolism and eats the same as he did when he was a kid (pb&j, kids cereal, etc.). I can usually stick to eating my clean paleo foods and resist the temptation... however, sometimes wheat bread and his skippy pb is hard to resist. I do have almond butter, but I tend to overeat it so I usually don't reach for it when the craving hits. I tell myself - no I won't open my almond butter but I will just have a bit of his pb. Not a great decision, I know. Any advice on how to deal with cravings for sweet nut butter and bread. Thanks!