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    bethross reacted to Whole Nerdy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Hello, checking in here, Day 22 of 1st Whole 30. Mainly looking to contain uncontrolled snacking and be in deep dialogue with various sugar demons. What I noticed right away on this diet is that my attitude toward my food changed. I am much more conscious, organized, and intentional towards my food. I am not buying food on impulse, taking a few bites, and then discarding it for my next treat. This is important because I used to be vegetarian, and now I am eating meat in a pretty serious way and wanting to respect the animal by not throwing out more than I need to. Even my fridge is neater and cleaner--although I'm eating at home as much as possible, so it's full of food. 
    Up until a couple days ago, my sugar craving was continual. To satisfy it, I kept snacking, although with compliant ingredients--you know, an apple slathered with sun butter, followed by berries in coconut milk, followed by pistachios and dried fruit, followed by... well, you get the idea. Melissa keeps saying in the Whole30 book not to do this, and I thought the sugar cravings would subside and I would stop snacking, but it didn't happen. Finally I decided to seize the beast by the horns and cease snacking, and cut out nuts and dried fruit for the last 10 days. (I do plan to use sun butter to make Sunshine Sauce.) Since that happened--voila--those awful sugar cravings have mostly gone away. And I thought it was all physical. Hah. It's habitual--which I believe is the point of these guidelines. So I feel encouraged. Reversing a habit is no easy thing.
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    bethross reacted to IndustriousJoy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Happy Earth Day everyone!  The past three days have been full of, dare I say, "boundless energy!"  I think it's going to stick around.  Honestly, I never want to not feel this way again.  This makes me feel like a regular person--the kind that is actually motivated to clean their house, cook something, take a walk around the block to meet neighbors, etc.  If you're not experiencing the energy yet, I'd encourage you to stick with the process as long as it takes.  I'd also say this: having "boundless energy" has not made me feel super happy or have some kind of emotional high.  For me, it has just meant that I can do significantly more with my time than I was doing before.  Almost every day the girls and I go out to a program of some sort for a couple of hours, then I come home completely fatigued--2-3 hr afternoon nap, chores pile up, little planning of meals, etc.  Now I can just do things without it being so hard.  If you're starting out with a health condition, just look out for the feeling being able to do more, even if it's not "boundless" to someone else (because that doesn't matter).  
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Both recipes sound so yummy but I'm glad I saw the comment about the oatmeal. I will save that for a treat sometime when I'm not doing Whole 30.
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I've had the same experience with licking my fingers when there's something non-compliant on them. So far have stopped myself just in the nick of time and now my husband has started the program too, so no more worries on that score.
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I'm afraid I can't help you. I'm totally lost when it comes to these things and had to get help just to add a picture to my profile.
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    bethross reacted to amandapilk in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    YES! Coffee filters work great, I use just 1 at a time and put it inside a metal strainer and strain over a bowl! No need to buy fancy cheesecloth  
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    bethross reacted to jklovey71 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Haha, oh, it's been in my frig for a while....getting limp and pruney-looking . I forget that soups are perfect for neglected veggies. And thank you! The flavor matched the photo. Happy to eat leftovers a few times. 
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    bethross got a reaction from IndustriousJoy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    You don't need to use cheese cloth? I would imagine that coffee filters are easier than cheesecloth.
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    bethross reacted to 50andstillhere in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Rotating food is important but since I am doing this solo, I eat the same thing , for the most part for breakfast  and most lunches. Now it is little boring but it helps if you are busy. I rely heavily on compliant sausage, sweet potatoes, avocados and triple washed lettuce.  I always have a big batch of soup available too. I eat a lot of tuna fish and eggs and salmon.
    Don't worry about being a gourmet cook. It takes time to try recipes.
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    bethross reacted to Kathleen1969 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I was just talking to my Naturopath about this. She told me to increase my starches and water intake. So I did.. I have had a good portion of sweet potato or Yukon gold potato at every meal along with trying to drink half my body weight in water and it has helped a lot. 
    She also told me that a lot of people never get the "tiger blood" that we are all waiting anxiously for. She said when she did whole30 it took her 4 months to actually start feeling really good.  She obviously didn't go into Whole30 with bad dietary habits either. So we just have to be positive and tweak some things so that we feel better and see what happens I guess. 
    I can say I do notice weight loss for sure  and better bowel functions. I have learned that I can no longer eat raw veggies. Which is sad because I love a good salad. But if I do, my bowels just seize up. It's horrible.  
    Its definitely been a learning experience. 
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    bethross reacted to Kaylakat in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I have made egg roll in a bowl, lots of red and green curry dishes with chicken and fresh veggies, taco salads, white chicken chili, baked chicken wings with buffalo sauce and ghee. I really like adapting my regular recipes and making them healthier. I have tried the adelles but they are so salty that I just can't do them anymore. I microwave bacon once in awhile and make homemade marinara with ground beef. For breakfast it's mostly eggs, eggs, eggs. I spice it up with hot sauce or salsa and add list of veggies such as mushrooms and peppers. The only problem I have is I can only cook when my toddler goes to bed and that becomes so tiring. I have to prep my lunch and make my dinner, clean the house up etc. By bedtime (11) if I am lucky I am so exhausted I just pass out. My energy lately is great through out the day and when I come home from work. No more crashing at 1 after lunch!! I am excited to see how the next week goes. 
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    bethross reacted to amandapilk in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    What kind are you looking for? From the cookbook? I have made tons I found online, some really good, if you just want some general ideas.
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    According to the daily email that I signed up for this is a common phenomenon called an "extinction burst", which is your brain's last ditch effort to get more of the things it was used to getting before you started this new eating habit. So be of good courage and hang in there. This won't last.
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    bethross reacted to amandapilk in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Thank you!! I am going to look more into that, hope it goes away!! Can be discouraging! 
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I've been reading a really interesting book by Charles Duhigg called The Power of Habit  that you might find helpful. He talks about ways to identify what triggers cravings and how to take alternative action rather than give in to them.
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    bethross reacted to amandapilk in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Yes! That really seems to be my problem! I know its a craving and I know the book says, 3 mins and it will go away. At the beginning, I was taking a walk, checking emails , drinking some "pretend" wine (seltzer water on ice), having hot tea.. lots of things the book recommended and I was breezing through those cravings. Turning down cake, and donuts in the break room, candy and coffee runs at 3pm. All those bad habits everyone else still has. I'd remind myself that it wasn't about food, or being bored or weight lose, etc., that I want and NEED to be a healthy person. And food is the most important thing! I was feeling so confident. 
    Last few days, the cravings just don't go away, I drink hot tea and think OMG I need a banana! lol Almond butter is the only thing I have in my house that is remotely "no brakes", so I am craving good food- nuts and fruits mostly, but out of line with how my cravings were, they were completely gone. So, I think if I could figure out the actual trigger, then I would be better at pushing the cravings back to their dark hole!!! Thank you very much for your support!! I just knew I had to jump on here and give out my cry for help, 2 spoons of almond butter later, okay maybe 3!  
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    bethross reacted to amandapilk in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Just got book!! Gonna start reading NOW!! Thanks again! Going to make it through tonight and be strong!! 
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    bethross reacted to jklovey71 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Day 20 for this one. There was a locally made, organic icecream food truck outside our building today for Employee Appreciation week. WTH. Local, organic creamy icecream made by a bunch of young ladies from SanFrancisco. Oh, and Tuesday was burgers and hotdogs (had a burger wrapped in lettuce), Weds was pizza, Thurs was sushi, and today organic icecream and donuts! And other co-workers repeating, 'Oh did you get your icecream? There's pizza in the breakroom. Have a donut!' OMG. At one point, a coworker kept repeating it rudely, even after I reminded her about Whole30, and I eventually snapped back ....'I KNOW!' 
    It's ok though. I did fine. I was prepared! Body isn't craving like it was before. Moods are stabilizing, and my PMS isn't as bad as before.
    So, WHole30 is work. It definitely takes time to shop, prep, and plan. Feels worth it though. Being single, and having leftovers, I try to get creative with making new meals out of foods Im growing tired of? (first world problems!) Here's a pic of some Mexican theme chunky soup I concocted with chicken thighs, leftover NY strip, and taco meat I froze 19 days ago. Threw in some cabbage, carrots, green onions, cilantro, jalapeno, old zucchini, lime. Ate this for 2 days, no problem. Always a few quarts of bone broth in the freezer!

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    bethross reacted to amandapilk in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Simmer it in a pot, and then filter with coffee filter, works much better! Lots of youtube videos on how to do it also. Also trader joes (if you have those) has a compliant brand! 
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    bethross reacted to Carol in Bone soup questions   
    I first make the bone broth, then I pour it in to small (8-12 oz) mason jars without shoulders, and refrigerate overnight.
    As it cools, most of rendered fat will rise to the top and solidify, like a disk.   I then remove the disk of fat with a table knife.   If I use ordinary grocery store bones, I throw it out.   Sometimes the fat from these mass-market meats doesnt even solidify, which disturbs me.
    Meat from the farmstand, I put the disk of fat in to a "snack size" ziploc type bag. The bags I use hold about a cup.   These bags l are not freezer safe, so I stuff the little bags in to a quart size ziploc freezer bag (pic attached) and store in the freezer.    
    I then use the disks of fat in place of cooking oil.  I'll break the disk in half if i don't need to use all of it.   (Pic attached) They add an amazing flavor to a meat sauce or meaty entrée!   Plus using the tallow also offers a bit of a break from "coconut overload" of paleo cooking.  
    Once the broth has cooled, I'll keep a few jars in the fridge and freeze the rest.   If you freeze the broth in a jar, do NOT use a jar with shoulders or any shape that curves inwards towards the center of the jar.   This shape can easily break as the broth freezes and expands.   The jar must be straight up and down, or angle outwards from the center of the jar.
    I like the small jars because I prefer to freeze as much as I can, but still reach for broth whenever I need it -- adding some to sauce, braising liquids for meats, livening up reheated leftovers. The small jars only need a minute or two in the microwave to defrost.
    I absolutely love the gelée created by homemade bone broth and nosh on the gelée as a pre-dinner snack when my BF is late getting home.   I've also enjoyed it as part of my breakfast.  If you like it too, and want to make the gelée from frozen gelatinous broth, it will need to be reheated.   Bring the broth to a boil, then remove from heat.   Pour in to a clean jar and refrigerate overnight, it should gel back up nicely.

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    bethross reacted to J9er in Bone soup questions   
    I personally skim most of the fat from my bone broth once it has cooled and hardened. My bones are usually well sourced, so I use the fat for other cooking uses, like roasting veggies in. But it's totally a personal choice. I just don't really care for the mouthfuls of hot fat - and I'm a fat lover! But it's just not my thing in bone broth. 
    You can drink as much bone broth as you like. You will be getting lots of minerals and the amino acids missing in our modern day diet. It adds to your nutrition and doesn't replace anything, so consider it over and above the template meals you eat. 
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    bethross reacted to IndustriousJoy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    The past three days there has been a definite increase in my energy levels. My afternoon slump is shortening, and the kids and I make better use of our afternoons and evenings because I'm not dragging. I do wish that cooking wasn't taking so much of my extra time and energy, though. There are a few new recipes I'm getting good at, so things are getting a little easier and more streamlined. I think I'm pretty much entering Tiger Blood--or what it will look like for me!
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    bethross reacted to SugarcubeOD in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Look online first, check out what might work and then ask questions when you get there.  You can google 'whole30 guide to dining out' for help in what to look for.
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    bethross reacted to Michelle Arthur in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    A friend wants to meet tomorrow for lunch at Panera.  Anyone know of anything compliant there to drink or eat? I was thinking a salad and bring my own dressing... maybe tea?
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    bethross reacted to Alaska Woman in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    That's gotta be a real bummer. The only thing I can offer is don't quit yet because it may be that your system has been so messed up from past eating practices and perhaps food allergies you didn't know you have that it will just take longer for things to get better. I know I'm planning to do a "Whole 60" for that very reason.