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    Active Athlete needing help

    Will do! Thanks!
  2. Jonathan Lupo

    Active Athlete needing help

    I can tell you what i had yesterday. my day started at 5am and i wasn't able to eat dinner until after a tennis match around 9pm. 1 hour HITT Workout Breakfast: 2 servings of sausage, spinach, tomato frittata Lunch: 2 cups of mixed green salad, with a serving of tomatoes, a serving of mushrooms, and a serving of cucumbers. serving of turkey. an apple, coconut water. Snack: LaraBar 2 1/2 hour tennis match Dinner: Egg roll in a bowl. Sausage, cabbage, carets I normally have protein shakes, i include beef collagen,, and greens. i have lots of yogurts and peanut butter. but i have cute these out.
  3. Jonathan Lupo

    Active Athlete needing help

    Please help. I am doing Whole30 with my girl friend and having a good bit of trouble with my energy. I am 33 years old, six foot three inches and weigh about 195 to 200, ex college tennis player. I play tennis at least five days a week and do high intensity training at least five days a week as well. At one point during high school and college I was on a 6,000 cal diet, basically just eating as much as possible. What would you suggest with me always being hungry and searching for sources of energy? Thanks so much for your help!