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  1. Good afternoon and Happy Holidays. My name is Mark and live in Kearney, MO with my wife and two children. Just started Crossfit again in December after 4 year hiatus and gaining 20 lbs. Have a thyroid issue and guess I am one of the few men that has Hashimoto's and a Paleo diet was recommended to help deal with that and getting back in shape for a lifestyle not just a diet fad. Welcome any input recommendations on making it the first 10 days. I figure if i can get through the first two weekends with out my wife shooting me from being grumpy I can make it the rest of the month. I will be at a conference in LA from 11-14 any words of wisdom on staying the course while living in a hotel room and conference room for 4 days? Any issues you have faced with working out as you changed to the Whole30 plan, preworkout, post workout recovery etc... Ready to breakthrough and start 2013 off the right way for a new and improved Vision and lifestyle. Happy New Year!!!!
  2. Anyone want to try a Whole 100 starting 1/1?

    I am in for the first 30 days as this will be my first whole30. That being said I will let you know day 20 if I know I need to go another round for a Whole60. What a great way to start the year.