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    Can I be completely crass and say that when I read this, I thought it was short hand for a curse word? I was like "Yes! I've been there in that moment too."
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    Who knows about sluggish GI - lots of reasons.  Too little water could be a big one.  Even 60 oz isn't all that much *especially* in a dry hospital environment.  Poor gut flora could be another.  Have you taken lots of abx over your life?  Do you take a probiotic?  Eat fermented foods?  Those might be worth a shot.  Not moving much obviously can contribute as well but it sounds like between being an RN and walking you probably get lots of movement in.  Hormonal stuff - for 6 months post partum or so I pooped nothing but rabbit pellets no matter what I did and then one day it just stopped.  FODMAPS, SIBO, other acronyms... "poor gut function" can be quite the whack a mole game... 
     I'd try the magnesium and see if it helps.  I take Magnesium Serene - I get it on Amazon.  There are other brands too.  You can dive into the wormhole of which type of Mg to buy (I have) and although citrate doesn't get a thumbs up from every source it has been working for me for years so I stick with it.  Oh, and adding fat can help too - lubes things up it seems  If you ever feel really stuck try melting 2 tbsp of coconut oil and taking it like a shot on an empty stomach - holy bowel emptying... Or maybe these for a more gentle push.  
    Nice job on the 8 days!
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    Do you take Magnesium?  Might help on the poop front.
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    That is a bold step with the alcohol.  Good for you  That takes guts!  The Torani is even better!  Wine has some positive health benefits associated with it - but I'm pretty sure the Torani has none!  It sounds like a great mindset too... lets just see what happens if today I don't drink.  And when you do that over and over and over suddenly you've had no wine for a month or two.  
    We have a "crunchy" store that sells a brand of the vanilla powder - if that store weren't around I assume it would have to be an Amazon purchase.  
    Neuro... and nights.  I couldn't do that.  But I guess we all find our niches.  I do pediatrics which I know lots of adult RNs say they could never do.   
    Have you ever heard of Chemical Pie?  When I was a teacher I used to give the kids the recipe and they could make it on Pi day.  I don't know if your kids are too old to get a kick out of this but its kinda neat in an "how can this taste like apples?" sort of way.
    Nice job on no weighing and tracking.  I spent YEARS in that wormhole.  Ugh.  Whenever friends try the If It Fits Your Macros thing I just think about all the hours of their life they'll never get back weighing and tracking their food... Such a better mental space to be in to "just eat real food".  I may not have a 6 pack abs but I'll trade that for a bit of sanity around food any day!  Have you read Gary Taubes book Why We Get Fat (or something like that)?  He presents a lot of the science that shows our bodies are not just little bomb calorimeters and the fallacy of calories in = calories out.  Because I'm a science nerd that book was really what made me stop tracking calories.  
    Anyway, have either a good day or a good sleep!
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    First, lets address this coffee issue  Are you using coconut  cream?  Like canned full fat coconut cream (TJ, WF sell it)?  Do you have a milk frother?   Frothing it makes a huge difference.  That vanilla powder stuff... big difference too.  Try it.  I *bet* you'll like it!  Or have you tried Nutpods?  I like the French Vanilla flavor.  Better than Torani
    Glad you found a way to enjoy the pizza dinner!  And sun and exercise are nature's way of making you feel better!  Though, I'm not sure you are right that there was too much bacon in your stew...
    No idea how you do night shift... Are you an RN, RT, MD? 
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    I am not new to Whole30, but I am new the these forums. I have done the Whole30 a few times, but this last time was truly a game changer. I am an avid triathlete and have used the Whole30 at times to "get back" to healthier eating, but never did a proper reintroduction or really deal with my unhealthy relationship with food. I finished a Whole30 about a month ago, and this time I used to the Whole30 Day by Day journal. The daily reflection really helped me to start to see where my behavior patterns were unhealthy. I also read Food Freedom Forever. Talk about eye-opening! I am a recovered alcoholic (sober 11 years) and I was amazed at the parallels in the journey to quit drinking and the journey to have a healthy, balanced relationship with food. After the Whole30 I went out of town for 2 weeks. The first week I was sailing along in Food Freedom, but the second week got a little rough. The beauty is, I came home and immediately started a two week mini-reset and I start a 7 day reintroduction tomorrow. For the first time, I am seeing this as more than running faster or staying thin. I am recognizing that I have work to do that is deeper than that. I have opted to become active on these forums as a way to reinforce that commitment. 
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    Just tossing this out there.  Take it or leave it.  Have you noticed you feel better with, um, say, meals vs lara bar meals?  Or no Torani syrup ? What flavor syrup do you get?  If it happens to be vanilla...  buy something like this, mix it in with your coconut cream (I assume you mean the fatty part of coconut milk). A milk frother will really help things look and taste too-good-to-be-true.   Really, its good.  
    Your first meal would have been great if you had 3 eggs with it!  What was going on with that lunch?  Were you stuck somewhere without the ability to have real food?  That meal alone would send me *totally* off the rails.  Your last meal looks great to me!  Did it taste good?  I hope so  What caused the despair?  I guess I don't see a connection... You ate a bit too much of a tasty sandwich?  That is what people do when they go out to eat!  If you eat dinner out every night, yeah, maybe it is a habit you want to be really careful of, but if it is a infrequent occurrence?  Food intake can be a squiggly line - some days you eat less, others more.  But whatever it was it sounds like you found a way to give yourself some self-care with the dog snuggles and journaling.  How great you have some tools to help you when you feel down!  
    I get the food "mehs"!  Are there any foods you just really love that are super easy?  For me it is egg salad.  If I'm feeling meh - I make 3 eggs with a big blob of mayo.  It is healthy and it fills me up and it takes 2 minutes to make if the hardboiled eggs are in the fridge.  Otherwise I think you are right that you have to "fake it til you make it".  Put on some music, cook up those meals and then they are there.  You'll eat them because you won't want to throw them away!  And food ambivalence can be a good thing I think (as someone with much too much emotional attachment to food I wish I were more ambivalent).  If you don't *care* what you are eating - keep easy to cook meats and vegetables and maybe some sweet potatoes around and just eat them.  And then move on to exciting things like bouldering!  
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    Hi!  You mentioned not going out to exercise so you could spend time with the kids - are there things you can do together?  Do you go to the climbing gym with them? That seems like a perfect family movement activity!  
    And gosh, it seems like you need more water... or do you have to restrict it due to heart concerns?  48oz seems like not much, even if you are <100 lbs... and working in a dehydrating hospital.  I come home from work feeling like I walked through the desert even after drinking close to 100oz!  
    And, PS, thanks for working nights  Every time I get report at 7 AM I wonder how you guys do it...
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    Since starting eating the Whole30 way, many of my friends have asked questions, and for advice as they consider it too.   Here's a getting started summary, based solely on my own experience.   First, you are considering this for any number of reasons... for some it's the hope of weight-loss, for others, health issues such as allergies, inflammatory responses and other ailments that might be addressed by learning through the process which foods your body does not do well with.   I can tell you that I don't think I have any allergies to foods and didn't have any digestive issues plaguing me.  But I have terrible eating habits.  I love healthy food, but also ate way too many snacks and foods that were just empty, very tasty, but empty calories.  I have been successful with Weight Watchers in the past, several times.  Get that?  SEVERAL times.  So, I was tired of the yo-yo weight issue I lived with as a result of not changing my HABITS, and that was my real motivator for trying the Whole30.   I didn't want to count calories or points all my life, but understood that weight was a direct result of too many calories in and not enough burned off.  What I didn't understand is the way a healthy body burns calories, and mine was way off wack from a lifetime of splurging and self-denial.  The process is that the body goes first to sugars for fuel, and I had plenty of those coursing through my system!  Some of it, it turns out, I wasn't responsible for, or even aware.  It wasn't just the sweets I chose to eat, but I've learned that sugar is added to the craziest things you'd never dream of, and as a result, we ingest way more of it than we should, all day long.  I wasn't choosing all of that, but it was going in my body every day!  So, the short of it is, our body uses those sugars and leaves the rest of it, until needed.  And the way I was eating, the rest was never needed, staying on as extra pounds unless I deprived myself for a period of time - in a DIET.  After that time, of course, it would all come back because I was going back to eating the way I'd known for all my life.     So, for ME, and for my husband Dan too, we lost weight just by eating compliant to the Whole30 Plan of healthy proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and some fruit three times a day, and being sure that we were not leaving the table hungry.  I'm talking measurable, significant amounts of weight.   Also, I lost some of the hip, knee and foot pain that was pretty much with me all the time.  Is it just that the lower body mass was easier on my joints, or was I eating in a way that kept those areas inflamed?  I don't know.  But I know I'm eating compliant still most of the time, with small indulgences here and there, and I don't miss the weight OR the pains!!  (lol)   It's not a once and done, either.  I was looking for something I can live with, forever.  And I think I found it.  Eating well, feeling satisfied, and never having to DIET again.  It's a learning process of eating mindfully, sliding back into old habits, and bringing yourself into check again when you see it happening.  I think of it as a re-structuring of a lifetime of habits and way of thinking about foods as "good or bad", or worse yet, yourself for eating them!  I am still learning, and it will take many cycles before I can achieve what Whole30 calls "Food Freedom Forever", but I am closer now than I've ever been in my life, and I feel great too along the way!   OK, some tips to make it easier:  BUY these books and read them.  They will HELP YOU on this journey. 1)  'It Starts with Food',  2) 'Whole30 - 30 Day Guide to TOTAL HEALTH and FOOD FREEDOM', and 3) 'Food Freedom Forever'. You CAN do this without the books, but they are great resources, and isn't your health worth a little investment? NO, I am not a spokesperson for them and I don't get any commission if you buy. Book #2 has a sample week's menu that I used as my base when I started new.  It also has many recipes, some for some things I've never done before, like making my own mayonnaise! Participate in this Whole30 online forum.  There are many there who are more experienced than me, who are very generous with their knowledge, get you through some tough moments, and, most of your questions have probably been asked and answered there.  It's a great resource and source of support!  PLAN your meals.  Failure to plan = a "screw it"  attitude when your belly is talking to you and you don't know what you are going to put on your plate. Consider utilizing a meal planner.  I subscribed to, which integrates with Whole30.  This has a shopping list feature that is fantastic, tied to the menus selected for the upcoming week, has a supported facebook page/forum, and it lets me import my own favorite recipes too. PRE-COOK as much as you can, weekly or bi-weekly.   This is especially important for those that really hate to cook.  I don't hate it, but I hate to use my time cooking.  Some, really HATE it.  But we've got to eat.  Might as well make it as easy on yourself as possible. You've got to have 3 good meals x 7 days/week... in my mind...forever, which means I wanted to learn as much from this first 30 days experience as possible.  But only concern yourself about the next 30 days for now.  Some of what you are eating for dinner can be in breakfast tomorrow, or lunch the next day, or a full meal that you cooked double or triple of and froze for dinners next week, or weeks from now!  Cook large portions of protein, parcel them to servings, and freeze.  You can change up the menu by serving them as part of another grouping of vegetables and whole different set of spices, and it won't have to be the same-old, same-old. Speaking of spices - there are many good sources online for mixing up new combinations to keep your tastebuds VERY happy.  I'm loving this part. I rely on what I call "skillet meals" a lot - I love bringing raw or pre-cooked proteins and veg's, even fruit sometimes, together in layers in a pan on the stove, cooking in a healthy fat.  I never get tired of them, and Dan loves them too. Fritattas, started on the stove and finished up with the eggs on top and browning under the broiler - YUM!!!!  This recipe is SO versatile - anything goes!! TRY NEW FOODS that you thought you didn't like.  Be open-minded.  Once you start eating un-processed foods, you will be surprised at what fills you up, and what tastes good together, and you want to have as much variety of healthy, satisfying foods as you can get your hands on, so you won't ever get hungry or bored. PLAN your meals... and don't think of them as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They are meal #1, #2 & #3, and all foods are good at every hour of the day, not only the way you've been thinking of them your whole life.  Yes, even salmon (for me anyway)... great left-over in an egg frittata first thing in the morning! Don't give in and snack while on the Whole30 - just don't do it. Eat to fullness at each meal, and you won't. Plan and serve foods that you like at each meal, and you won't. Try not to snack AFTER the 30 days too - keep that bad habit from coming back.  Let your body work to process in a balanced nourishment cycle rather than peaks and valleys of too much/too little food intake. Staples in my pantry - reading labels to be sure anything packaged, canned or bottled is compliant to Whole30: Coconut Aminos Chicken and Beef Broth Coconut Oil Olive Oil Coconut Milk Sweet Potatoes Russet Potatoes Canned Sliced Potatoes Shredded frozen Potatoes Unsweetened Apple Sauce Canned Diced Tomatoes Salsa Canned Tuna Vinegars Nuts!  (Yum!!  Great, & healthy in recipes!) Vegetables of all kinds - fresh when possible, canned and frozen also though! Spiralized vegs - yes - it makes a difference - these are GREAT sauteed in a skillet! Riced Cauliflower - I've bought mine frozen from Whole Foods - usually 10-12 bags at a time, because I'm not there often. Onions Mushrooms Peppers Avocados (didn't know just how much I loved these!!  Yum!!) Eggs Spinach (fresh baby spinach - great nutrients and cook down from a big pile into tasty bites in your meal - I use it in fritattas, always) Squashes Turnip Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish, Frozen Shrimp Some becomes smoked and shredded, some cooked fast in pressure cooker, some cooked in slow cookers, some pre-assembled in patties, often with portions frozen for many, MANY future meals. Bananas Grapes Clementines Melons Berries Apples, and any other fruit in season!! Have an open mind.  This is not a punishment, but a gift that you are giving to yourself.  Anything worth having takes a little work, and so does this - at first.  Until it becomes second nature. If you are doing the Whole30 - it is only 30 days, and you can do THAT, right?   Of course you can!  Embrace it, and decide later whether you have learned anything useful about foods and your body, then use what you've learned to work towards a lifetime of good eating that keeps you healthy.    Hope this helps.  Good luck my friends!  
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    Hi, my name is Julie. Over two and half years ago, I weighed in at 192 pounds and 5'5" tall. Yup a bit overweight. I was suffering from severe depression mostly due to my vision loss and having to go on permanent disability. I couldn't sleep through the whole night, since I suffered from such heartburn and indigestion issues. A week would not go by without having at least one or two migraines. Basically, I was a hot mess.
    In October of 2015, I was visiting with a friend, was is going through chemo treatments. She was reading the Whole 30 Food Freedom book and raving about it. So, she explained the program to me, and I ordered the book through Kindle right then and there. When I got home a week later, I cleaned out the Kitchen, and started my 30day journey. It was rough for the first week, but have to say after that, it really just became a way of eating. I didn't think anymore, and even the cravings after the first week, pretty much was gone, not completely, but not as often.  After my 30 days I did a proper reintroduction and actually I hardly added any foods back in. Just basically my Greek Yogurt and Unsweetened Almond Milk. Had no desire for anything else. 
    Two and half years later, 40 pounds lighter, I STILL eat the same way. Once in a blue moon, if I am celebrating something, I will have a piece of cake or a glass of wine, but the rest of the time, I have remained Food Free. I no longer suffer any and I do mean any of my past problems. Sleeping 8 hours is a breeze for me. Depression a thing of the past. My cholesterol levels dropped and I wasn't even thinking of that, but it was a plus. I haven't had one Migraine in all this time.
    I have never had to do another round of Whole 30, since I really achieved and maintained my first round of Food Freedom. My friends are all amazed, when we do go out, how controlled I am. I actually try to explain, it's not control, it's just how I eat, a healthy way of life. Truthfully, I'd rather cook my own meals then go out to eat. That alone is a miracle, as I hated to cook before hand, and ate all my meals out. I don't have cravings for Carbs, or Sugars. You know even when I do have that occasional piece of cake, I only take like a bite or two, cause its way to sweet for me. I truly don't even like anything sweet anymore. 
    Whole 30 is the way to go. It is the way to a healthy you, and a way to become free from all the junk and unneccessary sugary filled food. Once you get through those 30 days, you will see how completely your life will change, and how much happier and healthier you will be.
    It has changed my life so much, that I'm also now back in school (with the help of the Commission of the Blind) and working towards a Nutritionist Degree. That truly is how much Whole 30 changed my life. 
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    Hi!  I'm so glad you are here  So I'll let you in on a little secret.  Care plans are totally a made up thing.  As I'm sure someone who is a nurse has already told you, you will never use them in real life - at least in the way you use them in school.  I suppose they were created for those people going through nursing school who were truly not smart enough to be able to have a  thought process like this... hmm... I have a patient that is vomiting and has explosive diarrhea, I should probably keep an eye on their fluid balance.  Or maybe... hmm... I have a kiddo with RSV and since she was a former NICU baby she has crappy lungs, I should probably make sure she is breathing comfortably a hell of a lot of times today.  So in nursing school you write out 1,429,493 care plans to never write one again.  But I suppose some people need that kind of practice.  
    Anyway, go you and your 9 eggs and 2 oz of almonds  Oh, and I'm not sure I ever told you this - I think I am keeping NOW in business by purchasing vats of MCT oil to make mayo because of you.  I'm not kidding - we don't even get 5 days out of a jar with more than a cup of oil (maybe 1.25 c - I usually put in 275grams (yes, I do it on a scale so I don't need to get measuring cups dirty).  You doing keto/keto-ish still?  If you are ever looking for an almond alternative I love this stuff.  Its coconut manna but 1/5 the price.  
    Can't wait to get your next 29 updates!  Hope the kiddos and hubs are doing well (especially hubs!).  
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    Hey, friends!    
    I debated which forum to put this in.  Ultimately decided on the Post- section, for a few reasons (one being that I said I would never "do" another Whole 30... haha).
    I'm in for 30 compliant days ~ starting now.  And I know from experience that I will benefit from the accountability of posting here daily.
    I can't say that things will always be template, or that I will be following all of the recommendations that I know so well -- therefore, I'm not calling this a Whole 30.  I suppose technically it will be...  but I don't want anyone new to be reading through my log and critiquing it, or using it as an example of what to do.  I've been around a long time, I've figured out an awful lot about my body, and I am pretty good at listening to it (which I most assuredly was not years ago, when I was a newbie here).
    So.  It's telling me some things.  And these are all things I know... but what a difference there can be between what we know and what we do.  Especially when the stress is high -- and, woo-buddy, let me tell you -- I signed myself up for some stress!    But I love it.  There is nothing else I would rather be doing right now.
    I have said it here before, and I will say it again:  There is a tendency to sort of let things fall apart nutritionally at times when we really should be taking the very best care of ourselves.  I have an insane class load this semester... more classes than I should have.  But I don't really have a choice.  I know I can do it, but I need to be at my best -- mentally, physically, emotionally.  A big part of that IS sticking to the Whole 30 food list for me.  There is no doubt about that.
    I also dug my fitbit out of the drawer tonight, because I need to be more active again.  {Winter sucks.}  Yes, I have to sit down and do A LOT of school work, and yes, I have to sit in class a lot.  But I also need to get up & get moving more often.  Get the blood pumping.  I have to.  So I think I'll report my steps here, too.  It will help keep me motivated.
    I've also decided to check my FBG each day, so that's another reason I'm in the Post- section.  It's an interesting part of the overall health picture for me, and not something I have done on a daily basis...  hmm, maybe since the last time I was posting it here.  That's been awhile ago.  I used to really put a lot of stock in that number each day and let it affect me, but I now understand that there is so much more that goes into that number than simply the food we eat.  Stress, hormones, sickness, timing... so many things can make that number go up.  But I'd just like to see how it is trending... and I might as well report it here, along with my food and my steps.  Maybe something interesting will come of it ~ maybe not.
    Anyway, to my old Whole 30 friends, if you've actually read this far, thanks for being here.    I hope you'll stick around.  Here goes!
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    Starting Monday!