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  1. Has everyone fallen off the map? Or I must not be getting notifications. In the process of moving and I found a donation bag of clothes, with a couple of pairs of pricey jeans that I could no longer fit into. Really. I was convinced, at 45, this body was where it was at, and those cute Hudsons were relics of my past. Good news! They fit, and I'm keeping 'em.
  2. I reintroduced gluten beer today. And was moderate! Maybe 2- 16oz pours for an entire day (11-7pm). I stuck to the plan of eating Whole30. At the after party, they had a taco truck. I gave my corn tortillas to the person across from me. It was easy to do. I have to admit, I kinda wanted another beer, BUT, did I really want another beer? No. I wanted water and needed to lie down in a bed. Symptoms of beer so far: slightly stuffy head and nose. Will know more tomorrow.
  3. Legumes on day 31...*black beans are OUT!), then on Saturday Im jumping into gluten beer as I'm attending a HomeBrew Fest. Not super excited about reintroducing alcohol so quickly, but Im going to keep it moderate, and then see what happens.
  4. I'm with you. I had hummus today, peanut butter, and then black beans. No immediate weirdness with the hummus or PB, but the black beans feel heavy. Like they are sitting a little too long.
  5. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    A little late to answer this, but sometimes it's your browser. I have troubles with Safari, but Chrome or Firefox seem to work fine.
  6. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Whole30 has been awesome. Coworkers have said my skin looks good, and and I've lost a few pounds. Clothes are looser, for sure. Sleeping soundly. At first, making meals was labourous (+ anxiety of me failing didn't help), but I found that having a prep day is a lifesaver, and it takes an enormous amount of pressure off. I can reach in the frig and, oh! a hardboiled egg is in there, or dang, there's some defrosted chicken thighs, and salad-spun kale I can throw in a saute pan, or hot damn! left over chicken hash for breakfast. I was 99% prepared, and the other 1% I got through but never forgot that prepping is #1! The other best idea was clearing my cabinets and refrigerator with only compliant foods. Takes the guess work out. Needed snacks on this. No shame. My days are LONG. Epic bars, HB eggs, fermented veggies, macadamia nuts. Life savers. (Mac nuts were more like crack-nuts. I bought one can and that was it! Too addictive.) Did I cheat? Maybe. I had a kale smoothie here and there, but all ingredients were compliant, and it worked for me. I didn't have many social engagements, so that helped. Love this forum. Reminds me I am not alone. Appreciate everyone's vulnerability and courage to go after self-care and love. Curious to hear about those that are slow-rolling and reintroducing, and it's results.
  7. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Day 28! Tuesday is the beginning of reintroduction phase. I HAVE to remember : NO FOOD COMBINING. My magical thinking was to introduce legumes: black beans and peanut butter. But I really want beans and chips, or with rice. Defeats the purpose to getting down to causes. So it'll have to be peanut butter with an apple, and black beans with carmelized onions, peppers. Just talked myself into it! Saturday I plan on reintroducing alcohol with gluten...beer! homebrewers event this coming weekend, and I am a participant. Should I stick to beer only i(n moderation, of course)? Or would it be ok to eat other gluten products along with the beer, like a burger on a bun? IDK!
  8. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Haha, oh, it's been in my frig for a while....getting limp and pruney-looking . I forget that soups are perfect for neglected veggies. And thank you! The flavor matched the photo. Happy to eat leftovers a few times.
  9. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Day 20 for this one. There was a locally made, organic icecream food truck outside our building today for Employee Appreciation week. WTH. Local, organic creamy icecream made by a bunch of young ladies from SanFrancisco. Oh, and Tuesday was burgers and hotdogs (had a burger wrapped in lettuce), Weds was pizza, Thurs was sushi, and today organic icecream and donuts! And other co-workers repeating, 'Oh did you get your icecream? There's pizza in the breakroom. Have a donut!' OMG. At one point, a coworker kept repeating it rudely, even after I reminded her about Whole30, and I eventually snapped back ....'I KNOW!' It's ok though. I did fine. I was prepared! Body isn't craving like it was before. Moods are stabilizing, and my PMS isn't as bad as before. So, WHole30 is work. It definitely takes time to shop, prep, and plan. Feels worth it though. Being single, and having leftovers, I try to get creative with making new meals out of foods Im growing tired of? (first world problems!) Here's a pic of some Mexican theme chunky soup I concocted with chicken thighs, leftover NY strip, and taco meat I froze 19 days ago. Threw in some cabbage, carrots, green onions, cilantro, jalapeno, old zucchini, lime. Ate this for 2 days, no problem. Always a few quarts of bone broth in the freezer!
  10. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Trying to get some cultured foods in me. Baby carrots and daikon radish fermenting in a brine, with garlic and thai peppers. 7 day waiting period. (black tea bag keeps them crunchy, apparently.)
  11. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    So, I'm noticing that I'm still drinking coffee, but not enjoying it as much as before. The idea of drinking coffee is more attractive than actually drinking coffee ....like some relationships I've been in. Perhaps it's time to switch to yerba mate or green tea and see how that goes.
  12. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Finishing up on day 9. Sleeping hard. Drinking more water. Today I only had one small snack in the middle of a bike ride. Feeling the groove of preparing food, and eating at an even pace. Haven't turned into a magical unicorn or anything, but I see small shifts in attitude . Perhaps sugar=irritability. Looking ahead to the Reintroduction phase. Very curious about the outcomes, especially non-gluten and gluten grains, and alcohol. Onwards!
  13. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    ARgh! I knew I was toeing the line with the mirin. Fortunately, it was a minor amount (1/2t) and, like you said, a bit more rice vinegar would be fine. Thanks for the feedback
  14. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Bought a CSA box of produce as encouragement to eat veggies, and it included a bunch of spinach, which reminded me of a side dish I used to eat at a favorite japanese restaurant. Gomae: braised spinach with sesame paste (toasted sesame, mirin, rice vinegar, coconut aminos as a soy subsitute). So delicious.
  15. April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    Hi, I started on April 2nd. A day late, but close enough? Anyway, hope to learn something by staying connected. I've been food journaling and basically have snacks between meals (hardboiled egg/macadamia nuts and the other time it was green apple with 1T almond butter.). I get hungry about 3 hours after a meal ! Perhaps it's because of biking. Anyway i read somewhere that if you are legit hungry, EAT! Which I was...stomach growling and getting irritable. I'll try adding more fat next time. Symptoms on day 3 were sluggishness, foggy brain, mixed in with some mild headaches. Slept like a rock. Added ground flax seed with water, to keep the elimination system going.