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  1. Christina Marie

    Whole30 Around The World!

    The hubby and I are starting Round 2 on July 1st! Very excited since our first round went so well.. but this time we're thinking of adding a little fun twist! We are big time travelers and love love love trying different foods whenever we go.. so we were thinking, why not try a Whole30 Around The World! We're going to make a dish from a different country for each day - 30 days, 30 different countries, 30 different meals! Sounds good, right? Of course we need some help coming up with good compliant dishes - so we're asking for your help and recommendations for any good recipes you've had that are inspired by these countries! Any help would be appreciated! We'll post our dinners so that if anyone else wants ideas, you can see what people have sent us! We can make this fun! Thanks so much in advance for your contribution! Canada United States Mexico Cuba / Puerto Rico / Bahamas Costa Rica / Honduras / Panama Colombia Brazil Argentina United Kingdom / England Ireland Norway Germany Poland France Spain Italy Greece Morocco Egypt Ethiopia South Africa Iran Russia India China Thailand Japan Phillippines Indonesia Australia
  2. Christina Marie

    Newbie here! Starting April 8th!

    Thank you!
  3. Christina Marie

    Newbie here! Starting April 8th!

    Hey guys! Newbie and excited/overwhelmed/scared/curious/determined! I'm starting on Saturday April 8th with my husband, although the way things are going right now I feel like he's not as motivated as I am to start this. Maybe he'll get more motivated once he sees my progress, but either way I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired (and feeling fat, and slow, and low on energy, and ugly). Time to get my life in control! I know I'll be on here a lot with questions and for support, especially if I have to do this on my own. Any help will be appreciated! Let's do this!