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  1. Thank you ladies! I found electrolyte infused water and I will use that on Wednesday. I am also going to drink 22oz of water each hour today, 9/10. When I get out of work on Monday and Tuesday I will drink 22oz of water each hour until I go to sleep. Are our colons less cluttered because we are eating clean?
  2. bethross

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I started my second round today too! I have a headache too. I did not snack at all today. It is nice to see a lot of us starting today.
  3. Hello, I just decided to do my second full Whole30 beginning tomorrow, 9/1. I have a colonoscopy scheduled Sept. 14th. The prep calls for a 64 oz bottle of Gatorade mixed with a bottle of Miralax. What can I use instead of the Gatorade?
  4. bethross

    July 1st Whole30!

    I made this with a tweak- I used potato starch instead of corn starch. It tasted really good and the stew meat was tender.
  5. bethross

    July 1st Whole30!

    What does this mean? - the level of suck that the first week brings you
  6. bethross

    July 1st Whole30!

    I will be starting on July 3rd. I just ate sugary cereal to help my emotions.
  7. bethross

    July 1st Whole30!

  8. bethross

    July 1st Whole30!

    Hello! This will be my second Whole30; my first one was in April of this year. It is time for me to do it again. Anyone want to join me for 30 days?
  9. I made a discovery!!!!!!!! During my Whole30 my low back pain went away. At first I thought it was because I used one pillow to sleep with. 2 nights ago I used 2 pillows and I woke up with back pain. Yesterday we had Famous Daves for lunch. I had corn muffins, corn on the cob at lunch and cereal with milk for dinner. I slept with 1 pillow. I woke up with back pain!!!! 6 months ago I thought my back pain was due to not having good form in weight lifting. Now I know that grains give me back pain!!! I will have food freedom with grains.
  10. Hello Jklovey71, I have only reintroduced bread, peanuts, and honey. I really did not do well with no sweetener in my tea. I like having honey in my tea. I am going to make the Whole30 a lifelong habit. I am 46 and I have the flattest stomach I ever had. That is great that you fit into smaller clothing!!!
  11. I just had a Lean Cuisine meal. It had white rice in it. I will see if affects me
  12. I have not reintroduced anything yet. I am scared to have bread because that was my Sugar Dragon.
  13. bethross

    April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I love this program!!!! No zits when I got my period. Yesterday I bought 3 pairs of pants without trying them on. Today after wearing one of them for half the day I realized they are a size smaller than I thought. They fit just right!! My nose does not run as much as it did a month ago.
  14. bethross

    April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    I am sorry if this is TMI but here goes- yesterday I only drank 40 ounces of water. I was gassy throughout the day and I did not eat anything non-compliant. Water is really good for our bodies.
  15. bethross

    April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Thank you so much for creating this group!!!