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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I think the trick here is to take a page from AA and not think about the long haul but rather just one day at a time. I actually think a lot about what I eat these days- both in terms of planning what I'll cook and savoring the textures, aromas and tastes of what I'm eating. For me, I think the extra time planning and prepping meals is a kind of substitute for eating between meals when I'm missing an afternoon or evening snack.
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    bethross reacted to IndustriousJoy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    That's a good thing!  I didn't expect to get bored this late in the game. The reality that what I'm eating now should pretty much be what I always eat with a few treats thrown in is setting in hard. I don't really miss anything except corn--I really miss not thinking so much about what I eat!  That's what got me here in some ways, though. This really is the tip of the iceberg. Learning to live a new life of more meal prep and planning is kind of hard.
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I'm planning to do another Whole 30 myself and am planning to weigh on the first day of the new 30, take some pictures and some measurements.
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    bethross reacted to MaineMom in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    That is AWESOME! I am so impressed that you've had the courage to wean yourself off that stuff! (I've had to do it with two different highly addictive meds so I totally get how scary it is.) Whole30 has def helped me with my issues too. Funny how what we put in our bodies affects us!  
    As for the scale issue, I'm the one who broke that rule on Day 20 and it motivated me to continue rather than give up, so it was the right decision for me. Obviously a moderator may say differently, but I say it's your call. You've abided by the 30 day no scale rule, so no one can shame you there. Maybe think about what your purpose for getting on would be, and how you imagine it will affect you. It's great that you know your body has changed, from how clothes fit to losing your nighttime anxiety...the latter being the most important one. Let us know what you decide! 
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    bethross reacted to Scolvin2303 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    DAY 27 GUYS! We have almost made it! So proud of everyone! I wanted to clarify something and I think I already know the answer. ;P If I am going for a Whole45...should I wait until day 45 to step on the scale and take "after photos?" I am itching to see how much weight I have lost! I feel SO good and my clothing is feeling looser. My coworkers are also commenting on how thin I look. Woo! But, I know it is not all about weight loss, so let me focus on a non-scale victory next. For the past 7 years I have suffered from anxiety, particularly before bedtime. The thought of going to sleep gives me anxiety! Will I get enough sleep? Will I ever fall asleep? Cue the panic attack. I had a goal before starting the Whole30 to begin to wean off of my xanax medication before bed. The Whole30 is helping me accomplish this goal! I have been able to gradually decrease my medicine without the anxiety I thought I would and I am falling asleep SO much easier. I am so thankful for this! 
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Thanks- you too!
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    bethross got a reaction from IndustriousJoy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I am with you Alaska!! I have never enjoyed the taste of food as much as now. I am going to make more recipes out of the cookbook.
    Have a great day!!!!
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    bethross got a reaction from MaineMom in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Thank you so much for creating this group!!!
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    bethross reacted to brittanyxo in The First 30. Round 3.5. Going For 120.   
    You can find/follow me: bpow.fits.happy .... I have whole 30 posts about a year back with lots of yummy recipes, and I will be posting more in the next few months.
    @ShannonM816 Yes! I follow many of those. I just try to search the #Whole30 hashtag for more info and it's always muddled with garbage... Or people on fitness plans doing actual non-Whole30 programs who hashtag Whole30?? Blech.
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    bethross reacted to Tara A. in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Hello everyone! Joining for the April 1 start. I want to do a Whole60 this time, so will be going till June.  I am a 38 y.o. woman living in the Northwest.
    I did a Whole30 with friends last year, in August, and felt great, lost weight (about 13 lbs), gained energy, etc. However the results didn't end up sticking long term for a number a reasons. Making a Whole60 commitment this time as I read that it takes 8 weeks to change habits, so want to give myself a chance to have those sync in.  My friends are not doing it with me this time, and that's a shame because I found community support to be a big success factor last year. Hope to find (and provide!) similar support here!
    I experimented with paleo challenges and lifestyle even before discovering Whole30, and know for fact and not from some book that  it's the best for me, the trick is to actually stick with it. So... basically using these 2 months as a way to jumpstart a long term lifestyle change, which will involve 80/20 paleo and regular workouts.

    Will make sure to make it to Trader Joe's around Friday and get salads, cauliflower rice, sweet potato pasta, etc.  Excited to start!
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    bethross reacted to Kaylakat in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I feel much more confident now! I downloaded much needed grocery lists etc. on the site. Tonight is the night to purge my kitchen.... not sure how I feel about that but I do know that my coworkers will enjoy my goodies 
    Is anyone else ridding their fridges of non whole 30 foods?
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    bethross reacted to LB345 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Welcome everyone! This is going to be fun! Let's take the time to check in with each other throughout the process.... reach out for support when we are feeling weak (but i reeeeeally want a glass of wine...) and congratulate each other for doing so well!  
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    bethross reacted to Cran in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    (deep breath)
    I am going to do my first run starting April 1.  I honestly don't know if I will be able to do it, as I love my food, especially rice and bread and even junk.  I thought maybe if I got involved here with others going through it, then maybe I will be able to make it through.  (gulp)
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    bethross reacted to DianeD in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I LOVE your name, ChangeIsComing! Yes, you are about to embark on a journey of change along with the rest of us. I decided to take the "Non-scale Victories" list and check those things that are affecting me now, Then compare it to how I feel at the end of the 30 days.
    You can do this!
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    bethross reacted to DianeD in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    HI Mike,
    You may want to tell your wife that this is not a diet. It is learning how food affects you and then making the adjustment based on your needs. If she is still "anti Whole 30", accept that, but ask her not to sabotage you. And make sure you do not judge her in return. You are doing this for YOU! 
    I am trying to do some meal planning, so I can grocery shop tomorrow and make some meals on Saturday for the freezer. I think if I have something I can grab out of the freezer to take to work for lunch and have for a quick dinner, it will be helpful. Breakfasts will be my challenge.
    You are not alone. We are here to support each other!
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    bethross reacted to Anna I. in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I just started March 26th and I am flying solo, also. I'm trying to convince hubby to join in, but he likes his sweets too much. I'm with all of you cheese lovers.  I totally miss having cheese.
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    bethross reacted to ChangeIsComing in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Oh and my eyes and swollen face are also testament to how poor my health currently is so I decided to use that as motivation to stay on track.  Hopefully my photo after 30 days will look a whole lot healthier
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    bethross reacted to ChangeIsComing in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I am with all of you on this journey towards improved health and well being.   My BFF has been doing Whole30 for a couple of months and she has never felt better.  She doesn't know what to do with all of her energy.  I, on the other hand, have zero energy and am suffering from Lyme Disease which is exasperated by inflammation.  I am starting this journey on April 1st along with all of you and look forward to knowing that we are all in this together.   My starting point sees me with terrible joint pain, brain fog, neck aches and absolutely no energy.  Let's see what gifts we will all reap in the next 30 days!!!
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    bethross reacted to LB345 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Welcome to the team!!! I like to see the Whole30 as a personal challenge to get through the 30 days! I am very competitive so I feel that helps!   
    We can do this together!

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    bethross reacted to LB345 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Hi Mike! 
    Welcome to the group!  This is in no way a fad diet. It is a 30 day re-set. And you are going to feel so good afterwards! You will be able to say 'I told you so'!  

    You got this!!!
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    bethross reacted to Ahavah in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Hello, friends! I'm actually starting April 2, but I would love to have some buddies too. I have a lot in common with the OP. I've done it successfully before but skipped introduction in favor of binging. I'm going to try to stay on the straight and narrow this time!

    I've also done it unsuccessfully a couple of times. I seem to get REALLY sick right after I start, and I just couldn't keep up with cooking. I just got over being REALLY sick, so I hope I have a grace period now. And I'm trying to stop sodas ahead of time so that the first week isn't so bad.
    I just got The Whole30 book and look forward to trying a lot of their delicious recipes. I've got my bone broth simmering now and a list of freezer meals to make today and tomorrow!
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    bethross reacted to JHiggs in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Hello! I'm also starting April 1st!
    I'm really glad I found this forum, this is my first time doing the Whole30 too!! I'm nervous and excited.
    In the past I very much lacked self control so this is going to be quite the test. I have never joined anything online and chose to because I am also flying solo on this adventure, Hubby isn't ready yet . While he will be supportive, I knew if I wanted to really succeed I would need to find people who know what I'm going thru everyday. And here you are...PHEW!
    I LOVE my sweets, pastas and breads...I will miss them dearly. (for now, hopefully) I've been prepping myself and the fridge but now that it's almost "GO" time I'm freaking out a little bit.
    So glad to have found some other "first-ers".... Here's to a healthy April and beyond!
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    bethross reacted to WholeRunner in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I'm starting April 1 too!
    I don't have any whole 30 buddies at home either, but something in my diet makes me physically ill and I've got to figure out what it is! It's worth doing it on my own to get that taken care of and never having digestive pain again.
    I'm a little too sad about giving up my post-work glass of wine ...
    My fridge is stocked and ready to go! I'm working on easing into a compliant diet rather than starting cold on Saturday.
    Glad there's a mini-community starting on this forum
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    bethross reacted to Chinookmt in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I will be starting April fools day! I hope this a good thing. I've heard that God uses fools to confound the wise.
    This is my 1st time doing the whole 30. I'm hoping for a lot of support. I will be starting on my own. My dear wife does not think I should be doing this. She is thinking this is just another "fad diet". There is no reasoning with her. It doesn't matter that it was recommended by my psychiatrist and endorsed by my PCP. Her mind is made up. 
    I will do all the planning, grocery shopping and cooking. I plan on making enough for two, so when she finds out how great the meals are, she will want some. If not, l will have a great lunch the next day.
    Hope to hear some encouragement the whole 30!
    The best to all, Mike T
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    bethross reacted to jmluciano0314 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I'm starting April 1st, too! I first heard about the Whole30 almost 2 years ago and have all of the books and follow the social media accounts, but haven't actually done a Whole30 before. I'm excited to start!