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    bethross reacted to MMF in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    I'm in phoenix!
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    bethross reacted to stone house in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    Hi: I started today too! In Austin, TX. This is, I think, my 5th whole30? I've been doing them roughly once every 10 months. I have some fitness goals in addition to the food plan, and I'm going to try to stay busy doing some new things. Already I'm missing snacks! I'd love one right now but I'll have some tea and hang on until dinner. Good luck everyone!
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    bethross reacted to GRiv in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    I started today, too:)   This is my first time. Tired of feeling tired and bloated and not fitting into any of my clothes!
    Feels like so many people are repeats and therefore old pros at this. I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but hopeful, too.  Thankful to have this forum as a resource.
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    bethross reacted to SusanS in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    I'm starting today too! And I'm glad all of you are here doing the same. And many veterans...

    So, I did one Whole30 before (about 2 years ago) and it was transformational. It definitely improved my eating and lifestyle overall, but I've slowly slid to less awesome eating and living. I started a Whole about 6 months ago wanting to remedy this, but I had a hard time sticking to it, and only made it about two weeks—mostly because of poor planning. Looking back, I wasn't fully prepared to do the second one and should have done it more intentionally and consciously.
    This time in doing this Whole30, I am more prepared. I think and hope the biggest differences will be
    (a) I wrote some things down about my reasons, my goals and my outcomes  (b) I'm committing to it here with all of you (c) I signed up for the email of 30 days from Whole30 Daily (d) I have a public calendar in my house to track progress. (Even though, I'm the only one in the house doing it, my husband is supportive and is doing his own self-improvement regimen.) I'm excited. Let's do this! 
    @MMF - I'm in Denver. Where are you?
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    bethross reacted to MMF in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    I'm also starting today. My daughter got married Saturday, which was basically the cherry-on-top of a summer of somewhat-compliant eating and not-compliant wining. I'm on it today, and like you, am not feeling my best. Where are you located? 
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    bethross reacted to u4ic1 in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    September 5 start date here too!  Got busy this weekend, and didn't do ALL the planning that I planned to do.  Ironic, eh?  I've done a successful whole30 before, so I have a better idea of how it's going to do than the first whole30 I did.
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    bethross reacted to EmilyB456 in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    I'm starting today as well!  I've done two Whole 30's before but need to work on how much sugar I am eating.  :-/  Time to get my act together.
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    bethross reacted to Volcom4em in Start date Tuesday September 5th   
    Hi everyone. I've done two whole thirties already and I love the whole thirty so much. I've gained weight since then and definitely not proud of where I'm at right now. My self control is weak. And my skin isn't as healthy as it used to be. I also have somewhat of an addiction to aspartame, gum and sweet N low. I think a lot of my lack of self control is due to lack of sleep. I'm Committed to a fresh start tomorrow and getting rid of the sugar dragon. Thank you. 
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    bethross reacted to SugarcubeOD in July 1st Whole30!   
    The detox symptoms (suck) that you get are directly related to how what you've been eating in the past week... if you go to town and eat all the non compliant food in your house (especially sugar and carbs) instead of donating, tossing or hiding, you're going to most likely regret that...
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    bethross reacted to Melmatte in July 1st Whole30!   
    I'd love to join you. I'm starting on the 3rd.  This will be my first time, so I could use all the help and encouragement I can get. 
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    bethross reacted to BiancaD in July 1st Whole30!   
    Hi starting on the 3rd as well. Let's do this. Hello from Germany btw.  I am Bianca
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    bethross got a reaction from Melmatte in July 1st Whole30!   
    I will be starting on July 3rd. I just ate sugary cereal to help my emotions. 
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    bethross reacted to snowflower in July 1st Whole30!   
    @bethross there's a thread started for July 1st starters if you'd like to join us there....
    and any of you July 3rd starters can join us, too!
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    bethross reacted to JackieJax in July 1st Whole30!   
    I'm starting on the 3rd! I'd love to join you for at least 28!
    I tried earlier this year but wasn't prepared enough and lasted two weeks. Lol. The results in 2 wks were astounding so I'm excited for the whole 30 days
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    bethross got a reaction from JackieJax in July 1st Whole30!   
    This will be my second Whole30; my first one was in April of this year.
    It is time for me to do it again.
    Anyone want to join me for 30 days?
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    bethross reacted to Robin Strathdee in Post Whole30 Logs   
    Hi friends!
    The fabulous Renee, moderator extraordinaire, has brought to our attention that there are several post Whole30 logs hanging out in this topic. We LOVE that you're keeping logs, and we wanted to give you guys your own section to do just that! So, there's now a section in the Community area of the forum for your Post W30 logs! Don't be surprised, or offended, if you find your log moved over there in the next few days. We're just working to keep things as organized as possible for all of you :0)
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    bethross reacted to ArtFossil in May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??   
    Larabars are approved for emergency use only, not for "snacks." (They are basically candy bars.) Anything you can anticipate or plan for--your work schedule, running errands, a sporting event--is not an emergency as its easy to carry a Whole30 meal with you. If your meal doesn't satisfy you for 4-5 hours, you need to eat more, and make sure your meals are composed according to the template of protein, fat and veggies. If you become hungry between meals because your meal's delayed or because of your activity level, etc, eat a "mini meal" of protein plus fat and/or veggies, not a Larabar. 
    I can testify that the three template meals a day - no snacking recommendation has huge benefits. Try it!
    You can find the meal template here.
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    bethross reacted to 50andstillhere in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    Hi there - I too have been checking to see if anyone is posting and I miss the positive feedback. 
    My reintrodctions were interesting this time around. It seems that I tolerate beans ok and some dairy, but I are out in a restaurant - cheese cake factory and had a horrible stomach ache.  I am not sure if it was due to the salad dressing or blue cheese. On the other hand I ate at very upscale Italian restaurant and had fried calamari and I had no problems. I think for me it depends on the quality of food. I am still trying to avoid gluten but I am eating some carbs like rice.
    Keep posting!!
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    bethross got a reaction from MaineMom in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    Hello Jklovey71,
    I have only reintroduced bread, peanuts, and honey. I really did not do well with no sweetener in my tea. I like having honey in my tea. 
    I am going to make the Whole30 a lifelong habit. 
    I am 46 and I have the flattest stomach I ever had.
    That is great that you fit into smaller clothing!!!
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    bethross reacted to jklovey71 in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    Has everyone fallen off the map? Or I must not be getting notifications. In the process of moving and I found a donation bag of clothes, with a couple of pairs of pricey jeans that I could no longer fit into. Really. I was convinced, at 45, this body was where it was at, and those cute Hudsons were relics of my past. Good news! They fit, and I'm keeping 'em. 
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    bethross reacted to MaineMom in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    I added Greek yogurt and didn't have any negative reaction, but one dinner I added grated Parmesan cheese to ratatouille (which was dinner) and had horrible cramps and nausea that woke me up all night. That was a total shocker! So tonight I added a lot less to see what happens. The first time I had it, I wanted to eat too much of it because it had been off limits and I do love cheese.
    I haven't reintroduced anything else yet...because I'm realizing that I need to keep eating mostly the same as the Whole30 food plan to stay in control for now. Hopefully that will cement good habits.
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    bethross reacted to WholeRunner in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    I've reintroduced non-gluten grains and legumes so far, but both in a very limited capacity. Tomorrow I'm trying soy - I'm pretty concerned about that, I have a hunch it could be one of my digestive issues. I'm almost more comfortable with my regular whole 30 days in between!
    I've also had one major sugar bomb, and it made me feel terrible afterwards. Not because of guilt, but because I crashed! I could barely keep my eyes open at work. I've certainly learned the consequences. I'm still weighing if it was "worth it", it was delicious and I enjoyed every last crumb, but I wasn't loving how it made me feel.
    Also I finally weighed myself! I only lost one measly little pound but I lost 2.5" inches off my waist. Good reminder some numbers might show better results than others.
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    bethross got a reaction from MaineMom in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    I have not reintroduced anything yet. I am scared to have bread because that was my Sugar Dragon.
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    bethross reacted to jklovey71 in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    I'm with you. I had hummus today, peanut butter, and then black beans. No immediate weirdness with the hummus or PB, but the black beans feel heavy. Like they are sitting a little too long. 
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    bethross reacted to ladyshanny in Reintroduction/Continuation Discussion for April 1 Forum   
    It depends on if you feel like a bit of gas was worth eating the beans for.  
    Beans create gas because their sugars are too large to pass through the small intestinal wall so they make it into the large intestine intact. Your gut bacteria get to work on devouring them and that creates excess gas which is released. It doesn't mean you're allergic to beans or that they are harming you, mostly it's just a matter of how severe the gas is for you, personally, and whether or not you want to eat beans, knowing they cause you gas issues.