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    Had my last glass of wine and 1 slice of bread so not a binge, just a nosh!!
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    Ahh... got it! Glad to hear it!!
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    Hi all!

    I am starting the Whole30 April 1st and I am looking for some support buddies to help me through the process.... especially skipping my nightly glass of wine! Oh wine... I will miss you... and chocolate....sweet chocolate....and cheese, my dear friend cheese! 
    I have complete the Whole30 before and felt AMAZING. But it all went wrong afterwards. Let's just say I went straight passed the re-introduction phase to the eat all the pies phase and have been going downhill at an astounding rate! Definitely need a re-set! 
    Would love to have some people to touch base with on a regular basis, so we can encourage each other and share tips and advice. 
    Who's with me?