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    bethross reacted to ChristyJ in Who's starting 1/1?   
    This year I came up with a word for the year:  Focused.  And I am (hurray!!)!
    I did some more prepping today and pulled a couple of items out of the freezer I prepped last week.  A few favorites:  sautéed compliant apple chicken sausage with onions, apples and kale (sometimes I serve it over coconut cauliflower rice), chicken with peppers & onions over cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash and ground chicken with veggies sauce. 
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    bethross reacted to ShannonM816 in Who's starting 1/1?   
    The daily emails are no longer available. There's now the Whole30 Day By Day book for daily encouragement and journaling.
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    bethross got a reaction from ChristyJ in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hello Christy,
    My name is Beth. This is my second Whole30. I am married, work full time ans I have 2 children; a daughter who is 20 and a son who is 17.  We also have 2 cats and 3 dogs.
    I made Melissa’s chicken, sweet potato, and apple hash. I will be cooking a whole chicken tomorrow.
    I would love to be one of your accountability partners.

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    bethross reacted to Babsie95 in Over cooked ghee   
    I thought I had burned a batch once but I kept it anyway and when I used it it was probably the best tasting batch I have ever made. Very nutty with a deep flavor. So I say keep it taste it and see. It might just be a happy accident.
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    bethross got a reaction from ChristyJ in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hello Christy,
    My name is Beth. This is my second Whole30. I am married, work full time ans I have 2 children; a daughter who is 20 and a son who is 17.  We also have 2 cats and 3 dogs.
    I made Melissa’s chicken, sweet potato, and apple hash. I will be cooking a whole chicken tomorrow.
    I would love to be one of your accountability partners.

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    bethross reacted to GraceMelodie in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I'll join in too!  I have completed two Whole30s and I am looking forward to joining a group to complete my first January Whole30.  I am 43, married and have a 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter.  My husband will be doing a "Dry January" in support and give up alcohol for the month.
    My Dad also suffered a stroke several years ago and is now wheel chaired bound.  My short term goals are to wake up energetic every day, lose a little belly fat, have "glowing" skin and set a good example for my children.  My long term goal is to reach old age in good health.  
    I'll spend today and tomorrow getting my kitchen and pantry Whole30 ready.  Cheers to a successful 2019!
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    bethross reacted to ChristyJ in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Tosha-a few of my favorites that I'll be prepping:  chicken buffalo style meatballs (2 pkg of ground chicken, about a cup of chopped up celery, maybe 1/2 cup of shredded carrots, scallions, salt/pepper, Mrs Dash seasoning and Frank's buffalo sauce-I make either meatballs, small patties or a meatloaf-cook at 400 for 30 mins)... I also throw chicken in the crockpot with onions, chicken broth (double check the ingredients-far too many have sugar in them) and spices to then have shredded chicken for all sorts of recipes.
    Hard boil eggs, make egg cups (scrambled eggs with any veggies and/or compliant meat-cook in nonstick muffin tin), roast up a spaghetti squash and make a simple ground meat (I like chicken if you couldn't already tell-lol) sauce with diced tomatoes, peppers & onions.  Check out the recipes threads in here along with Pinterest.  Just remember to read all labels.  
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    bethross reacted to viktoriya in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hi! My name is Viktoriya. Im 32 years old, married and have a 9 month old son.  I have successfully completed two rounds of Whole30 but attempted 4 times (failed twice). I love how I feel when I’m on Whole30 but I lose motivation about a week in. I’m hoping by joining the forum and reading peoples stories will keep me motivated. 
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    My name is Tosha. I have and husband and three kids ages 23, 18, and 14. I am starting Whole 30 January 1. I have some health issues that are surfacing because of my weight. I am going it alone in my house and need all the support and easy recipes I can get. 
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    Hi everyone! Checking in because I also started the Whole30 yesterday. I've attempted one Whole30 before in 2016, but only made it to Day 21. Even though I didn't finish the program, it had major effects on how I ate and shopped. I'm ready to make it through the entire 30 days this time and to have a successful reintro period.
    I'm feeling very motivated, especially since I was travelling home from a NYE wedding yesterday and was not entirely sure I would even be able to start on 1/1 as planned. I was able to find compliant food in the airport (hardboiled eggs and some fruit) and cobble together lunch from my pantry / freezer (frozen riced cauliflower with tuna and kalamata olives) before getting groceries later in the evening. It was empowering to know I was able to make compliant choices even in the absence of ideal circumstances. Let's do this!
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    bethross reacted to GraceMelodie in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I prep/shop every few days and make sure I always have the following on hand:
    1. Hard boiled eggs
    2. Cooked chicken breast
    3. Compliant smoked salmon
    4. Avocados
    5. Bagged pre-washed greens
    6. Raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews)
    7. Compliant olives
    8. Homemade compliant salad dressing (Extra virgen olive oil, apple cider vinegar, compliant dijon mustard, salt & pepper) 
    9. Roasted sweet potatoes, white potatoes or butternut squash
    10. Raw veggies & fruit (carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, apples, blueberries, etc.)
    11. Coffee and compliant Nutpod coconut creamer 
    12. Homemade mayo or compliant pesto
    This is my 3rd Whole30 and I have my prep & menus down to a science.  I keep most of my meals pretty simple.  Breakfast is usually eggs, 1/2 avocado, blueberries and greens.  Lunch is a salad with chicken (or left over protein), 1/2 avocado, nuts, & dressing.  Dinner is seared chicken, salmon or steak with roasted sweet potatoes, raw veggies and a simple green salad.  Once or twice a week I'll make something super delicious like slow roasted lamb shanks.  Yum!
    Cheers to everyone for finishing Day One!
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    bethross reacted to StefanieFsteel in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Woooohoo!!! Hey Guys! I'm Stef Steel and just started the Whole 30 TODAY! I'm 27, a model and group fitness instructor. I'm mostly interested in the bio-hacking aspect of the Whole30 diet and am excited to see the psychological changes that occur! I also feel really excited about 30 days of no alcohol!
    My biggest challenge will be avoiding alcohol in social situations and family events; it's ALWAYS there. 
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    bethross reacted to n1b2 in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Started today 1/1/2019 too! 
    I'm 45, recently put weight on after 3 years maintaining my peak fitness level and health level. About 2 years ago I slowly moved into unhealthy habits with food, though I've been able to stay active most of the time. I exercise regularly, and love it. I have a very hard time during winter months, however. I love to wake up early and work out, but when the sun doesn't rise until after 6:30am, I have trouble....lots of it. Lately I've been binge eating all the time, eating food I don't want to eat and usually don't eat (I didn't eat breads for a very long time! Didn't want to! And yet, I slowly started to eat bread as if it was part of my everyday life) 
    I've been Whole30-Curious for over a year. I am doing it to re-establish a healthy relationship food, while also figuring out which foods feel worse during the winter months.  Whatever the case, I have cravings for sugar and I know it's draining my energy, delivering nothing but empty calories, probably making my seasonal slow-down a lot worse. 
    I told my partner I won't be drinking for a month, threw out all of the temptations/foods I will not eat & my pressure cooker arrives in 2 days. I haven't prepped food yet and am still figuring out what i will prep - I'm looking for any and all prep recommendations (thanks so much for posting some already!)
    I also:
    Started a Whole30 Journal and have written in it a few times per day. Today so far I've written about what I've eaten, how it feels to start, and figured out what feelings I was experiencing when I got a craving 
      Bought foods for meals I can cook over the next few days: zuchini & squash noodles, riced cauliflower, condiments, eggs, chicken, ground turkey, bone broth, spinach  
    Can't wait to be here to support each other, thanks so much for all the great posts and for starting this thread! 
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    bethross reacted to JudiPurple in Who's starting 1/1?   
    My husband and I began our W30 adventure today. He was a little dubious about going on a "diet" - but with my 2 Nom-Nom Paleo books, the internet and a desire to load our meals with flavor, this first day wasn't so bad. I have always been a grazer, so keeping this to three meals a day is challenging. Dear hubby is a diabetic, and I am hoping this W30 will lead to depleting the need for meds for him. He's testing right now...first day, dinner was 3 hours ago, and the # is....155! Excellent#, no need for a shot tonight. He is a happy man. We spent the day prepping, so, Lord willing, this will be the beginning of a great relationship....with food!
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    bethross reacted to Samoyed in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hi, I'm Dana, this is my 2nd W30.  I loved it last time year/Januray and started again today.   I woke up at 7, did my treadmill for 45 min.  Showered made a W30 breakfast,  went to work,  came home for my W30 lunch... back at work.  When I get home I'll probably have a precooked salmon! HAPPY NEW YEAR and take one day at a time!! 
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    bethross reacted to alexandrarowan in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I love this, thank you so much !
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    bethross reacted to lucystephens in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm 71!  This is my first time with W30.  I know we'll all do really well.  Time flies really fast at my age so 30 days is going to go by quickly and we'll be new people!  I've heard it is life changing!  I'm ready!
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    bethross reacted to Hpeacock in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I started today! Super excited to make a change for the better!
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    bethross reacted to Judip in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I am ready to begin my W30 journey today! I did one in 2016 and I remember feeling so great after the 30 days that I continued for several months. I also journal, so my notes reflect a much more positive, energetic person during that time!
    A year ago today I had a big life change; I retired from my job position after 20 years. Adjusting to this new life screamed "freedom" in one sense, but unfortunately I took that as an excuse to fall back on some bad habits and push back the good eating habits I had built, and that included increased sugar intake, ugh...
    Now I need to put this new-found "freedom" to work in a better, healthier way. I am pre-diabetic and  66 years old. I need to get my blood sugar under control and I need to lose weight. To accomplish that, I need more energy from healthier eating. I will be so happy to get through this week to get the excess sugar out of my system! I remember also feeling much better not eating dairy or grains. Looking forward to less brain-fog and a looser waist-fit in my pants as well!
    It is good to have a group of people on the same path for support.
    Best to you all - let's do this!
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    bethross reacted to ShannonM816 in Who's starting 1/1?   
    @NZ Robin if you have an immersion or stick blender, it makes mayo super easy to make. No letting the egg get to room temperature, no drizzling the oil, just put all ingredients in a tall container just wide enough for the blender to get to the bottom (a pint-size wide mouth mason jar works well) and blend. Here's a more detailed explanation:
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    bethross reacted to lynsmize in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I’m Lynsey and I’m starting 1/1! I’m 32 with two daughters ages 7 & 4. Last Christmas my dad suffered a major stroke. He’s since had two more and is severely mentally and physically handicapped. He lives with my family and I’m one of his caregivers. His health issues were entirely diet related. I’m trying to prevent any of the lifestyle diseases he had before they set in—diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol & BP, sleep apnia, etc. I’m hoping for some great results and to set a good example for my daughters.
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    bethross reacted to Jihanna in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Opening the new year with my first Whole30, also. I'll be 40 this year, am married, and have 3 kids (son is 20, daughters are 14 and 9). My mom and dad also live in the same household, so when son's not away at school there are 7 of us (4 adults). I've been doing meal planning for most of the past year, just to make sure we can feed us all and stay on budget, so at least that's not a completely new thing now that I'm diving into Whole30
    I'm using Whole30 as a vehicle to help me break unhealthy food habits, and I'm open to the idea of it extending past the first month based on how I feel toward the end. There are certain things that I do not intend to reintroduce, others that will be brought back in a limited way, because I believe that'll just be the healthier option in my case. I'm not here to lose weight, but I'm hopeful that developing a healthier relationship with food will lead to a healthier weight, too.
    My biggest challenge will be me. I have a history of sabotage, but I've been learning to live a better way -- the past is where/what I come from (or out of), but I live in and for the future; only I can determine my own actions and reactions. I'm learning to recognize situations when sabotage would be easy, and consciously make better choices instead.
    If anyone's wanting to start a group text (or group Skype?) to support each other, I'm interested
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    I agree! If I get tempted at work, I will try to drink water or tea to distract myself and bring emergency snacks just in case. It will be difficult to avoid outings with family and friends, so I am trying to figure out a strategy on how to stay compliant (i.e. bring my own meals or snacks? try to modify my order? suggest restaurants that have compliant options?) Suggestions welcome!
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    bethross reacted to Robin Strathdee in Post Whole30 Logs   
    Hi friends!
    The fabulous Renee, moderator extraordinaire, has brought to our attention that there are several post Whole30 logs hanging out in this topic. We LOVE that you're keeping logs, and we wanted to give you guys your own section to do just that! So, there's now a section in the Community area of the forum for your Post W30 logs! Don't be surprised, or offended, if you find your log moved over there in the next few days. We're just working to keep things as organized as possible for all of you :0)
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    bethross reacted to Sambagirl in Recommendation for Multi-Vitamins   
    OK, replying to myself to say there appear to be 2 formulations, one with tomato (has "Premium Formula" in a red flag on the box and bottle) which is noncompliant if you are doing AIP, and one with AIP and Whole30 compliant ingredients (no tomatoes) (has "New" in the red flag).  In case anyone needs to know.