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    peacefullyfierce reacted to MadyVanilla in Fall 2021   
    Dinner was delicious last night.  Oven roasted potatoes rank above macaroni and cheese as comfort food, in my opinion.  There were some left over potatoes that I'm looking forward to frying up with an egg and greens later this week.  Plus, I had a nice long hike with the dog, which ended with a 1/4 mile run back to the car to avoid the impending thunderstorm.  Followed by a LONG yoga session.  I slept so well last night after spending a blissful afternoon/evening.  How easy it is to take good care of myself when I'm motivated to do so.  
    Day 24...though I need to check the dijon mustard I used on the potatoes - I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that the mustard, while Primal Kitchen brand, may not be W30 compliant.  
    M1-Another egg, bacon, mayo sandwich wrapped in collard greens.  With the addition of an heirloom tomato this morning.  So yummy!  I need to stop at the produce market for more collards.  
    M2-Chipotle lifestyle bowl  - I'm taking my daughter lunch at her new job today, and she requested Chipotle.  
    M3-Carnitas tacos with collard green "shells."  Topped with heirloom tomato, lettuce, and cilantro.  Blueberries and almond milk.  Plus I need to poach the chicken thighs since I didn't do that this weekend.  I need something for lunch tomorrow.  
    I'm hoping for another long hike, but I'm not sure if I'll get out of work in time. It's getting dark so early.  Once the time changes, I can get back to morning hikes (I hope my energy level agrees!).  I can walk around the neighborhood, but that just isn't as much fun.  Plus yoga, probably a short session tonight.  
    *I did check the dijon and it is W30 compliant.  Yay!  
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to ched235 in Postpartum Whole30   
    14 days in the books.
    iAy, Carumba !
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    I’ve had two really good days. I have made myself eat breakfast (actually almond milk and frozen fruit and chia seeds smoothie) and my lunch and dinner has been very high protein. I’ve not felt hungry or craving sugar at all, which considering the last month is quite surprising! 
    I’ve done 2 really busy days of working from home and now I’m having a few days off for autumn half term, so tomorrow I’m going to run in the morning then spend the day cleaning my house and sorting the kids rooms out. My food is all planned for the week. It is my daughters 18th on Friday so I will be having a meal out and wine, so technically I am not fully starting til Saturday. But even after 2 days I feel so much better. 
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to SchrodingersCat in Like a (broken) record, baby, round, round, round, (not on) round...   
    Here she goes.... here she goes again....
    Howdy peeps. I'm back. Again. Jeez I'm predictable. BUT this time is a bit different. It's not a round, it's not for set days, and it has slacker rules, so it's here in Post-Whole30. 
    I finally got to see the Allergenist and had a really big chat. The long and short of it is that there's no testing to be done, I have intolerances and not allergies, anything that claims to test intolerance is a scam (and usually an expensive one), that she agrees I've exhausted pharmaceutical treatments for migraines, that W30 has definitely shown the vertigo/migraines are food related, and that my options are either to stay majority W30 forever, or to do a 'round', get to my baseline of no migraines then do month long reintros of food groups until I get an answer.
    Few things she did say, and why this will be a modified W30 for me, is that:
    Because the migraines/vertigo are cumulative and not an immediate reaction to a trigger, I don't have to be 100% all the time, one day here and there won't flip me back to vertigo. I will basically ignore all W30 recommendations - I guess more paleo though I'll still avoid the sweets - this is about making a lifelong plan for the way I eat so the additional pressure of eating X times a day, not snacking, not having something because it may be compliant but isn't in the spirit of W30 or is SWYPO etc isn't helpful for me at this stage (in fact she agrees (and warned) that this feeds into disordered eating and my all or nothing mindset). In the past I've been a stickler for the avoid unless you can't oils, and she agrees that it's necessary at all - this opens up a lot of my possibilities for sauces, dressings, marinated veggies, etc - I have sundried tomatoes and marinated artichokes both with sunflower oil now.  She said I can keep dairy! Basically, I eat so little of it anyway  that she doesn't think it is the trigger and she's confident I can keep it in. If I get to where the vertigo would usually go away and it hasn't, I might have to rethink, but cheese and the occasional sour cream (all the dairy I really eat) stays in for now. She also said that avoiding sugar is a personal choice and not likely to be related to my migraines, but I want to avoid sweets because that's a whole other issue for me, so I will be ignoring small amounts of sugar in savoury foods i.e. in my jar of roasted peppers, where its the only non-compliant ingredient in sausage, smallgoods etc. The same for wine as an ingredient.  Even this will be a challenge, because there's a lot of events coming up (I have a BBQ this weekend - I'm cooking and it will be compliant, work Xmas lunch on the 27th, Thanksgiving the day after - won't be at all compliant, then of course heading into Xmas...) but I need to make this a long term thing.
    She's booked me with a dietician, but that's not until February, so I'm going it alone til then. I think I'll do my best between now and 1st week of Jan, do a proper W30 from 11 Jan 2021 (when I get back off holidays) and then I'll be strict on round when I see the dietician on 2 Feb and we can nut out what my reintro is going to look like. Of course, if I've got the vertigo under control by early Jan, I won't do a strict round.
    But, I do need to keep a diary so the dietician knows what she's working with. it's going to be a bit weird because I'll have to note what non-W30 stuff is in each thing, I guess. Here goes!
    Meal 1: lettuce, baby spinach and rocket with marinated artichokes (ingredients unknown), Hoyts sundried tomatoes (contains sulfites), grilled lamb leg steak and lemon juice.
    Meal 2: Red snapper with lemon garlic dill ghee, lettuce, baby spinach and rocket with marinated artichokes (ingredients unknown), Hoyts sundried tomatoes (contains sulfites). 
    Drinks: water, coffee with Mac milk, soda water with lemon and lime juice
    Snacks: raw cashews
    Meal 1: Frittata of baby spinach and rocket with marinated eggplant (ingredients unknown), Hoyts sundried tomatoes (contains sulfites), roasted red pepper (contains sugar), 3 eggs.
    Meal 2: Pork steaks on the BBQ, roasted cauliflower with a dijon, lemon, caper sauce, and seared asparagus.
    Drinks: water, coffee with Mac milk, soda water with lemon and/or lime juice
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Sasquatch in New to the program   
    Hello!  I am on day 5 of whole30 and loving it so far.  Surprisingly I haven't had any cravings or bad feelings even though I ate processed food and enough sugar to feed a large family on a daily basis.  I'm starting a colonoscopy prep today for procedure tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous, but I did find out how to remain compliant to whole30 by searching the forum.  I hope to generally feel better, have more energy, and hopefully address some autoimmune issues I have been fighting for the last 15 years using this program.  My husband and I are doing this together which is super helpful and we have a decent amount of support.  I still can't get over how delicious the recipes are and the combination of flavors has more than satiated my palate.  So happy to be here!!  ~Tara
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Lisa08 in Ms   
    Starting Whole 30! 10/25/21
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to elinve38 in Eczema be gone! Depression be gone!   
    DAY 8
    coffee; 3-egg omelette w/ roasted vegetables + sauerkraut; 1/2 avocado salad (lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, pickles, tahini-lemon dressing + nutritional yeast); pastrami; baked yam garlic-sautéed gai lan; salmon w/ mustard; handful of black olives; apple; small handful of almonds I'd forgotten how much I love a big plate of garlic-sautéed greens! 
    First week done and one of the main things I've noticed is how much water weight I've lost. I feel lighter. I have more energy and, as a result, want to move more. I haven't had any negative side effects yet, which is surprising but I'll take it! The eczema has improved a little bit, but nothing dramatic. We'll see if there's any improvement over the rest of the program (fingers crossed).
    On a side note, another thing I'm noticing is I've spent a lot less on groceries this week - root vegetables are way cheaper than junk food! 
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to britgirl in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Happy to find you all! Nov 1st: count me in! 
    Like @Rebecca001id planned to start in mid sept but events overtook me and just now getting over flu - had decluttered the chocolate cupboard ( you can guess how I did that!) shopped and cooked and then just wanted hot apple juice for 10 days, then too weary to care what I ate. So Nov 1st will be perfect as a big wedding and birthday w/e next weekend and sometimes you just have to fit in. 
    I clarified butter this eve,( my “post a flag” thing)  and will make Mayo and a big batch of bolognese tomorrow so I can be compliant at home this week, and start to build some good habits. (Like no latte. Sob!!) It’s only 30 days and I KNOW I’ll feel so much better for it so delighted to find some likeminded people to share the journey. 
    Think this will be my 6th time through! I try and do twice a year to help joint stiffness, digestive issues& general meh  and I never fail to be amazed at the no scale victory results. 
    This forum (and the moderators) are brilliantly encouraging. So let’s do this- the whole “whole 30” together and feel fabulous by December! 
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Nuru in Here in uganda_ Africa. Start date.20/ 10/2021   
    Hey everyone. I got to know about the whole30 from  a pintreast post. I was so amazed by the whole idea and did a little more research about it. Am totally in.i am struggling with weight lose after two beautiful babies(C-section) I gained over 20kgs. I feel horrible.i have tried several diets but some how I don't get any notable results.(it must be the chronic inflammation...) So frustrating.  I have irregular my periods for months now ,always bloated and tired.
    I am giving this program a try and I will return with my results.
    Food here is abit different from the recipes shared but most of it is organic. I can't wait to share my miracle with the world.
    Good luck to us all.
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to MadyVanilla in Fall 2021   
    *Sigh.  It just wasn't my day.  Shortly after I wrote the above post, I returned to my desk, where my boss had left homemade chocolate chip cookies and a "Thanks for all you do!" note.  In that moment, there was nothing but the cookies.  I ate them.  
    The thing I like best about W30 is the set of rules that are clear-cut.  Plus the fact that I've done it enough times now to know that when I do the program, I see the results and it gets easier, sometimes effortless, to stick to.  And the extremely supportive community, that over the years has helped me process my missteps and treat myself with more kindness, love, and forgiveness than I used to believe I deserved.  The hardest part to stomach though is the "It's not hard" mentality.  
    It IS hard.  No, it's not fighting cancer, caring-for-a-sick-or-injured loved one, enduring homelessness, how-am-I-going-to-pay-the-bills-when-I-just-lost-my-job hard.  But if current life circumstances are lucky enough not to include something that is truly excruciating, working through cravings, changing diet, changing mindset, planning, prepping, changing lifestyle IS hard.  If it wasn't hard, more people would do it.  More people would be successful from day 1 and not have to restart.  More people would eat this way all the time and there would be less food-related health problems in the world.  Why would people be proud of their accomplishment and want to celebrate a successful W30 if it were easy?  Simplified, it is just a choice, a choice between eating a healthy, clean breakfast and grabbing a bagel at Dunkin Donuts.  But that choice is a series of little choices, impacted by everything that happens in the course of a person's day.  Knowledge, preparation, the right combination of foods are imperative to making healthy choices, but mentality may be the most important part.  If W30 could happen in a vacuum, it would not be hard.  
    I get why Melissa and the W30 crew push the "It's not hard" mantra.  And I understand that the intent is a nutritional reset - not a psychological overhaul.  Though there is the relationship with food component that IS psychological.  Just because I'm having a hard time getting my W30 off the ground this time does not mean I've let myself down or that I should feel guilty or discouraged.  I know it's not the intent of the "it's not hard" to bring about those feelings in me, but it's easy to see why I might, why I have in the past ("If I can't do something as easy as choosing to throw cookies away rather than eat them, there must be something wrong with me....")  Each time I struggle to start, each time I successfully complete a W30 and struggle with reintroduction, each time I return to terrible eating habits I learn something about myself and get a little better.  And so I return to W30 to try again.  I don't understand how some people seem able to do a W30 and then live gloriously in their Food Freedom until they decide to do another reset, as if very slowly descending, a slow spiral, from perfection into mild disarray while I nosedive into chaos.  But I have my own journey to contend with.  Probably therapy would help me.  But W30 is by far the best program I've come across to help me disentangle myself from the emotional aspects of eating. 
    And so I'll start again.  I completely threw in the towel after eating the cookies and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  Three hours later, I'm feeling the bloated, puffy feeling that comes to me with sugary and processed foods.  But this will not be a descent back into chaos - I've regained my composure.  Dinner tonight will be the compliant taco salad I had planned.  I'll walk the dogs and do yoga.   I will count this as a NSV that comes from experience and knowledge of what W30 can do for me.  I want this, so I will start again.  Two steps forward, one step back. 
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    peacefullyfierce got a reaction from am92 in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Yay!  So glad to hear from you both!  I am excited but also afraid, mostly that I will forget how important it is to me once I get going - like once I feel better I hope I don't just think what the heck and eat a piece of pizza or some other unwise thing.  It's easy to eat healthy when you are feeling poorly, you know?  Also I work 12 hr shifts and don't always have scheduled breaks.  That has proven to be challenging as far as food prep (making it a priority when I am already tired) and not just going to the hospital cafeteria and getting chicken strips.  Also I have a hard time drinking enough water during my shifts, sometimes I may only get two glass in over a 24hr period because I dont want to have to be peeing all the time, and I know that's imperative for all sorts of health, from brain to skin to immune to guts, and I need to just drink it and know how much better I'll feel.  Think of it like Master Yoda - "do or do not, there is no try"   So true!  Tonight I made the BEST roasted chicken drumsticks from Nom Nom Paleo, felt good to prepare and create something for my son and I that was good for my body and also fun and easy and delicious.  I'm happy to be hearing from others on their paths to feeling better!  
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Rebecca001 in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    @peacefullyfierce I am in the uk so we don’t do thanksgiving, plus Halloween is very much children’s sweets and less ingrained in our culture I suppose, so no pumpkin pie or anything like that. (Thankfully!) 
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to am92 in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Hi I'm also planning on starting November 1st. I just heard about Whole30 a week ago, I bought the 30 day guide to health food and freedom and I'm currently dong research to find out as much as I can before starting. I'm hoping my chronic brain fog will improve along with digestive issues (IBS) I've struggled with most of my life and of course body composition changes will be a plus. I'm excited and nervous because there is so much information that it can be a bit overwhelming. 
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to elinve38 in Eczema be gone! Depression be gone!   
    @peacefullyfierce well today I went for a little bike ride and I plan to do some cat-cow stretches this evening. I really like biking, yoga and walking so it's usually one of these three for as long (or short!) as it feels good  
    I have a history of over-exercising so this is a new and revolutionary concept for me!
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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Rebecca001 in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Hi, I’m in! I’ve had a disastrous September and October. I really wanted to do a 3 month reset from September to December and instead. I’ve been unwell, injured from sports and just generally feeling rubbish, and have not managed my w30 goal. So although I am continually starting every day with the full intention of doing w30, it’s not always happening for a full day, or week. But considering how awful September was, the very fact that I am really focussing on compliant foods is a positive. I quite like the idea of a strict November before the madness of December starts! 

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    peacefullyfierce reacted to Melissa Urban in Notice: Whole30 Personal Logs are NOT Moderated   
    To all:
    Just a quick change of protocol related to your Whole30 logs.
    First, please note these logs are only available to members of the forum who are currently logged in. General browsers of the internet and those searching for Whole30 information on Google will NOT be able to view your log unless they register and validate their registration for the forum. This is for your privacy, so you don't have to worry about non-members browsing through your personal information. This has been our policy since the forums were created several years ago--we just wanted to highlight this for you.
    Two, these logs will no longer be moderated by the Whole30 team. They are your personal "diaries," and as such deserve the respect to remain your own form of expression, within our general guidelines. (Verbal abuse, profanity, or any sort of disrespectful conduct is never tolerated on the boards, regardless of where it is posted.) We will only comment when asked, or if we feel that significantly unhealthy or dangerous behaviors are taking place.
    Three, if you choose to post non-Whole30 meals as part of your log, or go off-plan on purpose, we gently encourage you to make this clear in your log. This will help avoid confusion on the part of those new to the program. This isn't mandatory, but we are asking you to help us keep the boards clear and easy to use for all, especially those new to the Whole30.
    Finally, for all browsing these logs, know that you have no guarantee that every meal or food posted here is, in fact, Whole30 compliant. Read these logs like you read your labels, and when in doubt, ask/search/read to determine whether something posted in a personal log does, in fact, fit the Whole30 program.
    Thank you for doing your part to keep this forum supportive, respectful, and in line with  the spirit, intention, and guidelines of our Whole30 program.
    Melissa Hartwig
    Co-founder, Whole30