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    bethross reacted to Robin Strathdee in Post Whole30 Logs   
    Hi friends!
    The fabulous Renee, moderator extraordinaire, has brought to our attention that there are several post Whole30 logs hanging out in this topic. We LOVE that you're keeping logs, and we wanted to give you guys your own section to do just that! So, there's now a section in the Community area of the forum for your Post W30 logs! Don't be surprised, or offended, if you find your log moved over there in the next few days. We're just working to keep things as organized as possible for all of you :0)
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    bethross reacted to Hutlifr in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    I com if with mindy5... Dairy for each meal? Never do that. I know I had problem with milk and flip item before whole30. So can I just reintroduce cheese and yoghurt?
    Never mind found the answer...
    "Reminder: If you don’t miss a particular food or drink that you know makes you less healthy, don’t bother to reintroduce it. Not missing tofu, black beans, cottage cheese, or brown rice? With evidence pointing towards these foods making you less healthy, there’s no reason whatsoever to add them back into your diet. Only reintroduce those foods that you suspect you’ll really want to include back into your diet once in a while, and leave the rest happily behind. - See more at:"