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    IndustriousJoy got a reaction from savemooses in Depression and Sadness   
    True, the moderators frequently reinforce the need to eat starchy veggies.  For this particular issue, though, it would be good to have it as common knowledge that those dealing with this issue may need more and it's not really an option. 
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    IndustriousJoy reacted to jmcbn in Depression and Sadness   
    If you check out - which was kind of the 'Mother' of Whole30 there are a number of blog posts about food (along with exercise & sleep) and it's link to mood. You should also note the importance of omega 3 fatty acids - particularly when eaten along side starches.
    Here are a few to get you started....
    Originally these posts/resources would have been available directly via this forum, but the two platforms were separated a while back.
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    IndustriousJoy reacted to 30days in Depression and Sadness   
    Well, just a little update, but I made roasted potatoes and chicken for supper, and I am feeling a little better.  Not 100%, but at least I'm back to functioning now.  Snuggles from my little one helped too.   I'm really thankful for your post today, and I will be adding in more starchy veg to my diet.
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    IndustriousJoy reacted to 30days in Depression and Sadness   
    Thank you for this post.  I really needed to hear it.  I also lost my father to depression, and have been finding myself incredibly weepy/depressed during my Whole 30.  I didn't realize starchy carbs had anything to do with it.  What else should I be adding to my diet besides potatoes/sweet potatoes?  I have been having a really bad bout of depression today.  I've hardly eaten anything, and can't seem to get myself off the couch.  Lots of crying too.  It's day 14, and I feel like I can't do this much longer. 
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    Hang onto your sweet potatoes.  That's some amazing changes in only 2 weeks.  I wouldn't use hairclips to hold onto them...