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  1. IndustriousJoy

    Depression and Sadness

    Thanks! I understand the boundaries they have regarding medical advice and the potential concern that those with depression (and the symptoms that go with it) may not seek treatment. It could be presented as the advice for diabetics, pregnant/nursing moms etc. was presented. Maybe more information is needed. I only know the tiny bit I've learned over the last two weeks! In general this has inspired me to continue learning about the effect of food on one's total health which I think is the Whole30 working its magic!
  2. IndustriousJoy

    Depression and Sadness

    True, the moderators frequently reinforce the need to eat starchy veggies. For this particular issue, though, it would be good to have it as common knowledge that those dealing with this issue may need more and it's not really an option.
  3. IndustriousJoy

    Depression and Sadness

    I am so happy this helped you! I was sure that I was not the only person who has had this happen, and regardless of what is said the material is not particularly clear, up front or urgent about the fact that this can occur. I tried to make this post very direct because it seems you have to comb through a lot of uncertainty to get an answer. I did find an article from 2011 on the website which addresses it (Whole30 depression) if you want to look it up--can't get the link right now. Go ahead and use some white potatoes since you're so low--roast 'em up and have a big serving. Make sure you have some potatoes each day in some way. I was hoping to thrive in a lower carb situation, but this process is about learning more about your body, so overall it is good to know we may have to support our seratonin production a little more than those without the same family health history. Again--moderators--can this be revisited or highlighted in some way every once in awhile so people aren't blindsided by it? Not just say 'we recommend a fist sized portion of starchy veggies,'' and add ''or more if you are prone to seratonin/depression issues.'' Because it's not an optional thing for those who are looking at 30 days of sadness.
  4. IndustriousJoy

    Depression and Sadness

    Hello everyone! Currently on day 15 of my first Whole30, and I have experienced something surprising. The first week instead of having the carb flu I had bouts of sadness. Like weeping, world will end, dark thoughts, etc. Through reading around, I have found that for some eating too few carbs can have a negative impact on seratonin (mood lifting hormone). This is something to watch out for if you are prone towards depression (which I do not have) to begin with. After eating a potato each morning it got better. Two days ago I didn't have a morning potato because I ran out of time to make it, and it took until the evening but the blues were back. Since my father passed away from depression, there is definitely a seratonin deficiency issue in my family background. I did not think that doing a Whole30 would give me insight into this area of need for self care and am surprised to learn I may need to watch it more than I thought. In general, I can be given to low moods and have had a span of dark days within the last two years, but nothing diagnosed, etc. I am writing this post to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Also, if you are having that experience, I'd say don't be afraid to have carbs or even a daily Larabar (oooh--vilify!!!) to keep your hormones in check. For me, this process has been chiefly about the elimination/ reintroduction experience to determine what works for my nutrition. As long as I can keep the carbs at a decent level, I am willing to continue past 30 days for additional healing and weight loss. As we know, dealing with this sort of disorder is not a 'mind over matter' issue--our mind is, in fact, made of matter and can be damaged! Moderators, can you pass along this issue to the Hartwigs in hopes of some more info? Perhaps in a new edition seratonin issues can be discussed in the 'special populations' portion of the book? Despite the bouts of sadness, clearer skin, less bloat and a flatter belly are some positives I have had so far, and I'm glad my poor moods at the beginning didn't derail me from the process.